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In understanding ourselves, we embrace the universe; and in contemplating the universe, we find our innermost self, so says the Tree of Life.

   Ann Williams- Heller in " Kabbalah -- Your Inner Path to Freedom" 


" Astro-logos," the language of the heavens--the divine science of the relatedness of all things--is a profound teacher that portrays our part in the symphony of life.   It provides an objective frame of reference from which we can see our current path in light of the bigger picture of destiny. It sheds light on our soul paths; the past that has shaped our responses to life, our true life purpose, growth challenges and stresses, and rewards and fulfillment as we learn to create whole, joyful lives. . . if we choose to!   It affirms our light, gifts, and talents, as we are unique expressions of the creative dance of Spirit, living the breath of life, growing the divine loving passion we carry in our hearts.
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Learning to harmonize conscious will with the natural cycles in our lives creates more efficient, effective living, and frees up our life flow as we come to realize the truth that astrology continuously affirms -- life loves us and supports our greatest good!   And the more we learn to trust that providence and live from the ever-refreshing center of our beings, the more magical and amazing life becomes!  A 37-year student of astrology, I provide astrological consultations.     An astrology reading in concert with transformational bodywork session(s) is a potent, well-rounded, whole-being self-gift!

I especially enjoy providing a birthday chart consultation and bodywork session together for my clients.   Every year, on your birthday, when the Earth and the Sun repeat their proximity to each other that they had when you were born, an energetic tone is set for your personal new year.   A solar return chart (map of the sky calculated for your current birthday) reveals information about the potential of the coming new year.   At the same time, your body receives its energetic imprint for the year.   Birthdays are a powerful seeding time in life; prime time for clearing out the past and welcoming the new!   And they are a gift for me as I witness your light refresh, and the wonder of your being renew!

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Scheduling Astrology Readings

Birthday readings in concert with bodywork are timely and need to be booked well in advance.   There is a waiting list for astrology readings.   First-time readings are in person and are tape-recorded.    I don't provide readings indirectly (i.e., they must be requested by the person the reading is for).