Partial Solar Eclipse at 20° Virgo 10’

September 13, 2015,
12:42 am CST (1:42 am EST, 10:42 pm PST on September 12)
Saros Series 125, Beginning at 22° Aquarius, 2-4-1060


dd01dd09c92a27c3e26dd39aaecd0ba6Yesterday’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo quietly begins an intensified evolutionary thrust for all things work, health, self-care, and service-related. Eclipse effects can be triggered for at least a year, so their energies mark significant passages for everyone for some time, and especially for those people whose personal birthcharts are activated by them.

It’s time to start-up that new job, business, or service endeavor in earnest, or to incorporate changes involving growth into current work. It’s time to begin better diet and self-care, and more committed service offerings. It’s time for better relationships with, and care of our pets, and the small animals. It’s time for commitment and action on matters of ecology, and better consciousness about our waters. Now the impetus of seasonal change can be used to make changes we need with more ease. Use the natural bi-annual polar switches of eclipses to free-up in life for real progress!

This eclipse set (Lunar Eclipse to come on September 27) is a polarity switch to the eclipse set we had in March and April last spring. The Solar Eclipse on March 20 at 29° Pisces 27’ was a South Node Eclipse, which initiated a time for releasing unhealthy and toxic interference with our psyches — individually and collectively. Media hype and fearful fixations were inflamed at that time accompanied with health fears about traveling, the dishonesty of corporations advancing agendas, extreme religious insanity, a clamoring to violate healthy boundaries among us with forced, toxic vaccinations among other ill informed fear-based agendas. (I’m sorry to say there is more of this to come, and it will get louder in 2016.)

If we take time now to reflect on what we were challenged to release from our lives last spring due to psychic toll, toxicity, drain and repression (which might have taken several months to accomplish), did you experience an ‘nth degree’ quality to the purging required?

Partial Solar Eclipse, September 13, 2015

Partial Solar Eclipse, September 13, 2015

This eclipse is a North Node eclipse that calls us forward from the South Node solar eclipse last spring, to take progressive steps and develop new abilities, skill-sets, acquire new tools, and reorganize for better daily routines. It’s time for a better, practical, order that can ground Jupiter in Virgo’s blessings thru September 2016. Along with this impetus is a strong reorganizational or correctional challenge that requires us to simultaneously be flexible with changes, and adapt our assertiveness and passions to Virgo’s realistic checks of workability and timing (Uranus quincunx the Eclipse). This keeps us ‘up in the air’ a bit more than eclipses usually do and tweaks nervous systems and tempers with an edginess.

599370_10200857436909303_220138570_nIt is time to take action, moment by moment. When Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday, we will have to be more patient and honor the process. During eclipse season, information is withheld about something we are on tenterhooks about, especially if the eclipse activates personal points in your birth chart (get an update from your astrologer). The best way to advance is step-by-step, taking time to center, using discernment, and seeking guidance. Allow the ego to give-up knowing where we are going and what the outcome will be. When we do this well, we will end-up in the right place and situation, that we could not have foreseen. This is because eclipses are a time of FLUX, so we need to be flexible. Egos can let go pretty well in the dark, though it may be scary. The better they do, the better the outcome, and the better our conscious cooperation with our own evolution.

The two weeks between eclipses (September 13 thru 27) are a period of heightened activity and evolutionary pressure. Remember, that polarities are amplified during eclipse season so one day may seem bright and glorious, and the next may seem dark and discouraging. This is natural. Weather may shift rapidly and animals are often spookier.

Mercury Turns Retrograde on Thursday, September 17 at 16 Libra.  This Eclipse pronounces a triple Mercury-Pluto Square from Libra to Capricorn.

Mercury in mid-Libra is in closing Square (90° angle) to Pluto in Capricorn. It will only advance one more degree to 16° where it stations-retrograde on Thursday. We are in a climax of life, things to do, and info to process until Thursday, when we will experience the down-shift of Mercury’s station. Our daily temps in Minnesota, always change when Mercury turns retrograde. It marks our actual seasonal shifts.

mercuryplanet800Most of my readers are familiar with the frustrations that arise when Mercury turns retrograde. Life has to catch breath, people need more rest and are drawn to deal with personal priorities, and reorganize. Phone calls and emails are not quickly returned. Less energy is available for commerce, commuting is slow and complicated, schedules and communications go awry. Misunderstandings and tech problems abound. And during the retrograde period, projects and connections from the past come forward to be re-worked, or revisited.

Whatever project, prospect, or endeavor looks like it is just about to ‘pop’ when Mercury turns retrograde won’t, until Mercury’s station-direct on October 9, and then progress will be slow and gradual to start. Solutions to the delays and problems that arise can begin to be discovered on September 30 (Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun at 6° Libra, only 2° and three days from the Lunar Eclipse (27th)).

We — from individuals to nations — have been in ‘Relationship School’ with the eclipses in Aries-Libra since 2013. This has been quite intense, involving the evolutionary pressures of the Uranus-Pluto Square (Aries-Capricorn) urging us to repudiate false authorities and slavishness to status quo structure and traditions. We have another round of confrontation now between Mercury (intellect, speaking, reason, ideas, communications) and the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto (deep roots power and its mis-use, such as gut-level material entanglements, force, ‘one up’, extortion, ‘might makes right’, bullying, control issues, dishonesty, manipulation, loss of perspective, and other human aberrations that mistake force for real power, because of ego contamination.)

Whatever we’re experiencing now with Mercury and Pluto in our relationships, is going to have to be fully addressed in a process that re-works the ground we’ve recently covered — again, and then again, through October. Issues of justice, mutual respect, and honesty have to be reflected on, and forthrightly addressed in Mercury’s final direct-motion Square to Pluto on October 23. Overshadowing each other is not mutual respect. Fractious and heavy handed dialogue can degenerate to insanity. Let’s choose our words wisely. Sometimes silence is best. Consciously choose what to give your attention to and what to mentally assimilate. Relationships and issues from the past will come up for repeat and finalization during the retrograde period.

