Saturn-Pluto Winding Down and Intensifying our Lives in 2019

March 10, 2019

Saturn, the Timekeeper of our solar system, has been in Capricorn for a year now, gradually drawing closer to Pluto (within 5° as of February 25) as this synodic cycle winds-down for re-set in January 2020.  Saturn-Pluto is about a 33-year cycle, and marks the ending of our current era with a weighty finality.  Furthermore, Saturn-Pluto are conjunct (together with) the South Node of the Moon which adds more emphasis to the closure of this life chapter on Earth.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is working deeply beneath the surface of life to purge and break down governing structures, unnatural laws, confining traditions, and status quo entrenchments (Capricorn) that have become karma-heavy, obstructionist, unaccountable, overbearing, and obscenely corrupt, for a re-balancing of world powers.

Saturn is at home in the sign of its rulership, Capricorn, calling-in karmas and asserting noncompromising reality checks that increase in gravity into the 2020s as it joins with Pluto (1-12-20) for initiation of deeply grounded endeavor that requires persistent, challenging, hard work, commitment and focus over time; a re-set of long-range goals and endeavors among us.

As Saturn-Pluto gradually close their current cycle (2019) that began in 1982, we begin to experience a slowing-down of real progress and more conscious attention and focus are required in our interface with material reality.  This is one of the synodic cycles that imposes the greatest contraction in terms of energy, warmth, supply and opportunity.  Their 33 -year rhythm has been well traced throughout history by other astrologers’ articles on the web, which mark cold and dark periods of revolution, coups, ethnic cleansing, and corrupt governments becoming murderous in desperate efforts for power and control.  Those who have become blinded by, and wholely invested in the material world and material appearances, who assert selfish interests without regard to Natural Law (‘love thy neighbor’) or the precious balance and bounty of the natural Earth will play out the disaster potential of Saturn and Pluto dramatically.  Or they will struggle to maintain power and control at all costs.  Despotism, subjugation, slavery, and destruction driven by lawless lust and greed run rampant in the darkened close of this cycle and also manifest most egregiously at the opening and closing square crisis phases (90° and 270°), and the opposition (180°, 9-11 occurred during the opposition in 2001).  Saturn and Pluto together are a pronounced reality check throughout the world.

What to Expect in 2019 as Saturn and Pluto Gradually Draw Closer Together at the Moon’s South Node

Our personal experiences this year as Saturn approaches Pluto for re-set in January 2020, depend largely on our karmas and just rewards as defined by the ethics of Natural Law during the last cycle that began in 1982.  Yet everyone will note that life becomes slower, harder, colder, sharper, and sometimes more painful as 2019 progresses.

Those born during this re-set in the past have an innate understanding of the Saturn-Pluto combination and some will become deeply empowered, as they gain more conscious realization of their potential mastery over daunting world demons such as perpetual debt and fear of death.  Yet, there is also a strong compulsion for self-destruction with these two planets if one’s deep, true, and greater being — beyond ego — hasn’t yet been discovered, anchored in, and cultivated.  Those (born during re-set) who still identify with material world appearances, and who project absolute authority onto its status quo structures and worldly powers are still struggling just to feel basically in control of their own lives.  Or if they do feel in control, their lives may be lacking in meaning, satisfying connection, and fulfillment as the Spirit of Life may have been defensively shut-out along the way in lieu of ambition and accomplishment.


The South Node of the Moon being flanked by Saturn and Pluto during most of 2019 marks this closing and separation from the past, so humanity may gather its powers and move forward for greater wisdom, freedom, and accomplishments in the future.  Astrologers understand that the slowly retrograde Nodes of the Moon mark the great Engine of Life.  The North Node (Moon crosses the ecliptic going north) is ever growing, seeking, expanding, learning, exploring, becoming; and the South Node (Moon crosses ecliptic going south) is the fuel from the past that feeds the engine with the processing of lessons learned and ground covered.  South Node is the point where power from the past enters our lives, including deeply rooted relationships, wisdom, and achievements in greater consciousness and mastery before current incarnation.  And South Node can also be where we impede our own progress with outworn attachments, compulsions and habits, and our most intractable resistance to progress; apathy, passiveness, self-absorption, escapism and the like.

Thus it is in 2019, we are witnessing the most entrenched resistance to real growth and learning of our lifetimes with the weight of Saturn-Pluto at the south-end!  The most typical default, lazy, passive, habitual, nonthinking, nonpresence of at least a century is manifest among us.  Dull definitions and stubborn opinions would negate the glorious spectrum of life that is our gift and potential, validated by heart, soul and spirit senses that are rapidly being discarded as worthless by distracted and addicted masses.  Fake, lazy, junk agenda-science, mob mentality, propaganda scrabbling and echo, expedient ‘bubble perspectives’ are at an all-time high.  Not least of which is the negation of the uniqueness and gifts of the individual in subjection to damning group censure.  We are in the very ‘rear-end’ of life and it’s a daunting task not to get sucked-in to the negativity as Saturn-Pluto dig deep and far backwards to dredge up every excuse and rationale to remain nonprogressive, or become anathema to life itself via escape, denial, and numbing avoidance.

