Leo New Moon 8-14-15



August 14, 2015, 9:54 EST / 8:54 CST / 6:54 PST

AT 21 degrees Leo 31 minutes

New Moon in Leo last Friday morning (Aug. 14, and for several days until it is visible in the sky) is quiet and sacred time to initiate re-engaging and refreshing our Hearts. The next lunar month beginning now (or ‘lunation’ of about 28 days, to September 13) will urge us to update, clear, and more deeply inhabit our hearts — our joy, creativity, our human love — and then practically apply ourselves in sacred work and service with deepened, renewed, committed, and more fulfilling passion.

Sun Lotus

Sun Lotus by Dr. Snowcrash Digital Art

This Moon or ‘lunation’ especially engages the current phase of the great 20-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn’s Closing Square relationship, so heart-clearing opportunities presented to us are potentially deep and powerful, and sometimes painful. Correspondingly, the results to be gained by heartful surrender in truth-seeking presence, and sincere desire for self-improvement are potentially significant.

This Moon engages the extraordinary energies of Venus in her retrograde loop, and as she conjoins Mars on September 1, amplified by the Full Moon of Pisces/Virgo on August 29.

But first, let’s look at the degree symbol for this lunation for a sense of the intrinsic evolutionary intent of its fiery Leo initiative spark.

CarrierThis degree symbol portrays a maturing Leonian energy that is not so preoccupied with itself, what it can do, and its shining, but aspires to be a vehicle for grounding spiritual passion in practical applications of service to others. Specifically, in fulfilling tasks that enable communications, connections, and understandings for the Whole. We are called forward now, as agents of release, renewal, and facilitation, and not for the sake of temporal glory.



Venus Retrograde

The New Moon chart above (planetary proximities to the horizon vary by location) shows us that the lunation degree of 21° Leo is very close to Venus retrograde at 23°. Venus is back-tracking and approaching the Sun for her ‘inferior conjunction’ Saturday (8-15-15) with the Sun at 22° Leo, which quietly and subtly initiates a new cycle of will and purpose for love, values, beauty, precious things, self-worth, and ultimately financial flow. We’re called to establish a new set of values in terms of our psychological and spiritual development, and to commit to making them real in our lives. This new cycle comes to objective fruition in June of 2016, so its starting point Saturday is very meaningful for a new tone of endeavor with Venus affairs.  Being consciously aware of this is helpful.

Venus began her retrograde loop when she reached this 22nd degree of Leo the first time by direct motion, on July 2 this year. Since July 2, we have been in a closing chapter for the Venus cycle that was initiated during her last inferior conjunction on June 6, 2012 at 15° Gemini, which was also near a lunar eclipse. Activities in love relationships, possessions and resources, personal beauty and the incorporation of beauty into our lives, and the state of our financial affairs typically are a review of the past, and may ebb to their lowest point of flow in outer-world or material manifestation during Venus retrograde. It is a natural time of rest, reflection, internalization, and reckoning with these matters. Problems will surface to be addressed. The results of the previous cycle come to objective awareness for better or worse, and the need for a new initiative becomes apparent. Corrections, adjustments, re-orientation, and seeding new developments can effectively occur as the new cycle initiates (August 15).

It’s Time To Do Some Work On the Jupiter-Saturn Closing Square

The 20-year cycle of relationship between Jupiter and Saturn is one of the most intriguing and revealing planetary cycles that is an indicator of human social growth and development in terms of collective structure-building . . . from education and law forms, religions and politics, to service infrastructure and buildings. A characteristic of this cycle is that every three consecutive conjunctions (joining together of Jupiter and Saturn at the same zodiacal degree) occur in the same element; earth, air, fire, or water. They have occurred in the earth element for the last 60 years, and the next conjunctions in 2020 make the shift from earth into air, in Capricorn-Aquarius. Of great significance in the Hebrew culture, every Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is regarded as a dissemination of the Will of God down to Earth for potential actualization by humanity.

I honor our various points of view on these matters, but my view is that we haven’t done so well with this one, which is now in its winding-down, releasing crisis phase. Rudhyar describes the waning closing square phase between any two planets as follows:


Figure 2 below, is a graphic primer on the dynamics of planetary relationship cycles in the context of the 360° circle of the sky, using the monthly soli-lunar cycle as a model, as advanced by Rudhyar’s teachings, in my own words. The cycles unfold against the moving context of changing sky from our point of view on Earth.

phase mandala 2I remember well the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of spring 2000 in Taurus, and the high hopes we astrologers had for a new harmony with the earth in wealth creation and social values development; perhaps a better grounding of the money system in real life-supporting and enhancing value; but practically the opposite has occurred. Conscious awareness of our basic needs for clean air and water, responsible use of resources such as recycling have come forward in an elementary manner; development of conscious love and care for other species has grown; yet real progress is superficial, and actualized by a minority overall.

