On Draining the Swamp

Conversation between Jennie and Rockets on current stresses in America, 2/1/17:

Jennie:  I was talking to my husband last night and we were both in shock and confused (well I am confused he already knows why!😂) at how much some people are demonstrating such powerfully negative emotions towards Trump. On my journey to truth, I have traveled down many rabbit holes. I have seen and felt the darkness. Even then, negative emotions towards those who have committed the most horrific crimes against humanity never took me over like I am seeing in others now. Something doesn’t add up. Trump hasn’t done anything compared to what past presidents have done and there were no emotions about that. What is really going on? We are being urged to look very closely and deeply at all of this. That’s why so much of our energy is going towards it. We need to really understand it. So when I ask the question the answer comes. “Those who feel hate and negativity towards trump are still playing in victim consciousness”. When we are standing in our authentic empowered selves those feelings simply aren’t there. Standing in the light of truth is empowering. We aren’t freaking out. We may have those feelings come up in other areas of our lives too. They are all signs that we have healing work to do. Those unhealed parts of us interfere with our authentic self experience and our ability to connected to clarity. This is the core of what is happening now. The cleansing. We thought we were just draining the swamp in government. Nope, we are draining our own swamps!

Rockets:  Beautifully articulated, Jennie! I, myself, became distressed at all the negativity, especially among those who should know better (healers, spiritual leaders, etc.) until I studied the astrology of this time more deeply, and perceived the rare and profound gift we are being offered now!

Saturn is at the Galactic Center (which it traverses about every 28 years), in purging square (stress aspect) with Chiron, which is an incredible opportunity for humankind to clean up our perception filters, attune with the Heart of Creation, and GROW UP into steadfast, committed, empowered PRESENCE in love and loving command. Our shared stresses are pushing us to re-tune and fine-tune with the truest and best, as we learn to take charge of our destinies, dispel demons and illusions, and co-create anew. The manifestations of this work by those who are awakened, and awakening will start to become visible in about a decade, as a dawning of purified human endeavor begins to herald a new Day.

Yes, Jennie, it is FALSE VICTIM PROCESS we are being asked to become conscious of, clarify about, and release, with all of the finger-pointing TOLL our duller perceptions have accumulated during this Piscean Age — even as we witness mob mentalities screech for the crucifixion of the TRUE and perpetuation of illusion and criminal power lust.

Will we now become stuck in our petty, judgmental, dark-side-projecting, divisive, perpetually wounded and wounding hell-creating and escapist and expedient savior-seeking fragments of Self, apparently affirmed to dull perceptions by the movie of the material plane? If so, we are going down with the Ship, as our reality congruence, and conscious relevance, rapidly decay.

Or are we ready now to grow up with HUMILITY and innocent perception, inhabiting our Human Hearts, and releasing the smallness of false victim perception filters that marginalize our own personal and shared power for a debased stew of hatred, rage and blame and compromised effectiveness? ARE WE READY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND STEP FORWARD IN LOVING, NEUTRAL PRESENCE AND LOVE with full appreciation for, and honor of, the precious life we have inherited?

President Trump said he didn’t like the phrase “Drain the swamp!” as it was promoted by those with him, but that it grew on him in time. I agree that the phrase is a call to action for us ALL to purge the stink and toll of stagnant, putrid waters of decaying presence, of superficial and faulty cognition, of assumptions and infantile demands, of error-enabling justifications and blind, ill-formed emotions. This is the potential gift of the intensity of our shared alchemy. We are in the cooking pot. May we choose to bring forth the eternal, renewing GOLD.

Jennie:  When I read something that carries a truth frequency I can feel empowering energy move through my heart and body. If I don’t feel that, I choose not to contribute my energy to it. This doesn’t mean I only feel empowered when I read positive stuff. Actually, the truth can be horrible to face. But it is empowering to face it. When I connect to expanded consciousness about what is happening on the planet I am shown how the consciousness of the planet and humanity have made a leap. We no longer need to be in a place of contracted energy and distrust. Our role now is to hold our vision and expand our energy into that vision. Trump is simply co-creating our vision with us and is not in resistance to the truth like the old establishment was. The old control system is highly manipulative and is keeping us in states of fear and confusion by demonizing him as powerfully as possible. This isn’t about him it is about us. We are leading the way he is just in alignment rather than in resistance. We must step into our creative power and not allow ourselves to go into the fear energy being blasted at us now. The control system survives when we believe the old energy still has the power and we give our energy to that instead of the new consciousness. There is nothing to fear or resist. We are creators. We are co-creating together. We know we do not want more suffering on the planet so our choices and feelings are directly affecting that. We are all making the choice individually now. Where is our energy going? What energy are we co-creating? If this is our focus we are no longer confused. 💜


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