It’s never too late to do our Inner Work, but BETTER SOONER THAN LATER.  Many seek to “ride their highs” until they realize they’re powered by only half an engine, and do not have a strong constitution in their body via deep roots soul power as their foundation. Life won’t even enable that anymore.

“Do Or Die” Stay Dynamic




Your body is your first home. It is a patient and kind servant, and knows truth better than your mind. It is potentially an Earth-angel of the purest order.

Please honor and care for your body — don’t ignore its needs and messages. If you do, you will eventually be held accountable for the bill by Life’s Inherent Justice . . . Justice for the servants of humanity, the precious, sacred, and vital senses — the taken-for-granted gift.


It’s time for us to claim, inhabit, and value our NATURAL SENSES, which are far more accurate than mental gyrations for reality-alignment.

The mind cannot tell fact from fiction — the heart knows.  Mind functions well as a humble interpreter via logic. Best to be ahead of the curve, I think.  “Proof-seeking” is a day late and a dollar short already.  Innocent Perception and Affirmation come in right order and keep us In Tune. Such orientation is fast becoming VITAL now.


Let’s be the Kindness, Grace, Presence, and Peace that helps this world get through the Turn of the Age and RENEW in Divine Order !  ❤

Art by one of my brilliant teachers, Glenda Green.