Thank you to everyone who attended our Astrology Conversation in Pine City on January 27, 2019!

Here is some information for those who could not attend, and anybody interested in the research or to review the presentation slides.

Click here for the presentation slide visuals.

Presentation Audio 1 – Lunation Cycle and Barbault Planetary Index, Solar Eclipse 2017, Current Eclipses, 5G, and Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in 2020.

Presentation Audio 2 – Saturn-Pluto continued, 2019 Overview

Valentina’s paper published in 2017, “Reinforcing the Double Dynamo Model with Solar-Terrestrial Activity in the Past Three Millennia.”

Valentina Zharkova’s talk to the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October 2018.



THANK YOU to everyone who attended this event on March 18, 2018!

Here is a pdf file of the presentation slides to download and print.  

WE WILL BE BRINGING THE BEMER HEALING TECHNOLOGY TO PINE CITY, to accompany my Astrology Educational Conversation.  Everyone who attends can try the machine at that time.  A session is eight-minutes long.

This specific brand of technology is being used by NASA to keep astronauts healthy in terms of bone density, circulation, and other health matters that occur while living in space. For us on Earth, it produces a naturally stimulating micro-frequency to jump-start detoxification, greatly improve circulation, and restore natural, vibrant health.

Click here for more information on BEMER therapy.

Click the photo below for a pdf file of May 7 event.  No audio file is available.


Here is the meeting info packet and audio files for “February 5 — February 2017 Eclipse Season”:

Presentation Packet for this Event

Audio File No 1

Audio File No 2

Sunday, February 5, 2017 – Astrology Educational Conversation in Pine City, Minnesota

Sunday, November 13 – Astrology Educational Conversation in Pine City, Minnesota

Saturday, October 14  –  Corepower Activation and Sacred Circle with Peruvian Whistling Vases.  Attendance is filled for this event.    Explore the Peruvian Whistles here

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