Sagittarius New Moon Dec. 18, 2017 – A Significant Opportunity to Learn a Thing or Two

The New Moon tonight (Dec. 18 at 12:30 am CST) at 27° Sagittarius marks a potent seeding by our cosmos, into the Earth sphere.  It is an especially amplified opportunity, potential, and new step into a changing chapter of life.  Astrologers have been anticipating this Moon all year.  I have been fasting for two days and plan to be seated on the ground outside when the Moon is exact, to bring these tremendous energies down to earth (or up through earth, actually) through the conductor of my own spine, in surrender to greater being, healing, and relief of stresses for all.

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This Moon is conjunct (in the same part of the sky as) the Galactic Center at 26°-28° Sagittarius.  This is one of the greatest channels in our sky for receiving bigger picture information, healing, empowerment, and attunement to Divine Will.  For those who consciously choose to grow, attune, and constantly improve on the path of Transformation, this opportunity is not to be missed.  The energies will grow and continue to take form over the next lunar month, coming to a fruition at the Full Super Moon of 12° Cancer-Capricorn on January 1.

This New Moon marks Saturn’s closure of its passage through Sagittarius, and ingress (entry) into Capricorn on Tuesday, December 19, which is a major shift in the power sphere for everybody on Earth.  The winter solstice degree, 0° Capricorn, is a powerful cardinal degree that marks the beginning of winter in our northern hemisphere.  The Sun crosses the winter solstice degree on Thursday, December 21.  This Moon marks an amplified passage into the “winter” season for 2017, and also symbolically for the current Age on Earth, which is a far greater ‘winter’ cycle, that extends into the 2020s.  Together we are closing an Earth era and powering-up on the inner planes of life and being for a new age, a new renaissance, a new germination, a new refreshment from Source, after a great purging over the next several years.  Living in Tune is going to be more vitally important for all of us as we close this Book of Life!

Saturn is wrapping-up it’s three-year tenure in Sagittarius which brings to culmination the growth and teachings we’ve gained in our lives since December 2014 when the passage began.  By now these Sagittarian teachings have required us to modify, real-ize, and deepen (or resist and harden) our world view, philosophy and personal opinions; gain a deeper and stronger foundation of faith (or not); complete a refresher course on healthy boundaries among peoples and nations; learn that what we focus our minds on, or listen to in the airwaves and ethers affects our mental and spiritual health for better or worse; learn more about truth versus deception; clarify our understanding of law and ethics personally and as a society; clarify right balance and measure with giving and receiving; and grow brighter through travel, open minds and hearts, and a broader perspective.  If we have used the stresses of the last three years to value, honor, and sharpen our spiritual senses, we are doing well.

Mundane Astrologer, William Stickevers’ illustration of our current position in this great transition of Ages.

If we have become very polarized, judgmental, and angry against other elements of life and the world we live in during the last several years, we are in danger of falling into our own ‘shadows’ over the next several years of Saturn in Capricorn.  Many people who don’t choose to integrate their psychological shadows by doing the inner work that is required, will not continue to creatively participate in bringing in the next Age on Earth, beginning in mid- to late-2020s.

Several dynamic themes are active with this Moon which I will briefly summarize.  Most of them continue well into the gregorian new year.

We are ‘coming down to Earth’ now with Saturn’s entry into Capricorn.  Reality should be our focus and friend.  Self-discipline is going to be easier.  Long-term goals are more readily engaged for progress.  Karma is coming around for us all, so it’s time to ‘buckle down’ and be willing to face all of our fears, denials, and self-deceptions.  It’s time to stop pointing fingers and complaining.  It’s time to be humbly called to account with our Loving Cosmic Source, and it will take whatever it takes for each one of us.

The Nodes of the Moon are in mid-Leo and Aquarius, and squared by Jupiter, which are critical areas of the zodiac for healing fixed modes, behaviors, attitudes and attachments, and excesses that don’t serve our best functioning, and ultimately, our happiness.  It is very good to let go of false concepts of self and identity that may be exposed with the light of this moon, to learn more flexibility, release more fear, self-commit to care for and balance our hearts, roots energies, group relationships/friendships, and resources (Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius/Taurus).  Do it now while it’s easier!  Refreshing and liberating objectivity is available to change up our habits and familiar, insecure, self-defeating patterns!

This Moon is in closing square to Chiron (90-degree stressful angle), and strongly activating a closure crisis point for this Age, marked by Saturn’s square to Chiron (active since December 2016 thru July 2018).  Heightened sensitivity, woundedness and wounding, taking things too personally, being too small, pained and reactionary; all of these modes are under great pressure now for us to release individually and together, amplified by this Moon.