Figure 4 below, is a rough diagram of the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle and its phases that are described in Figure 3 above.

Jupiter-Saturn Square

As the cycle begins to wind-down in earnest (2015 to 2020), the toll on its severely compromised potential of natural wealth creation for ALL individuals and society-at-large becomes evident, accompanied by a deep weariness. We ALL The People have forgotten that we are the power in our society, and atrophied our will to shape our future by being too lullable, gullible and steerable. As a result, the next five years will see a draining of substance and resources accompanied by breakdown of law and order, as karmic debts come due; both to increasingly desperate profit-addicted interests, and to the wholeness of life itself from selfish violators of natural law, now becoming increasingly fearful.   Survival fear escalations are dialing-up in the faux ‘power sphere.’ There is no industry that is more dog-eat-dog than banking and large corporate finance.


Growing stresses on our society will be less troubling to those whose peace and wellbeing are not directly beholden and addicted to, or dependent on, power-drunk corporatocracy, the American banking and financial services mis-creations, and USA, Inc. This is not to say that some good cannot be achieved among these entities, but that the energy and resources needed to prop-up FAILURE in honesty, ethics, accountability for collective resources, and social responsibility and relevance will become an increasingly ravenous and brutish appetite as flawed foundations are undermined in the course of life’s inherent justice at this stage of the cycle.

A good friend has worked locally and passionately to protect our clean water resources here in the state of Minnesota. Her organization became THE voice of the People in calling corporate interests to account and requiring environmental studies before issuing them permits to plunder, and she said to me recently: “The Legislature just removed the Citizens Review Board from having any input on allowing mining corporate interests access to devastatingly pollute our waters. We now know we can no longer work with the system as it is, it’s going to take a revolution.” This is an apt illustration of the problem I’m attempting to describe.

Here is an excellent article I came across by Astrologer Shane Ward that was written two years ago and illustrates the equation of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle with the real estate industry boom in America (residential and commercial), the junk bond and derivatives crisis of 2008-09, and effective abdication of the people’s money power to banking conglomerates and Wall Street as taxpayers were firmly hooked to ensure industry defaults. I agree with his insights due to my personal experience in banking industry and economics during this time period.

gold rushNow, depending on where you are, and whether you’re obstructing the path of a power-drunk — even foreign-owned — corporation, you might have no more standing on your own land than a Native American on a ‘claim’ filed in the 1849 Gold Rush.  Related article here.

Jupiter and Saturn’s relationship phases describe how well we are relating and uniting for our shared good. A problem we have this late in the cycle, is that the results of our actions and in-actions are creating accelerating change as national unity, will and effectiveness deteriorate. Many Americans still look to a divided and increasingly corrupt government to make needed corrections, and project onto it their ‘hope for change.’

Most do not realize that the potential for real government for ALL of the People was co-opted by incorporating the District of Columbia in 1871 and creating a paper empire to subjugate the People to its jurisdiction (a foreign corporation). Therefore, it is not a worthy structure for creating solutions because it has become a mechanism for manipulation to advance corporate crony agendas — its foundation is too flawed to do so. We are dealing with a perpetual power struggle for dominance in a psychotic corporatocracy which effectively keeps The People striving to control each other’s personal lives and further personal agendas. Government has no business in such matters at all, unless harm is being inflicted on others. In such a state, the dark side of democracy is nothing more than internal conflict and mob rule — a downward spiral. So it comes down to personal responsibility and choices, calling to account, and setting healthy boundaries in such a time of crisis, in full readiness to engage with our neighbors, communities, and networks to effectively create change OURSELVES. Each one of us must be very discerning in how we apply our energies and attention and what we choose to support.

Corporate-SlaveNot only will mis-aligned entities require an increasing toll on energy and presence, but they become increasingly juiceless and boring.

This lunation engages the first of three Jupiter-Saturn closing-squares which was first exact on August 3 at 29° Leo-Scorpio – a ‘critical degree’ of intensity. We are personally required to meet its challenges in our lives now as the Sun moves through the end of Leo into Virgo (August 21).

The Square will be exact two more times in the signs Virgo-Sagittarius in March and May of 2016 before they move into their balsamic phase. What isn’t working in our engagement of their energies must be discarded and may include issues listed below.

[Leo-Scorpio: Relationship of heart and roots, issues of right measure and WASTE, selfish dishonesty, LAZINESS AND ENTITLEMENT, reconciling heart and being with equitable power sharing, love and sex; debt, control, supply issues; properly grounded growth and expansion, issues with resources in the earth and their use and control, repression of needed aids and self-expression, standing up to correct social exploitation and unethical agendas, best engagement of will and purpose, commitment to healthy values and real social change and purging. As Jupiter moves into Virgo (Aug 10) and Saturn into Sagittarius (September), all of the above with the addition of health, job and service issues, corporate government repression of real healing methods and aids, the toll and distraction of propaganda, international trade issues, travel, religious strife and fanaticism, social balance of power and unity or strife.]