We will note that whatever USA, Inc. is trying to accomplish this week will go on hiatus and be re-worked after Thursday thru October.  I personally don’t pay much attention anymore because it’s too unwell.

Dates of the Mercury-to-Pluto Square, Libra-Capricorn: September 9 amplified by Solar Eclipse, September 24 retrograde, October 23 direct. Mercury will then Oppose Uranus on October 25 which can be liberating though a bit disruptive and highstrung.

Respiratory problems are often associated with Mercury stresses.

Mercury is aided in this eclipse by a sextile from Venus in Leo (heart). Bringing love into the challenge helps us work with it constructively and softens heavy-handedness.

Though our actions and initiative must be adjusted for change, this eclipse strongly encourages our hearts and desires to come forward and create anew, in greater freedom, with the exercise of patience. The recent, and unusual Mars-Venus retro conjunction (occurring every nine years) has required that we bring more heart, fun, creativity and presence into our work, long-term goals, and the life structures we are building. (Venus-Mars quincunx Pluto, Leo-Capricorn.) Both our renewing values and initiatives will be strongly challenged by Saturn in the days to come, but if we remain committed to core values, deep-heart passion, and long-term happiness, the test will be a pruning and reality check we can use to gain better balance in our lives.

Mars is challenged by a Square with Saturn on September 26, strongly affecting the Lunar Eclipse of September 27 (1° Virgo-Sagittarius). This will be frustrating for all and may bring up health concerns for many. Initiatives will be thwarted and desires frustrated. A Mars-Saturn Square ignites anger, but the fact that Mercury is retrograde (introverted) will keep much of the energy internal. Be conscious of your anger and be sure not to repress it for the sake of health and wellbeing. Release desire and use Saturn’s reality check to strengthen your resolve and determination.

Venus Squares Saturn on October 11. This is discouraging for love, happiness, feelings, finances, and can be depressing. Incorporate more realism and workability into your endeavors. Patience helps.

Catrin Arno Fish

by Catrin Arno

This Eclipse Opposes Chiron, bringing attention to our issues with ecology, our waters, and our relationships with animals. It calls attention to our deep instincts, soul-senses, and soul wounds. Healing processes are energized, and so too are woundedness and false victim processes and behaviors. Life is calling us to step-up into better synergy of health, work, service, spirit and unity. We are asked to be more present with our animal friends; to listen to, and care for them better. The health of our sacred waters — from oceans to rivers, lakes, and streams – is before us, to do our part in appreciation and honor.

Pay special attention to pets and their health for the next month.

Jupiter in Virgo Opposes Neptune in Pisces. This aspect is exact on Thursday, September 17, the same day that Mercury turns retrograde, and yet its influence will be active through first quarter 2016. It brings energies to a climax of awareness and fruition that started-up in December 2009. Christmas/Solstice was especially magical that year with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 24° Aquarius. Now they have reached their ‘Full Moon’ phase of relationship at 8° Virgo-Pisces; the height of their ‘tone’.

1964999_851786308206987_8795026780609376908_nThis is ‘soft energy’ at its finest. Compassion, faith, ethics, expansion, and optimism are grounding practically, with Jupiter in Virgo, in the details and workability of life. This empowers our work engagements with more spirit, generosity, forgiveness, inclusion, and affirmation. Neptune, now retrograde in Pisces, blesses the dreamtime, music, healing, intuition, spiritual disciplines, and our sense of unity with all life.

Realizations, spiritual fulfillments, and great teachings are readily available from the bigger picture view. Our relationships with animals are especially blessed and encouraged with this eclipse. How are we in this together? What do they have to teach us? It’s true that some will experience sudden loss of beloved pets, as eclipses often take something away that is due for change, though we often don’t see it that way, until later (if we do). Yet, there is more spiritual light and support for a better understanding of divine order in such passages.

There is a warning with this soft opposition. We need to keep it real and not go too far into over-extension in some manner that will be sharply corrected by Saturn in first quarter 2016. This could be dietary excesses, or taking some risk that isn’t properly grounded in the reality of space and time; going too far too fast. This aspect is inflationary and can be addictive and confusing without proper balance. Be mindful of right measure with optimism, promises, and the unknown future. Be wary of unrealistic plans and assumptions. It is imperative that we be honest and spiritually responsible through 2017.



Eclipses occur near the nodes of the Moon and we have an interesting accent with this one from Juno and Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node. Juno is the asteroid that signifies emotional and psychological needs that motivate us to seek marital union, or to merge our lives with another. Juno represents the mate, which today, would be any cohabiting couple. Juno’s position in our personal charts marks the timing of initiation of new significant relationships, as well as their crises and separations. She is primarily concerned with developing cooperation, compromise, understanding, and harmony with significant others.

Black Moon Lilith is a point in space associated with the archetype of Adam’s first wife who wouldn’t compromise to be regarded as lesser than him, so refused the marriage relationship. Yet, she hadn’t achieved the consciousness to actually meet with him as an equal in whole-being union, she was hooked into an illusion with him. Thus, she inhabits the outer spaces, alienated from the whole of humanity, playing out jealousy and revenge, according to the ancient myths.

The North Node point calls us forward to our best growth and becoming. With Juno and Black Moon Lilith near the node, many people are currently attracted to, and considering marriage, and yet there are out-of-the-box unknowns that have to be negotiated. Those who marry, will likely be more involved in the work, compromises, and better harmonies of equally balanced, more complementary relationships than were the norm in times of either matriarchy or patriarchy — refreshing indeed!

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