It is the inner animal, our deep instincts and soul senses, in all of us that has been neglected, devalued, marginalized, hurt and run roughshod over, and is causing us deep personal and collective pain.  The damaged order, and natural right relationship between animal/earth, human, and divine that we have come here to heal and restore, is at the root and core of our hurt; whether our personal trigger be a relationship, limited resources, an accident, a media ‘report’, a world event; the assaults of human greed, pollutions, and unconsciousness on the natural world; a perceived slight or unfairness, or Donald A. Trump.  It is victim process that perpetuates blame, disempowerment, and perpetual wounding.  Hurt perpetuates hurt.  It is time to grow up from being so negatively affected by our perceptions.  Victim process on Earth has overshadowed the truth of who we potentially are, with shadows of hurt and negation.  It’s time to be greater, freer, in acceptance, understanding and compassion.  When we heal our soul-wounds by deepening in true Self, we’re no longer engaged in draining dramas nor do we unconsciously create the familiar painful patterns in our lives.  New objectivity and conscious choice are key.  Comfort zones have to go so we can grow.

Because of this truth, animals come into play with this Moon.  They will touch us, appear to us, encourage us, or be injured by us according to our personal issues that need attention right now.  This is potentially very magical and affirming.  If we have wounding with an animal, it is a signal to reach deep within and embrace a wounded part of our vital, deeper self.  If we hurt our hands, that is Chiron, maybe we are pushing them too hard.  If our sexuality is repressed or we have pain about it, that is our precious inner animal and deep instincts.  If we have stress with a cat, that may signify our own heart in need of attention.  If we push our bodies too hard and feel angry with them for some perceived non-function, we are beating the workhorse.

If we are just feeling sad and that life is unfair, that is our Chironic soul wound and there is only one way to relieve it, we have to do inner work!   Sometimes, in a strong Chironic passage like this one, especially this week, and into mid-2018, it is very helpful when we can see our pattern of hurt in our life, and we’ve had enough!  When we come to that point, real change can start as we bring consciousness into the pattern and realize … there’s something painful and repetitious going on here!  When our deep soul-wound pain is triggered, take full responsibility for what you are feeling.  Take the experience fully IN, be present and honest.  Breathe deeply, be brave.  Look honestly at the pain in your soul.  Note its repetition over the years in your life.  CHANGE YOUR INNER PROGRAM.  For instance, if you are in pain because you don’t have much money at Christmas time when everybody else appears to, heal your own inner sense of self worth.  Embrace your value, talk lovingly to yourself.  Visualize the healing of that flow in your life.  Don’t give up until you feel your life start to change.  This is a potent opportunity to claim and heal your life like never before.  If we feel injured or hurt unfairly by another, we have to take responsibility for our unconscious part in it and let go and forgive.  Part of this process might be a good, healthy, boundary clarifying confrontation.  Whoever triggered us is our aide.  This allows us to ‘grow up’ into our greater beings.  Our greater beings are necessary to inhabit now, as the Age comes to a climax.  It’s not easy, it’s work.  And we all signed up for it.  We want to be big enough, strong enough, compassionate and committed to hold the space for our Earth to transform and regenerate, whether we are still here when that happens, or not!

This process of healing our mental and communications faculties, by Chiron’s provocation continues as a primary theme of Mercury’s retrograde status now.   Mercury is taking us back over the recent past and giving us a special opportunity to heal our minds and expression modes.  Mercury turns direct in motion on December 22, when we experience a subtle shift into forward motion again and a new idea cycle slowly begins to progress.  We have a final clearing of Mercury functions (mind and communications, siblings, neighbors, information flow, technology issues) on January 6-8.  So check your reactions with others in these life streams to note your progress.

The New Moon is in trine (flowing 120° angle) with Uranus, change agent, technology pioneer, sky god, bi-polar liberator that provides uplift, bigger picture inspiration, new freedom, and fresh perspective.  This aids us in healing our soul-wounds, now aggravated by Chiron’s insistence (mentioned above).  Uranus in Aries is time for ACTION that initiates  progress and new developments, powered by our passion and convictions.  There is always an element of thrill with Uranus that breaks us out of our own boxes and routines for greater life!

Jupiter is in trine (flowing 120° angle) with Neptune.  What a great opportunity for deep soul encouragement and healing!  Relationships are blessed when intentions are sound.  Spirituality is enhanced, compassion expands our circle of life.  We are learning to SEE that there is Love behind all of our challenges and dramas, in light of the bigger picture.

Prodigious healing energies are flowing with this Moon into the Earth plane for our benefit, encouragement, and relief.  Humility and open eyes will help us gain new understandings and corrections.  Taking time to listen and receive downloads and upgrades from the sky is richly rewarded.  Faith is amply confirmed by wondrous Life as the precious seeds of this Moon take root on earth in good confidence, over time.