[Please note: dates presented in this update are approximate to a three-day period, and effects may be triggered at different times for different people.]

Uranus provides initiative uplift and inspiration, in trine aspect (120°) to the New Moon and Venus from Aries. Mars, Aries’ ruler, is also in harmony with Moon’s Nodes. Initiating action is important and therapeutic. Getting out of routines, exploring, doing something experimental or extra-ordinary brings refreshing energy into our lives for sustained, positive momentum as challenges present in the next two weeks to test and temper our initiatives, and deepen our commitments from truer foundation.

Chiron is in closing quincunx aspect to the New Moon (150°) which accents the “server” impetus of this Moon, providing challenges to correct, harmonize, and bridge heart, spirit, and soul. Heart-adjustments with pets and wild animals are helpful for better presence and honor toward them. Relationships of individuals to the collective may adjust and heal, to become more meaningful for all.

Mercury in Virgo opposes (180°) Neptune in the New Moon chart and trines (120°) Pluto, stimulating dreamtime and imagination. Effort may be required for clear thinking and communications, and to neutralize misunderstandings. Yet ideas may present that are effective for fulfillment of long-term goals.

On August 10, Jupiter entered Virgo. Jupiter finished its passage through Leo which began in July 2014. Jupiter in Leo has uplifted, affirmed, expanded, and re-energized our hearts and true self-expression, confirmed true purpose and mission, brought true love to many, and blessed us through children, creativity, fun and good times.

Ice Lotus by Dr. Snowcrash Digital Art

Ice Lotus by Dr. Snowcrash Digital Art

Now Jupiter will help us ground, advance, and grow in our sacred service (if that’s what we are actually doing) thru August 2016. If we need to make changes in our work and routines, now is the time to do so. We will achieve best results by welcoming Saturn’s corrections, being deeply committed to honesty and reality and becoming the best we can be.
Take the classes you need, acquire new skillsets that further your heart’s passion for meaningful service. Such change is a major theme of our current lunation, and many have chosen to leave unfulfilling work engagements behind now. Don’t expect to progress too far too fast, be committed for the long haul and to better fulfillment of your goals. If you are happy with your daily work, stay true to your heart for better grounded advancement.

We’re going to experience a growing problem with dishonesty and fraud morphing into a great blame-game in the next several years as Saturn squares Neptune and Chiron. Issues with water quality and availability, and the health of our oceans are going to amplify. Issues with distraction and escapism will become acute and the tolls of illusions and deceptions will cause pain. We are responsible for what we choose to trust. We are responsible for staying in tune with well engaged spirit and soul senses, to keep our feet on our surest path.

Venus_inferior_600Saturday, Aug. 15: The Venus inferior conjunction and the passage of the Moon just after its New Moon embrace (also with the Sun) over Jupiter (squaring Saturn) both mark a potential release point and repudiation from upholding values that don’t benefit and confirm all life and all people — along with accompanying compromises, behaviors, mindsets, inhibitions, toll, ill health and bondage. What we personally process now is significant for the Whole of Humanity, and will continue to present to us in our individual manners and timings through first quarter 2016. What doesn’t work will become increasingly draining and unsustainable – even unbearably so.

New beginnings and endeavors can be better heart-infused and -informed for healthier development of new faculties and accomplishments. This, however, will be tested and may not come quickly or easily.

Saturn is currently in retrograde and occupying the ‘nth degree’ of Scorpio, finishing up old business at the depths of relationships — sometimes irrevocably. The reality requirements of Saturn’s boundaries, limitations, obstacles, and delays are experienced as daunting and frustrating, even depressing to hearts warmly encouraged by Jupiter’s recent passage through Leo’s expansiveness and desire to party and indulge freely in the joys of life. We are required to re-balance expansion (Jupiter) with contraction (Saturn) and curb overindulgence or over-extension in responsible dealings. It helps to recognize that every limitation or “No” from life now, is for our good and best reorganization. It also helps to remember that whatever we truly need will be provided to open and grateful hearts in all times and conditions. Heart-stresses will be a factor for some, and if so, corrections should be committed to. Tiredness, and a feeling of lagging retardation and loss of faith, are characteristic of this square. Optimism alternates with pessimism as we negotiate the conflict of these planetary energies.

It’s difficult to plan and organize with this square, yet reorganization and release of ‘dead wood’ is needed. Love relationships and affections, responsibilities with children, and honoring and including our creativity, beauty, and self-expression in our lives should not be discouraged by Saturn’s reorientation with necessities, proper grounding and accounting, and delays in desired outcomes. What is not working should be discarded. There’s no need to be tragic or become too serious; rather commitment, discipline, and persistence will produce fulfillment in due time thru first quarter 2016.

