2020 Re-Election of President Donald J. Trump


On February 9, 2020 in my annual public Astrology presentation, I reported that my studies had shown me that Donald J. Trump will be the next CEO of USA, Inc., elected by the American People in the November 2020 Election to come.  [The American de jure Republic government for the People was usurped by the US Corporation in 1871.]  And today, September 23, 2020, after receiving many questions about the matter, and further updated study, I confirm the same.

Joe Biden’s Astrology chart shows us that he is ‘out of gas.’  He has strayed FAR from reality and his confusion is growing.  He does not have the physical nor mental constitution to step up as CEO, and this will become increasingly evident to the public-at-large over the next several months.  His decline will worsen markedly in December, as his secondary progressed Moon squares his natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction on his natal descendant, activated by the Lunar Eclipse of November 30 which conjoins that, and the Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 in his first house.  Furthermore, his Time Lords (based on the Lot of Spirit as ‘Life Purpose and Calling’) have no power to bear-up any such position as President/CEO of our country, or even a facade.

Kamala Harris’ Time Lords (Lot of Spirit) are also weak.  The Solar Eclipse on December 14 is quite good for her, nevertheless, she will not be ascending to the position of Vice President of USA.

President Donald Trump’s Time Lords (based on Lot of Spirit) are now in a DEEP POWER PHASE, partly because he has learned to TRANSCEND DUALITY since being elected President in 2016.  He had a “Loosing of the Bond” in December 2017 to Capricorn-Capricorn.  That began, for him, a very intense chapter of reality corrections and re-grounding via exceptional challenges.  I recall many Astrologers predicting all manner of personal calamities for him and for our country, because of that great shift, and I too wondered where it would go.  But he rose up and met the challenge in the only way possible to gain the benefits of such a passage.

His willingness to keep an open heart, to learn and be humble, his renewal and deepening of his spirituality (his Lot of Spirit in Pisces), and above all, his dedication to the good of the People, and our Nation have gained him core support from the Heart of Life to use the greatly increased life stresses he has moved through, to gain MORE AUTHENTIC EMPOWERMENT, instead of being broken by them.

We might remember that President Trump’s Blackbox Report (via Alphee LaVoie’s Millenium software, using transits including Chiron) showed him clearly to be the winner in 2016, as Hillary Clinton’s report tanked at election time.

President Trump’s Blackbox Report for this year, 2020, is one of the worst I’ve seen.  And that should be encouraging for us all, because he is achieving great accomplishments, and excelling in his service to the United States of America anyway; both the de jure Republic (intact among the People, to rise again), and the failing Corporation.

The report improves for President Trump in 2021, from 2020.

Even though Vice President Joe Biden’s blackbox report for 2021 appears to be easier than Trump’s, and he has a number of happy aspects in the fourth quarter of 2020, he is still living in the superficial zone in terms of his real personal potential and true identity, whereas Trump by now has gone ‘through the fire.’  I am not posting Biden’s 2021 blackbox report because it’s not worth my time.

From my experience in using the astrological blackbox software with clients, I have come to appreciate what a great tool they are for zeroing in on high-stress periods for people.  Also, just about every single client I have worked with over the last several years (including me) has a very difficult blackbox annual report at some point between 2019 and 2025-26.  We ALL have a ‘come to reality’ year (or longer) that requires us to deepen in TRUE IDENTITY, and gain a better-tuned relationship with Truth and Love-Based Reality as we Turn the Age together during this momentous time passage on planet Earth.  And since the blackbox program is mapping astrologically marked, power-surge and stressors, a computer cannot tell what is the state of the personal evolution of the subject individual of the report.  Thus, the blackbox report tool appears to “fail” as duality is bridged and harmonized via the task of personal shadow integration.  Yet one absolute remains — that the low and red periods in the reports ARE experienced by the subject individual as stressful and requiring great effort, though they may be simultaneously, increasingly rewarding.

This is why, I believe, many Astrologers have been wrong about President Trump, predicting impeachment, strokes, death, assassination — you name it.  He has transcended beyond the ability of such astrologers to prognosticate, based on their personal orientation in DUALITY.  It is my humble opinion that such astrologers have their place among us, but advising their clients how to grow into their full potential is beyond their capabilities.  They are still interpreting the potentials of the  Astro Logos as “good” or “bad” and have not yet deepened in identity nor transcended duality, themselves.

President Trump’s nodal return right at election time, Moon in Gemini and Mercury’s Station-Direct at his Progressed Jupiter-Ascendant on Election Day (though the results may lag), the Lunar Eclipse of Gemini on November 30, empowering Solar Eclipse of December 14, and his Time Lords phase all portend a second win for the Donald.  What would have discouraged him in the past no longer adds to the equation.  He doesn’t care anymore about whether he gets media attention and affirmation, about betrayals by former ‘friends’, he’s learned to come home to his own heart amid constant false allegations and attacks; he’s learned to keep it simple while striving to accomplish much and be faithful to the People in fulfilling his sincere promises.

President Trump is acting as a great teacher for us all, about how to use exorbitant stresses to transcend limitations and gain growth, strength, and improved foundation in Life itself.  This does NOT occur for the unscrupulous and greedy.  Nor does Life allow such empowerment to the unworthy; only an appearance of it for a brief period of superficial lift that cannot stand the test of time and Natural Law, especially when the Age is turning and the People are well engaged.

I would suggest that President Trump find ways to simplify and slow down after the Election in November, or he may come into some difficult health problems in early 2022.  Proactive commitments can be made now to ease potential stress at that time.