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The acronym V.I.T.R.I.O.L.U.M., used in alchemical literature, is formed by the Latin expression " Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem Veram Medicinam", which means "Visit the interior of the earth, and by rectifying you will find the hidden stone which is the true medicine."


Mysterious Kundalini, the Divine Feminine, supports, sustains, and empowers life force throughout creation.   In Hindu teachings, She is Shakti, the vital, dynamic power that moves through time and space in cycles of assertion and withdrawal of spirit into form.   Her male counterpart, Shiva, is static, constant creative potency.   Through their eternal interplay and loving union, material universes take form.   At the vibratory rate of the visible, tangible creation, She is maya; and her illusion conceals the truth of Spirit behind, and causal to, form.   Things are not as they appear to be to those who perceive appearances as reality, and the true powers behind the drama of the dance of life are veiled.   Mystical Christians know Her as the 'Baptism by Fire', being born of the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit.   The Hebrew word for Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh, was always understood to be feminine in that venerable culture and tradition.   This is the fire that fuels the passion of the lovers of God.   The glossolalia and tongues of fire experienced by the Apostles at Pentecost was a manifestation of this dynamic power, the promised Comforter.   And we see a marked change in their behavior as they emerged from this experience impassioned and empowered in a new, almost radical way.

Having many names in many languages, Kundalini is universally reverenced and honored throughout nations and cultures of the world, and often referred to as 'serpent power.'    The goal of all the yogas is to awaken her within the body, spirit and soul.   The awakening of this energy in the human being plays out uniquely according to each individual's soul path.   Once this potent transformational energy becomes active within, life will never be the same.   Kundalini, the 'tightrope path,' magnifies and accelerates one's personal alchemical process.   There is precious little, if any, middle ground or comfort zone that remains.   Polarities sharpen and amplify.   What empowers or disempowers becomes clarified, and even critical, as one is sometimes relentlessly pressured to deal with one's issues, to heal, clear, and evolve through fires of inner purgation.

He who looks in the mirror of the water, first sees his own image. He who looks at himself, risks to meet himself. The mirror does not flatter, it shows accurately what is reflected in it, namely that face that we never show the world because we hide it by the persona, the mask of the actor. This is the first test of courage on the inner path, a test, which is enough to frighten most people, because the encounter with oneself belongs to those unpleasant things, one avoids as long as one can project the negative onto the environment.

                                                                                   Carl Gustav Jung

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Drawing by John Williams for Rockets

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A verse for a hexagram in the Chinese I Ching states:   "There is a fate that gives power to one's life, like wood that burns below and feeds the fire above . . ."   This could be a description of Kundalini.   Sometimes referred to as the "nuclear energy in the body," this force, when unbalanced, can create those rare, unexplained, and strange documented cases of spontaneous human combustion.   It is the force that creates the inner heat in our bodies, such as hot flashes experienced by women in menopause.   And   Himalayan yogis are known to have contests in which they sit nude in frigid conditions and are wrapped in wet sheets that they steam dry in rapid succession, by their conscious direction of this inner fire.

Kundalini is latent in the average individual, and sleeps at the base of the spine, the root of the Tree of Life.     She is the deepest root of being that extends to the beginning of creation.   The root of the sex energy, Kundalini contains the concentrated cumulative power of all previous existence and karmas, and all latent gifts and innate knowing.   As we live our lives, Her energy flows into the body in a measured, controlled way, and we experience our karmas and destiny in perfect time and order for our life unfoldment and soul evolution.

When this energy awakens and establishes its circuit in the body, its mission is to clear and correct everything that interferes with its ascent and union with the Divine Masculine, or Father, whose corresponding center of consciousness in the body resides at the crown of the head.   In the process of her inner ascent, we are purged, healed, and restored.  
Lovely Jubilee diamond-the worlds largest

The Golden Jubilee Diamond, largest faceted
diamond in the world at 545 carats.

Our gifts of the Spirit awaken and manifest.   Our divine heritage is reaffirmed.

Awakening of Kundalini is a distinct nervous system change.   One becomes rewired.   The flow of libido reverses, and now moves inward, developing rich inner perception and awareness.   It flows up to the head, where it feeds and develops centers in the brain that were previously inactive, facilitating natural recall of existence previous to the current life.   It develops psychism and other gifts and abilities considered paranormal, that are related to and affirm the connection, harmony, and unity of all.  

Having experienced a full awakening in my twenties (which is just the first step on this amplified path) I enjoy working with this energy in others through transformational bodywork and counseling.   Kundalini is the innate healing power within the body; all diseases are superficial to this energy.

Picture of hot glowing embers, wood, and fire
There is nothing that Kundalini cannot heal.   As this energy awakens, one may face daunting challenges as one begins to experience life in a new way.  As Kundalini heals the soul, it plumbs the depths, taking one into the deepest recesses of consciousness and being.   It also lifts one up to new heights, to experience new pleasures, ecstasy, bliss and fulfillment.   In this process, one may find oneself in the alembic frequently (the sealed container the alchemists used to heat the substance they were transforming).  One's life may manifest situations and passages that are intense, frustrating and difficult. These passages are necessary for ego purification.

And the diamond forms under great heat and pressure, deep within earth and soul.