Venus’ trine to Uranus on August 19 will boost our happiness and endeavors with refreshing uplift and affirmations, inspiring us to positive action, and encouraging ease of flow with change.

Friday, August 21 the Sun squares Saturn (29°) before joining Jupiter on the 26th (at 3° Virgo). This will accent the difficulties of the Jupiter-Saturn Square on that day, and possibly for several days or more for some. Vital energies may feel low or challenged, one may feel depressed or negated, tired and inept. This is prime time to be present with our hearts and LET GO OF THE PAST and ego investments.

Sun enters Virgo on August 24, bringing us down to earth for practical applications and developments in our work routines and service, health, diet, and self-care, and the details we need to address. This is enhanced as the Sun conjoins Jupiter at 3° Virgo on August 26, which is an excellent time for new steps with sacred work and service, skillsets, and practically grounding them for workability.

Mercury enters 0° Libra on August 28, initiating fall season and energizing our ideas exchange in relationships.  Mercury also enters the loop of its retrograde motion at 1° Libra which will be its point of re-emergence after going back to 16° Leo.  [Most people don’t feel Mercury turn retrograde until its actual station in mid-September, but the energies start to wind-up and culminate now.]

Full Moon on August 29 at 8° Pisces/Virgo brings the energies of this New Moon to a head, and is too great of a subject to cover in this update. It initiates eclipse season. It is conjunct Jupiter and Neptune so it will likely bring lots of rain to some location(s). This Moon provides another strong heart-correction with the structures and authorities in our lives.


Angelique Mongez, ‘Mars and Venus’ 1841

Venus retro and Mars conjunction on September 1 at 15° Leo. Every fifth Venus-Mars Conjunction occurs with Venus retrograde and is intimately related to the creative potential within each one of us, and the quality of our love lives.

They occur in the midst of a nine-month period (February 2015 to November) during which there are three Venus-Mars conjunctions; with a frequency of about one Venus-Retro-Mars conjunction every 5 to 7 years. This opportunity doesn’t come along frequently, which underscores its significance.   See Adam Gainsburg’s excellent article on Venus and Mars this year.

Rudhyar taught that such a conjunction is a basic turning point of special significance to everything which deals with our emotional lives, and I have found this to be true. It is time to fine-tune and reform our values so deeper spiritual significance becomes integral to our actions and creations. Then we begin to progress more freely and effectively in terms of our true character and needs, towards fulfilling the deep desires of our hearts. This enhances personal metamorphosis in uniting true Self with the patterns and behaviors of conscious ego.

During this time we have greater objectivity to real-ize and distinguish how much the values we’ve been living have been conditioned by elements that are exterior and alien to our true nature. It is an empowered time for initiation of corrections that ultimately more deeply empower our self worth, happiness, and relationship to resources and supply, re-grounded on a better footing. The rewards of choosing to cooperate with this opportunity each one of us can deeply sense, are evident.

Venus turns direct on September 6 at 15° Leo! September 6 marks time to gradually shift into forward motion, outward expression, and linear progress with the affairs and life energies of Venus after her potent union with Mars. Venus will meet her proving ground in her square with Saturn on October 10 (1° Virgo-Sagittarius), and her affirmation in her conjunction with Jupiter at 15° Virgo on October 26.

We may note that several delineations of power sphere passages above repeat and confirm each other. The evolutionary intent, initiation, and tests of this Leo Moon are clear:  re-defining and honoring our values, committing to healthy boundaries, willingness to be present with challenges, to work hard and release what no longer suits us or our social commitments and values, will bring us forward well for a significant and constructive heart-adjustment on the Full Moon of Pisces at month-end as Venus turns direct.

If we do our internal work well, our love and feeling natures may then free-up for greater life and happiness with the blessings and freedom of Uranus. Inspired action can commence from a clarified and deepened base of power and desire. Work and service initiatives may be established to serve and bless the Whole, and facilitate the comfort, healing, and affirmation of Divine Order.

Wishing you the very best of Life’s abundant blessings!

Rockets Redglare

Note: I want to mention that Mars squares Saturn on September 26 (0° Virgo-Sagittarius). We will experience Saturn’s delay, obstruction, and corrections to our passion, desire and initiatives at this time, and may have daunting challenges to overcome. Then Mars conjoins Jupiter in Virgo at 14° on October 18, near Chiron, and sacred work is strongly encouraged. Jupiter and Saturn will be far enough out-of-orb for the stresses of their square to be temporarily relieved. For this reason, we will experience Saturn’s cold water and pessimism on September 26, and then Jupiter’s encouragement and optimism on October 18, rather than the pressure of the conflicting ‘square’ aspect all-at-once.

Click here for a good article on the basics of the Jupiter-Saturn Closing Square

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