February 4-8, 2022 — Potent Triggers and Soul-Healing Opportunity

Mars-Venus square Chiron, sextile Jupiter, and trine Uranus, February 4 thru 8,  are offering us a UNIQUE AND BLESSED opportunity to heal our orientation with the Empowering Truth of Love-Based Reality.

NOTE YOUR TRIGGERS DURING THIS TIME PERIOD! Every trigger is an opportunity to HEAL.

Triggers may come via:

  • Animals: Our love and appreciation for them, their suffering via human carelessness and ignorance; injury, disease, and death of animals; abuse of the Earth and Nature;
  • Injury, abuse, and wounding of innocents and children;
  • Injury or pain in hands and fingers, or of the body (pain will increase overall);
  • The inability to take effective action (Aries/Mars), impotence, powerlessness;
  • The pain of failure and obstruction, delay;
  • Suffering under false and unworthy authorities, unnatural ‘laws’;
  • The pain of lack or poverty in some area of life, or the impoverishment and wounding of the People overall;
  • Feeling inadequate or disconnected from the Whole, unworthy, or forgotten by G-d.  This is often subjective and unconscious.

Art by Catrin Amo

It is helpful to write down a list of triggers you experience over the next week.  Chiron triggers are typically feelings of rejection or inadequacy, pain, unfairness, hopelessness and futility, being devalued or invisible, voiceless, overlooked and downtrodden.  They can easily hide in habitual rebellion and disconnection from others, and loss of quality presence.  They are always at the root of Disempowerment and Blame.

DON’T ignore or try to escape the triggered feelings and emotions, hurt and pain.  They are a GATEWAY to greater presence and whole life.

BE WITH YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES during this time period.  Breathe Deeply. Be completely honest with yourself and what you’re feeling.  If you have pain, breathe into it,  breathe, be PRESENT. Use every bit of the pain to do this. FULLY INHABIT YOUR HEART. Take time out to BE WITH YOURSELF. Your smallest, most hurt, despairing, grieving, lonely Self.

If you have bodily pain, heal yourself!   Allow yourself to fully FEEL IT.  Put your hands on it if you can.  Accept it — this is very important to neutralize polarization within one’s own body.  Give thanks for the gift it offers, it ALWAYS DOES — a gift of empowerment awaits — just on the other side of the dark.  Regeneration and renewal, joy and freedom, EXACTLY EQUAL to the pain!  All of the empowerment and joy of living that has been held back.  We can’t get that without going into the dark and crossing the threshold of fear, woundedness and deep sense of personal inadequacy.

When you are fully in your pain/fear/despair/loneliness, EMBRACE YOURSELF, give yourself the love, acceptance, encouragement, and affirmation you need.  Surrender in Love and gratitude.  Use your hands to channel your own Healing Power into your body, and the Spirit of Life where you need it.  Breathing and directing, healing, loving, accepting, embracing, and resolving.  Nobody and nothing else can do this for us.  It is absolutely vital. Affirm the value and gift of your own most precious Being.  Take your child self into your arms.  Affirm that Mother Is Here now, and everything you need to renew your life by Creator’s abundant Providence!

IF our triggers come through our animal loves, what are they teaching us/reflecting to us, about the state of our own inner animal? Our deep instincts, our spirit and soul senses? Our most precious and sacred Self?  Animal Loves AND wild animals, are guiding us back to the Love and Unity we miss so deeply! Now we are touched through them, profoundly.  We are re-touched by the Love of God through the Heart of Beauty and Grace in Creation.

We are healing the trauma of our disconnection from THE LOVE WE CAME FROM. Every human being walking the Earth has this disconnection and pain, though its composition and expression is unique in every human life. Now is an exceptional opportunity to REBUILD OUR DAMAGED CIRCUITRY FOR WHOLE LIFE, and to better, more fully, receive the Love that is Ours.

The better we accomplish this: the deeper our soul power can surface and engage, and the more readily all of the LOVE, SUPPORT, AND PROVIDENCE THAT IS OURS can actually GET TO US. Such achievement is the sum and potential of all of the pain we have been through in the last two years (Mars), and beyond.

This planetary configuration we are in now, is rare. It offers the grace, guidance, teachings, and courage we need to really heal. It offers the intensity of condensing life energies that are pushing us deeper and deeper into our foundations to heal, renovate, and strengthen them.

The rewards of doing our inner work are greatly enhanced as pressures build now, and throughout 2022 for LIBERATING BREAKTHROUGHS!