Intensely Liberating Potential – Astro Update 12-7-15

We’ve a dynamic week ahead, as the Moon wanes in her approach to the Sun for the Sagittarius New Moon next Friday morning, December 11 at 19° Sagittarius.   The Dark of the Moon is a time of quieting and release of the previous lunar month’s cycle of development and activity, as we prepare for seeding of new endeavor when Sun and Moon unite on Friday.  Here is a chart of today’s sky map.  The horizon and houses will differ depending on location.


A primary theme now is Mars’ activation of the Uranus-Pluto Square (Aries-Capricorn); by a dynamic T-Square from Libra.  It’s a great time to observe powerful transformational energies generated from this configuration in our lives and in the world.  We can use this change agent catalyst constructively, though it requires effort to balance and adjust.   Here are general descriptions of the three cardinal, energetic points sharply at odds with each other in this T-Square:

    • Mars, the fiery planet of initiative, desire, anger, and war, is in Libra (an air sign – intellectual, fall season) the sign of relationships and the balance of justice;
    • Uranus, planet of change, individuality, revolution and liberation is in Aries (a fire sign – sensational/inspirational, the season of spring); and,
    • Pluto, powerful, deep and dark transformational Lord of the Underworld is in Capricorn (earth sign of form/structures/stability/status quo, in the winter sign).

Although the waning Moon quiets us overall, this is a potent combination with a buildup of pressure seeking release and a strong tendency toward extremism.  Nervous systems are overstimulated and irritated, and especially where electronic pollution is high (microwaves, wireless, cellphones, ‘dirty’ electricity).  Pluto’s depth and intensity, at cross purposes with Mars’ heat and passion, and also with Uranus’ electricity and rebel spirit is explosive.  This combination produces escalation.

Yes, violence is amplified throughout the world as we witness higher incidence of some people acting-out the Uranus-Pluto Square that has been challenging us since 2011 to free-up from deadening structures, false authorities, and negating oppressors (within and without).   We’ve been living in evolutionary pressure to revise our personal concepts of reality to incorporate more real freedom and grounded stability founded on core being rather than external, outmoded securities.  Many have experienced this as an aging and decay of some aspect of their lives to the point of oppression from which they’ve had no choice but to courageously break free.  Others have found themselves suddenly dealing with great changes that require moving through deep insecurities which is ultimately liberating, if faith and vision are not lost.

Now the activation of this T-Square provides an opportunity to take stock of how far we’ve come in the last five years, in honoring truth and honesty in our decision making, as we’ve upgraded our social connections and the long-term structures we’re building.  If we are committed to core ethical being rooted in natural law, and haven’t compromised our intrinsic innovative individuality, we have an opportunity to free-up further this week and throughout December.  Yet we are challenged to adjust our passion and what we want, with finer spiritual and soul-tuning in our relationships.

We may feel things intensely as there is strong impetus for confrontation and disagreements.  Releasing what we desire can help, with humility and willingness to change and re-organize how we are relating, by paying better attention to the sensitivities of spirit. Observing our relationship with animals helps to clarify the adjustment and new order we need to incorporate.  Animals symbolize our deep instincts and how we need to honor and consciously integrate them for our good and protection.  They show us the humble and often unconsciously devalued, supportive aspects of our lives that we may run roughshod over when we’re trying to force things and push too hard.   If we exclude the informing capacity of this wise and humble aspect of our souls in our passions and actions, we will find that they misfire in a frustrating manner because we don’t have proper grounding.  [Sun square Chiron, Mars quincunx Chiron, Pluto sextile Chiron, New Moon square Chiron.]


Sebastian with his dish as I write.

Each one of us should pay heed to our anger, impulsiveness, impatience, and any bullying tendencies.  If we find ourselves entangled in escalating gut-level complications with others, step back, cut the psychic cords, breathe deeply, and re-center in your deep roots power.  Don’t judge yourself and others, just be conscious with loving intention.  Sebastian, our house rabbit, has begun to throw his dish around and assert himself outside of our established ‘order’.  He was born during the Uranus-Pluto Square two years ago and softly embodies the refreshing, unfettered rebel spirit we need, to free ourselves from bondages throughout the whole world in this age.

In working with people’s bodies over the last several years, I often find the tension of Uranus-Pluto builds-up in the solar plexus.  If we get into this constriction, we are cut off from our deeper resources of strength.  We can’t attract the support we need from life, the juice goes out of our lives, and survival issues can distort our perspective.  This contributes to ‘panic attacks’ (war culture language term), heart palpitations, and nervous stress.  Correcting this can be refreshingly simple.

Mount Etna erupted this week

Mount Etna erupted this week

The Ring of Fire is active and it’s normal for seismic and volcanic activity to release pressure for the world-at-large in this passage.  Let yourself release pressure too and break-out of routines to accommodate the energies with positive expansion.  Some restrictions may seem unbearable, so maybe they shouldn’t be borne.  We may need to free-up from constraints of time and space.

