Amplified Lifestream, October 17 thru November 4, 2017

Noteworthy alignments are currently forming as the Moon approaches Mars, joining Mars exactly at about 3:30 a.m. this morning in Central Time. Mars is strongly activating the closing square between Saturn and Chiron, as Mars opposes Chiron and squares Saturn.

This closing square has been in effect for the last two years, and the third, final exact hit for this square is on November 4. Yet, it will continue into 2018 though Saturn and Chiron both enter into cardinal signs in December and January, respectively (Capricorn and Aries), which amplifies the tone and intensity of the square while it is in orb through 2018. This square marks a crisis of releasing everything that doesn’t work with the way we may be using the energies of Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces in our lives (see descriptive article here:

To do this subject justice would require an article which I haven’t time for, suffice it to say it is in sharp relief now with the intensity of Mars’ involvement in the T-Square, and now also the Moon — both trigger factors in astrology. The potent opposition ‘brings to light’ individual soul-wound realities and their distortions. It is very provocative, over-sensitive, and hyper defensive at the personal, cultural, and national levels, and can escalate energies to a screech of hatred, rage, and blame (HRB) among those of us who are in woundedness or victim consciousness. HRB is the hallmark of a personal soul-wound reality which is (reliably and predictably) notoriously inaccurate about facts and reality. It is a grand personal perception-filter distortion that perpetuates our own woundedness and the wounding of others if we are caught in the HRB trap.

This is an excellent time to become objectively aware of these energies in our lives.  If this T-Square is contacting planets in your astrology birth chart, you would have had a very difficult day, or few days as the case may be, or even a very tough month as those who are suffering the loss of their homes in fires, or hurricane aftermath. For many, it is sharp words and arguments, illnesses (Virgo), fires and accidents (Mars), being injured by knives or sharp things, attacks and violations of boundaries, hurt or injured animals in need of care (Chiron and Virgo), being hurt or injured BY animals or insects, being held-up, delayed, or having difficulty with travel and details (Mars square Saturn in Sagittarius). Diet, hygiene, working order, self-care, work and daily routines may all be up for a better plan. The level of engagement, and intensity of experience varies among us according to unique individual life orientations, described by personal astrology charts.

There are myriad ways this T-Square can manifest and one of them is all of the hits the NFL has been taking during the last month with issues of national values, players being injured at the starting gate, loss of revenue, pricey stadium reflections, Kaepernick issue, and more to come. THIS was all fore-warned in the chart of the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse event related to the USA Chart, which is in effect until at least July 2018. These are Fifth House matters (recreation/fun/play), the field of experience where Chiron is currently situated, being squared by Saturn in the USA Second House of Values.

Other Fifth House matters are … guess: …. movies, music, theater, Hollywood. This T-Square is lighting-up and activating these matters for us to review and process. It’s time for revelations and realizations, and more objectivity about our behaviors, hypocrisies and dissonances. The spotlight and the heat are ON.

While for some of us, these tensions might be a constructive argument or passing illness, unfortunately some people are really being hurt. I have seen some of the most disturbing news stories of children being killed and injured by their parents in the last several days, that describe an increasing level of insanity among those who don’t have themselves at all.

Yet there is another powerful opposition in this current chart between Uranus in Aries and Sun-Mercury at the end of Libra, and Jupiter at 0° Scorpio, having just entered that sign (a significant shift in itself, it has been twelve years since it was there last).

Again, I regret I haven’t time now to describe this opposition, but suffice it to say that the Sun and Moon will activate it with an empowered New Moon at 26° 35′ Libra (an anaretic degree) on October 19, just 4′ past EXACT opposition with Uranus. This is a potent initiation of powerful energies that involves justice, relationships, and some jarring corrections and confrontations with the process of change and revolution (Uranus). These energies require disciplined presence to best engage and reconcile. Again, bright light and sharp tensions. I am glad that the next Full Moon of Taurus is more peaceful on November 4 (the same day when the Saturn-Chiron closing square is exact).  But it is still nerve wracking and Chiron — who represents symbiosis and harmony between the animal, human, and divine on Earth and in our own beings — is still pained and unhappy, bearing the brunt of the worst decisions and choices of our species.

Each one of us could assess how well we are progressing toward valuing each of these three components equally within our beings — animal, human and divine.  We don’t get out of here until we do.  Because we haven’t got the key.  This is why others may snap or bite more readily now, under the Chiron stresses.  They may not even be aware that their inner animal is suffering repression of its rightful place, function, and honor within their own beings.

This abundance and amplification of life, being, and becoming — though screeching, intense, painful, and nerve wracking at times — is offering every one of us some extraordinarily constructive growth, transformation, refreshment, and liberation opportunities for hearts, happiness, and creativity, and our bigger picture orientation to life. (Saturn-Uranus trine North Node of Moon.)  Reassurances, deep soul healing, meaningful comforts and affirmations, will follow for those who choose to ‘live in tune’ as we enter the Scorpio time of year on October 22.

Let’s use everything for good! If you feel hurt or discouraged, if you’ve suffered loss and pain, be assured that new life and blessings are on the way.  Be careful and take care of your hands (a Chiron channel in the body).

If your buttons get pushed in the mix of life, whose button is it? What a great opportunity to look within and HEAL that soul-wound, replace it with a truthful affirmation, take back your power, breathe deeply, claim your Whole Life!

Forgive, be patient, trust, and love …. whatever appearances may be out in the world, it is the state of our spirits, hearts, and souls that matters most. That is where we eventually gain true mastery of loving command in our lives.

Then all times are the best of times, all the time.…/time-for-soul-healing-mars-activat…/

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