Pluto’s own South Node is located at 20° Capricorn 46′ (now, in 2021).  This is just 2-3 degrees previous to the 2020 Conjunction at 23°, which lends extra challenge and gravity to the entire new cycle to 2053.  We are plumbing the furthest depths of our own human and spiritual hells.

Saturn and Pluto together inevitably bring us to extremes of polarization and division throughout the world.  Yet every healer knows that when a suffering individual comes to the point of “I’ve had enough!” is when they engage power and will remarkably and effectively for their own good, possibly to take charge of their life again.  Saturn is backbone and Pluto is deep roots, requiring every one of us now to claim spine and fortitude.   We are challenged to face our own shadows, and deal with despot and tyrant within.  Seeing, and melting the ice within is an excellent undertaking now.  Foundation, depth, integrity are key qualities that will bear-up for our best contributions in 15-16 years at Saturn-Pluto’s next opposition.  Great strength, potent perspective, commitment, perseverance, and presence can be accessed via Saturn-Pluto, and engaged to apply and effectively deal, by individuals centered in the Heart of Creation —  ever timeless, true, abundant and free — This is our calling.

Saturn-Pluto Collective Issues

Classic issues among us that come to crisis with Saturn-Pluto are taxation ad infinitum, death of the petrodollar and accompanying social stresses, supply and economic contraction — very possibly a crash and depression and end of central banking as we know it — clashing government powers, ‘government becomes the enemy’, the threat of impoverishment and domination of the individual under police, state, and corporate powers, subjugation of ‘others’ via ethnic cleansing, despotism and corruption, intense power struggles, and shortfalls from aging populations.  Increasing competition to fleece the People will degenerate to ‘holding them hostage’ for services, supplies, and promulgated false narratives, as desperation mounts among dysfunctional powers and agencies to preserve and aggrandize themselves at the expense of the productive and obedient, just trying to get by.  Much of this depends on where on Earth we are individually, but multiple manifestations of these issues throughout the world will be evident.  And international interdependence will create some daunting distortions in ‘business as usual.’

As this reset progresses, fear and survival issues will intensify.  Garbage, waste, and disposal pressures will mount and their cost.  Recycling processes require revision.  Nuclear waste presents serious threats.  More people die, and issues come up with the processing of the dead — from bodies to legacies.  Elder abuse in institutions will demand attention and redress.  We must come to terms with the very real limits of the planet and space we inhabit.  Infrastructure degeneration correlates with the breaking down of societal structures that need regeneration and update via Pluto’s deep purging and Saturn’s breakdown of the unworthy.  Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn manifests great successes and great downfalls.

We will see established institutions suddenly go by the wayside, ‘a la’ the Boy Scouts.  Insurance companies will undergo breakdowns, failures and loss of confidence.  Corporate interests will assert more onerously.  Mining, oil, and fracking industries will seize as much bounty as possible while running roughshod over Earth and localities.   More and more laws will be desperately advanced for control and fleecing of beleagured householders who actually produce anything of value.  International relations will chill and degenerate into hostility.  Survival fears and struggles will intensify.  Personal and national debt reaches a breaking point for many.

Weather is colder for at least a few years (more if we are entering Grand Solar Minimum which will be evident soon enough in Solar Cycle 25 — late 2019 thru 2030), contraction of resources will stress supply avenues and we will have to get down to basics, depression and suicides will increase.   Changes in weather patterns are going to impact food supplies starting in 2020 and fuel inflation in food prices, already rising fast in early 2019.  The changing of seasons will become unpredictable and jarring.

Saturn and Pluto bring out the coldest, most divisive, ruthless separations where compassion and heart are null, and selfish arrogance rules among the living dead and ‘orders’ are mindlessly executed to get a paycheck.  Then again, the sins of the masses are typically more along the lines of living superficially, short-sighted, and out-of-touch with reality and the VALUE of personal liberty and current (ebbing) bounty under natural Law that requires energetic personal commitment from time to time.  Thus rootless but well-intentioned orientations are easily exploited by mirages of politicians who are projected-on as extension of petty selves to forcefully rule over neighbors of differing perspectives.  Naturally the politicians have come to believe the illusion that they are gods tasked to save their constituents, whose wills must be enforced among all people — those who differ be damned.  Thus, humanity becomes locked within the smallest confines of its worst, dysfunctional, self-defeating ignorance.

Efforts to impose control frameworks among us by the fear-based, power hungry, and short-sighted will  not succeed and cannot be maintained because Life doesn’t support such ungodly human aberrations, but it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to draw the line, to call to account, to meet usurpations head-on with full presence and vigorous engagement.  Life is going to be ‘raising the bar’ for us constantly for a few years now.  We may have to let go of things we’d rather be doing and invest in doing what it takes to just basically keep on course individually and together.  Passive and reactionary living is not going to cut it now, we must be proactive with our deep senses well engaged or this process will exact a greater toll.

