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"But unto you that reverence my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings "

                                                                        Malachi 4:2

In ancient Egypt, the solar orb or Sun was often depicted with wings and known as "The Good Shepherd."

 God's healing love is universally available and can meet every human need!

When we come into alignment and reception with the love and care that is ours in every moment, we can access the guidance we need, liberate and heal ourselves, and learn to live in our natural state of love, peace, joy and confidence.

The healing path requires self-love, conscious choice and commitment.  It requires courage and willingness to change habits and patterns that no longer serve our good.   Step by step, day by day, with Spirit's grace and guidance, we can grow into our true potential . . . our greatness.

My work is to assist you in receiving the love, healing and providence that is yours as a child of the universe.  To help you deepen your connection with the Source, the Fountain of Life, the Love that never changes.  I offer intuitive, transformational bodywork that ministers to your whole being; mind, body, spirit and soul.  

If you have specific challenges and healing needs for which you are seeking assistance, Divine Spirit is ever present, compassionate, and responsive.  Together we can work in Spirit's loving will and guidance toward healing, understanding and solutions.

Transformational Bodywork is one of the best aids you can choose for healthy and empowered living.

As we expand our life-flow, and learn to relax and settle more deeply into our center, our outer lives rearrange themselves to reflect our native joy, peace, and order.   Love-based reality is our heritage as children of the universe.   A healed and expanded heart magnetically attracts everything we need in perfect time, through the irresistible, healing, transforming power of love; universal and eternal.

Every people and culture has its age-old methods of nurturing body, mind, spirit and soul through bodywork and healing care.   I integrate the methods of several cultures in the ministry sessions I provide:

butterfly graphic Purest essential oils cleanse and refresh your nervous system and penetrate soothing, healing vibratory frequencies throughout your being.   The oils are a potent, concentrated manifestation of Mother’s love in the herbs, trees, and flowers.
butterfly graphic Huna Kane is an ancient Hawaiian method of transformational bodywork that brings healing light and energy deep into your cells, raising their vibration.   This helps the body revive, cleanse, release and heal.   The longer we live on earth, the more energy patterns crystallize in our bodies that constrict and interfere with natural, abundant life flow.   This bodywork breaks up those crystallizations.   Like ‘shedding the old skin,’ it promotes easier evolution into greater being.   The cells refresh as they are reminded of their original perfect design, order, and vibratory rate.
butterfly graphic Reflexology is a method of working with the hands and feet to open life flow to all the organs and systems of the body.
butterfly graphic I may use toning and singing to fortify and affirm your being.   Everything in creation came into existence by the sound of the original, creative, Divine Word which sustains and nurtures all existence.
butterfly graphic Prayer and healing ministry are a continuous, integral part of your session.   Your body will naturally draw the energy and healing it needs from Spirit, in perfect measure.  
butterfly graphic Healing touch and massage open, clear, and balance energy pathways in your being.   Brain centers and glands are stimulated, harmonized and refreshed.   Brain hemispheres re-align for more peace, presence, wisdom, and clearer spiritual vision to discern truth from illusion.
butterfly graphic Chakra and full-being attunement with the Amadeus method from the Guarani Indians and the Amazon plays a key role in closing your session.   It harmonizes your being as you are deeply relaxed and receptive.   It confirms your true purpose and confidence from your core, rather than from ego.   It strengthens and heals your heart so you can better receive the love and blessings that are yours!
butterfly graphic Love is the healer!  I strive to be clear so divine love will bless others through me.  

Life-long discipline and dedication to Spirit and healing have helped me develop this ministry.   Every one of us has a unique gift of healing love to offer the world.  May the Kingdom of love, peace and power come quickly, through our hearts and our love!

I don't book sessions with anyone whose intention for having a session is not to deepen their connection with Spirit, heal, and strengthen in love, light, truth, peace and wholeness. Smokers may experience intense detoxification for up to three days.

Session rates are $150 for a two-hour session, and $200 for a three-to-four hour session. An 'aura balance' (about 15 minutes) is $25. Half-hour chart reading and aura balance is $65.