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Recommended Healing, Health, and Transformational Aids:

Body Pure foot pads are one of the most effective detoxifiers I've found in 20+ years of transformational bodywork.   Powerful!

Miracle 2 soap, neutralizer, and related products are profoundly cleansing and healing.   Not to be confused with "Master's Miracle" products, produced by a company that had the original products for a short time and then created their own copies of the products.

Primavera Life essential oils are some of the finest in the world for whole-being care.

Dr. Fred Bell's trace minerals are tremendous for healing and cleansing your body.

Hawaiian Spirulina is the best, cleanest nutritional micro-algae product ( imho).   A powerful supplement that fills in the dietary gaps for vegetarians.    Protects sun lovers' skin.   Contains all the amino acids and more iron than beef.   Tests have shown that astronauts can live on spirulina for up to two months and not need any other food.   I swim 100+ miles every summer and fast regularly.   I occasionally don't eat any food for two days, and swim a mile each day, and feel tremendous!    Spirulina and excellent organic nutrition are vital to my strength. 

Zappers are a wonderful aid for parasite cleansing, emotional healing, and protection against pathogens. Don's model is the most harmonious with body and spirit that I've found.

Balancing your body's pH is key to creating good health. The American diet is 90 percent acid-forming, which promotes disease.  Cancers and other diseases cannot survive in a body with a healthy pH balance, and an alkalized body is in a more harmonious attunement with Spirit!

Other Aids:


to draw near to the Beloved, for cleansing, surrender, and empowered prayer, is a vital part of my ministry.   Fasting opens up the flow between Spirit and form, and breaks the heaviness of negativity.   Fasting should always be done with devotion and spiritual practice (e.g., meditation, mantra, prayer), to open one's being to the upliftment, teaching and guidance of Spirit.  

 "Is this not a fast?   I chose Him to loose the chains of wickedness, to undo the cords of the lawlessness, and to release the oppressed to freedom, and break every yoke."   Isaiah 58:6.

If you desire an especially potent healing session, I will fast with you for one to two days before your appointment.

Intestinal and Deep Tissue Cleansing,

is one of the most powerful, loving things you can do for yourself to enhance your transformational path. The "Arise And Shine" 30-day cleanse is my favorite. It's been fine-tuned for 20 years to a cleansing science! For more info: Click here

Enjoying Sabbath,

for whole-being rejuvenation is vital to my strength, health and happiness. A weekly break from commerce, computers, driving, etc., to delight in the presence of the Divine enhances life!  Quietness, sacred study, creativity, pure being without agenda or schedule, praise, meditation, mantra, rest, and spiritual focus give time and place for spirit and soul.

Meditation, mantra, pranayama, prayer and devotion

will always aid and strengthen your being on the path to wholeness.  



Galactic Astrologer, Philip Sedgwick's site with brilliant blog:

Excellent teachers for those interested in astrology!   Click here   for link to Astrologers Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine's website.   I was in a study group with Rick in the '70s.

The most empowered healer and teacher I've known, a great light in the world, Dr. Willard Fuller

Monitor the Earth's Kundalini!

Explore gnostic scriptures:

Sacred texts of the world archive

Excellent site about the Watchers with links to ancient and Dead Sea Scroll texts:



 The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die . . . by Karol K. Truman

The 12 Stages of Healing by Donald M. Epstein, D.C.

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.


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