Mars-Uranus-Pluto can be dangerous, so use caution and listen to your instincts to engage your natural protection.  Uranus is electric, speedy and high and likes to break glass, Pluto can generate powerful reality checks, Mars in Libra is speedy and hot.  Fires, explosions, cuts and bruises, car accidents and other accidents are more frequent, but paying attention, staying present, and slowing down may be all you need to do.  Use discernment in what group activites to engage in.  People tend to cross the boundaries of others with this mix, so keep it clear and don’t be manipulated or overshadowed.

You may note the alternate heat and cold of this T-Square, in weather and in your body.  Also speedy energies juxtaposed with slow, cold, and ponderous.  Polarity switching and erratic energies are a factor.  Tech problems will be amplified so be proactive and don’t expect things to work ‘normally.’  Mechanical problems may arise.  The pace of change accelerates which can be disorienting and requires flexibility to function within the changing picture.  The waning Moon will help tone down the energies this week, and then they will begin to rise next week.

The New Moon in Scorpio of November 11 required a deepening, accountability, and soul-affirming correction for our personal aspirations.  That cycle is closing as Friday’s Sagittarius New Moon approaches (though every New and Full Moon resonates among us for a year beneath the surface of life).  Friday’s New Moon at 19° Sagittarius contains the T-Square with the Mars-Uranus Opposition exactly to a degree.  This carries the dynamic tension of Mars-Uranus-Pluto forward to the nicely grounding Full Moon of Capricorn on Christmas Day.  Basically, all of the energies I’ve described above color the initiation of this Moon for the next monthly lunation cycle.

NM 12-11

A challenge with this lunar initiation is to keep a balance between practical details and our growth and expansion.  This is more difficult now because we are releasing misalignments with reality dating back to 1989 with the Saturn-Neptune Closing Square.  Right measure, ethical considerations, and well placed faith are key.  Don’t lose sight of these checks and balances in new projects and undertakings.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Many victim dramas will form among those who don’t practice equanimity, resulting in hurt and blame.  There’s relationship stress and adjustment to be worked through, all for our good, clarification, and greater being.

wingsWe want to take wing and expand with ease on this Sagittarius New Moon.  If we honor right measure with commitment to reality, Uranus provides the lift to do so.  New Moon trine to Uranus eases the tensions of the T-Square by providing a constructive channel for action and forward progress in start-ups and becoming.  This Mars-Jupiter-Uranus combination refreshes the souls of those making new starts with personal affirmation, and strengthens well placed faithful commitments.  Those who are living in truth as best they can will be confirmed by others who now become visible on the scene, real-izing that they are not alone.

Venus’ trine with Neptune brings forward a rich blessing of deep love with refined ideals expressed in feelings and spirit that confirm our values.  This comforts us from recent spiritual trials, doubts and fears.  Music, art, and water are healing for whole-souls.

Uranus turns Direct during the Full Moon at 3° Cancer-Capricorn on Christmas Day, marking a refreshing turn-around in some unique way for each one of us.

FM 12-25

Christmas Day is astrologically eventful this year; happy, and richly blessed. Mental stress we’ve been dealing with since December 21 when Mercury engages the T-Square, is eased by Mercury’s trine with Jupiter and sextile to Venus at Christmastime.  Yet a tendency remains toward mental stress and and arguments as Mercury moves in square to Mars through year-end.  Drive carefully and breathe deeply.  Choose what to give your attention to with loving consideration for your peace and wellbeing.

Life energies climax by January 5 because Mercury turns retrograde then for three weeks of internalization, processing and review.  This is when the pace of life shifts down significantly for rest and re-capitulation.  Mercury re-traverses the squares with Mars, Uranus and Pluto with precise focus on our resolution of the problems related to their negotiations through the first week of February.  If we pay conscious attention to the mental stresses we encounter this month (December), we will see that we’re required to review and re-work them for final resolutions by about February 7.  These tensions need to be worked-out in relationships without forcing opinions while maintaining mutual respect.  Many will be expressing their inner rebel.  Truth, communications, and freedom of expression are issues of focus.

mercuryIt’s very interesting that the last Mercury retrograde period (September 17 thru October 7) also involved the Uranus-Pluto square being traversed three times by Mercury in Libra.  We can expect similar issues to come up again with the potential for new light and understanding as Mercury engages this square three times while moving through Capricorn!  We’re being strongly urged to transform our ways of thinking and communicating, to free up our minds, and learn how to relate with others in better consciousness and honesty.   It’s time to re-ground our mental orientation with less defensiveness and judgment.  It’s time to initiate long-term idea generation and commitments from deeper roots strength.  This passage is a significant repetition portrayed by the language of the cosmos, for all of us.  It’s also a pronounced evolutionary pressure on our shared communications media.

Jupiter turns retrograde on January 8, also marking a down-shift as the expansion of new beginnings and growth in our work, service, skillsets, and health care internalizes for review and re-grounding through 2016.

Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to our Sagittarians and Capricornians!  You are taking on a strong commission to aid us in reforming our agreements, while living more effectively, and freeing-up our spirits over the next year.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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