America’s Pluto Return

[Since time passes so quickly and I can rarely find any time to write, I’m just posting bits and pieces on this page until such time when I can organize it.  I apologize for the lack of explanation here, and thank you for your patience!]


The United States of America’s Pluto Return is ON.

Our foundations and shared Soul is being shaken, plumbed and purged, to prepare for potential REGENERATION and REFRESHED Affirmation and Growth from our DEEPEST ROOTS.  But first we have to apply ourselves vigorously, every way we can, to clean up the mess we have created!  Life is asking every American now:  “Where are you coming from?”  

Is the great wisdom of our Founding Documents being honored, respected, appreciated, and affirmed going forward?  Do we care, or are we primarily concerned with our personal interests and biases?

How about border  security?  This matter is going to amplify and the effects of our current paralysis at our southern border are going to exact a great toll from Americans, over the next decade, as Pluto approaches the base of the U.S. chart.

How regenerated and refreshed we will be, is up to Us — but I have seen the Victory! Truth, Wisdom, and the Light of the World are our Healers and Redemption. BE TRUE.