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My name is Rockets Cynthia Redglare.   I’m a Minnesota native who grew up in the country and am a nature child to this day.   My childhood was emotionally very difficult, and I discovered yoga at age 12.   Nature and yoga were my comfort.   Every day I couldn’t wait to go away over the hills with my blanket and do hatha yoga, prayers, and meditation for hours. This became my life refuge.   I found that whatever my experiences and challenges, this practice would comfort me and make me strong.   It gave me a peace that nothing could diminish.

In my mid-twenties I experienced the “Rising of Kundalini” over a three-month period.   This was a period of intense transformation, and I had to use every method of yoga I had ever learned to survive.     At the threshold of this change I was very afraid because I knew the Kundalini (sacred feminine energy) was going to awaken in my being, and all the books about it I could find at that time were written by and for men with a great deal of fear-and-control doctrine.

So I fasted for three days and sought guidance.   On the third day I had a vision in which I heard the ‘voice of many waters,’ and saw the creation of the universe by the vibration, tone and power of the Word of God (om).

It was the second most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and the Reality of this vision made my normal waking consciousness seem like a dream state.   Soaring through space, wrapped in the Lord’s loving arms, I witnessed the birth of fountains of stars and galaxies in awesome, glorious wonder and magnificence.   And I knew with my whole being, that I had nothing to fear – ever – as long as I stayed in alignment with the Love and Power that created all things.

The name that came with this vision was “Rockets Redglare,” so I legalized my vision name in 1981.   My former first name became my middle name, Cynthia.   With the new name came my desire to dedicate myself to become an inspiration and standard for others, in times of difficulty, stress and discouragement.   To lift their spirits, and help restore their hope and faith.  

In the years following this awakening, I studied healing methods of different cultures avidly, and healing powers began to manifest through me.   My own personal healing path began to unfold in intensity.   Some of my teachers were Martin Highbear, Amos Owens (Honored Lakota Pipe Carrier), Ethel Lombardi (who brought Reiki to the U.S.), Alberto Aguas, His Holiness Sakya Trizin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael (Hawaiian Kahuna and Inventor of EES), Don Hanson, Marilyn Youngbird, Glenda Green, Rabbi Joel Dobin, and Rev. Willard Fuller who ordained me (over 600,000 documented healings in his lifetime).

My greatest teacher is the Holy Spirit, whose gentle, loving guidance I treasure.   I have been healed of asthma which plagued me for years as an athletic person.   I have had teeth and bones straighten, and a broken tooth regenerated like a new tooth.   (Dental records verify.)   Most of the healing I’ve received has been emotional.

There is nothing that cannot be healed.   I have seen it!   The best thing I can do for another, is help them find and develop their own connection with the Source, so they can access the Love that heals all things whenever they need it.   It’s a great honor to provide healing bodywork to another, a sacred ceremony that I conduct in Spirit’s guidance, with respect, love, and care.   I have dedicated my life to becoming the best I can be, to making a difference.   This is my passion, purpose and fulfillment.

An ordained minister with the Lively Stones Fellowship, I’m a 38-year yoga practitioner (hatha, pranayama, mantra, bhakti), an astrology student for 30+ years, and have worked in healing ministry for 25 years with:

Rockets Redglare
  • Huna Kane bodywork   (Hawaiian bodywork for the royal families)
  • Laying on of hands
  • Amadeus healing (“to love God” from the Guarani in S. America)
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Gemstone-sun attunement

From the Tibetan tradition:

  • Avalokiteshvara, Chenrezigs (Lord of a thousand Arms of Compassion)
  • Green Tara (Goddess of Skillful Means or Active Compassion)
  • Amitayus (Boundless Life and Energy)
  • Medicine Buddha

All healings are by Spirit’s love and grace.   Baruch HaShem olam Adonai!   May the kingdom of love, peace, wisdom and power come quickly and heal the earth and her people.    Om . . . amen