Transformational energies increase as we approach eclipse season in January and February.  This solstice season, Christmas, and gregorian New Year are packed with spirit and soul-powered gifts and opportunities.  It’s an excellent time to refresh and strengthen in knowing that Reality is Love-Based.  Becoming fully conscious as an active and passionate participant is the greatest achievement we can gain.  We can use the magnified energies of this Moon, and over the next several years, to actualize more abundant Life than our greatest hopes and imaginings could have envisioned!

Wishing you a richly blessed, liberating, and joyful New Moon, Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, and gregorian New Year!


For those who need physical healing, this prayer is potent!

For those living in the Twin Cities, the New Moon tonight is on the IC, meaning that power and teachings come up through roots, home, family, and through the base of the body if you are in receptive stillness at New Moon time.

12-18-17 afternoon, My personal ‘victim-process’ release on this Moon:

Today, I joyfully want to share my breakthrough with my own personal ‘false victim process’ during this Moon.

The most difficult repeating pattern in my life has been about 7 or 8 car accidents.  They began to occur in 1985, repeating every two years or so.  EVERY car accident was somebody else’s fault.

The first and second were the most painful and debilitating.  Before the first accident, I had a clear premonition that I was going to be injured in a car accident in my morning meditation.  But it was also made clear to me that this passage was required, for me to become empowered in life in the bigger picture.  At that moment, I consciously chose to endure the experience, and I could sense it would be daunting.

The first accident occurred when I was a single mom with a small daughter, and we were rear-ended by somebody driving 20 mph over the speed limit (60 in a 40), when traffic suddenly stopped.  I had painful, serious whiplash injuries that significantly limited my ability to live well and raise a child with good care.  The driver who hit me was an illegal immigrant from India, who had no insurance.  I felt very hurt by that fact.  And then after civil court when I got a paltry judgment against him, he had the audacity to come up and ask me to go out on a date!  Furthermore, when I finally got $1,500 cash by dogging him at his business, I lost it later that same day.  (OMG this makes me laugh now.  That moment when I lost that money was the WORST pain ever!)

The second accident occurred a couple of years after that, when somebody ran a stop sign and broadsided me.  This was much worse, I had soft tissue injuries and had to work that summer lying down on the floor of my office.  Doctors told me there were many activities I could never do again, including my passion — long distance swimming.  I proved them wrong on every limitation over time and learned a great deal about natural healing processes.

The other accidents were always being rear-ended.  And over time I came to understand, from studying astrology, that they were being created by my own repressed anger.  I was born in 1955 and many of my generational cohorts don’t deal well with their anger, denying and repressing it.  And when something hurts your back repeatedly, it is a message that there is something you’re not dealing with and pushing into the background of your consciousness.  Then when it eventually “outs” it can be devastating because it has been ignored.  [Jupiter-Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in the 12th house.  The accidents would occur when Mars was opposing Uranus from the 6th house, or activating natal Uranus which rules my 7th house; ‘the other’ running into me.]

As I learned how to consciously pay attention to my anger and release it constructively, (I also used to fall down a flight of stairs every time I got angry with somebody) the accidents stopped.  There was one rear-ending after which I immediately went to work on my body, applying Ama-Deus healing energies, and it cleared instantly, with no whiplash repercussions, which was super natural.

But I did have one more hard rear-ending, and just before it happened, I recognized that my energy field was preparing to re-create just such a thing.  Stopped at a stoplight, WHAM, somebody else who was “not paying attention.”

So I haven’t had a car accident since 2007 which is a great accomplishment, though I avoid rush hours!  And then, just this month, on December 6, I was stopped at a stoplight and was rear-ended by a Somali immigrant learning to drive in a Minnesota winter.

He was a responsible man with an open heart, there was no visible damage to my car, so I let him go, knowing full well I might have some real whiplash pains in a day or two.  And sure enough, I have experienced pain in my neck, upper and lower back, which is an echo of the most difficult painful years of my life, for the last several days.  Quite debilitating, where it is difficult to stand or even stretch, and out of the question to work out at the gym.

I revisited the feelings of “life is unfair!”, of being physically and hurt and injured by another person who wasn’t paying attention, and is from a foreign country.  The sadness of being debilitated and unable to engage life as I would like to.

But this time I consciously applied and affirmed the TRUTH.  The Spirit of Life within me can INSTANTLY heal every injury and dis-ease.  If I don’t feed it with victim feelings, it will heal rapidly.  If I forgive, let go, and take full responsibility for what I unconsciously created for myself with the unconscious of another, I am taking back my full power to live my full life.

Last night, at New Moon time I had the most wonderful prayers, affirmations, and expansion of heart.  I asked for healing for my body, and healing for everybody I know who needs it, and today my back is almost entirely PAIN FREE!  I felt the upsurge of power through the core of the earth, flowing through my spine, as my own greater self was strengthened and affirmed.  My smaller, hurt self let go and released the shadow.

Thus is the wonder and liberation of surrender to the Love that powers all forms and manifestations, the Love behind it all!




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