Saturn-Pluto is boundaries and we are pressed to come to terms with the balance of healthy boundaries essential for quality of life and necessary control, but that are not too negating and self-limiting.  The boundaries of mutual respect and Natural Law, the boundaries of honoring each others’ inherent rights as we do no harm, the boundaries of right order with other species rooted in love and respect must be reclaimed and reaffirmed now with Saturn and Pluto’s clarifying definitions.  This is our once in thirty-three years’ chance to get it right for future manifestations.

Saturn-Pluto is a sobering time, when our attention is being called ‘down to earth’ for recalibration with reality.  Our immersion in the material world of forms and physical limitations exacts more effort, becomes weightier and more demanding.  But the evolutionary intent of this passage is to provide us with correction for stronger, clearer, more efficient and courageous life; and a better informed equilibrium between body, mind, spirit and soul with truth, justice, responsibility, accountability, and cleaner authorities.   When we come to know that reality is love-based, this is an easier process and we resist it less.  As we cease being a slave to time (Saturn), and simply apply ourselves to do our best with open hearts and minds in every task before us, we gain new freedom.  Time no longer feels oppressive as we relax into the natural flow of time, order, and endeavor.  Our productivity becomes more meaningful and rewarding.  Our accomplishments are more satisfying — the gifts of Saturn’s discipline, and Pluto’s depth are not to be missed!

This Saturn-Pluto passage is especially pronounced for Americans over the next few years as America experiences its Pluto Return at 27°  Capricorn in 2022-23.  (A subject for another article, coming soon.)  We will be revisiting the issues that caused Americans to stand up and fight for liberty during the years of the Revolutionary War in the formation of the United States of America —  all coming back around for “rhyme”.  Surely we can perceive this already.

It’s important to put forth the effort not to become too negated by the physical hardship and material necessities of Saturn-Pluto, that can shut out the light and cause depression from time to time.  A firm self-commitment to take time for spiritual practices, meditation, prayers, and every way we can keep in touch with the Spirit of Life behind the forms, makes the vital difference in our outlook and wellbeing.  It’s time to stop self-repression and assert our authenticity in every natural way.  Saturn-Pluto re-set coming up in January 2020 is an excellent opportunity to shed the weight of limitations and reality misperceptions that have held us back from LIVING in courage, and informed faith of Life’s loving providence and support that is our natural heritage.  Love-based reality is the Truth.  In this light, we can see that Saturn-Pluto reality checks are our faithful friend, they are the reassuring and reliable affirmation of Natural Law.  Thus we gain deep assurance that the Economy of Love will never fail.



Astrology transits (movements of the planets in the sky relative to Earth) have differing lengths of effect — some pronounced and some subtle.  Every major transit such as we are discussing here, has an effect for at least two years.  As the Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle completes in 33 years, we have 33 years of effect with some manifestations.  Timing and activation of the energies we experience individually with Saturn-Pluto cannot be accurately defined without a personal chart analysis.

Generally speaking, the archetypal energies of Saturn-Pluto described above will be stronger at the events listed below during 2019.  Practicing awareness and observation of the issues they represent during these times yields better understanding of how to work with them.

Partial Solar Eclipse January 5, 2019 occurred at 15° Capricorn, right between Saturn and Pluto (11° and 20°, respectively).  This eclipse is in primary effect thru October 2019.  We had a precursor to this eclipse with the Solar Eclipse of July 12, 2018, also pre-activated by Mars at the end of April 2018.

These two eclipses strongly pre-activate the third decan of Capricorn where the great conjunction of January 10, 2020 occurs at 24°.  So we have all been given ‘heads-up’ for a year in advance, about the reality re-orientations we will be experiencing and processing in 2019-20.  South Node eclipses in Capricorn (January) require us to do our purging and releasing to clear the decks for new growth that follows in the summer (July eclipses in Cancer).  Evolutionary pressures and tensions in January by the partial Solar Eclipse (1-5-19) and Saturn-Pluto-South Node were pronounced throughout the month of January with initial activations by Mercury and Mars.

Third week in February 2019, Saturn-Pluto conjoined by Venus (financial stresses, love and relationship considerations, and potential for deeper commitments).

Spring Equinox Full Moon on March 20 engages Saturn-Pluto constructively for hard work, good focus, and better earning potential, though changes and instability, disruptions and hurt feelings may be part of the mix.

April 5 – New Moon in Aries in square (stressful 90° angle) to Saturn-Pluto-Nodes sets the tone for the entire month of April as more serious and difficult, and describes a delayed spring (Aries to Capricorn).  Care should be exercised about over-extension.

April 9-13 (Sun square Saturn-Pluto) hot and cold conflict, polarity switching, and seasonal shift grinding of gears; frustrated action and desire to progress, by Saturn-Pluto chill pill.

April 19 Full Moon in Libra brings high tensions into relationship challenges and personal frustrations.  A balance and compromise of power is needed and tendencies toward extremes take us off course.  An excellent time for correction and releasing of entanglements that are pulling us off-path.  Responsibilities are demanding and weighty, but the difficulties can help us de-clutter and simplify.

May 1-10 (Mercury and Venus square Saturn-Pluto and Nodes, and New Moon in Taurus May 4.)  Again, desire to move forward and take action is tempered by Saturn-Pluto which can cause depression and frustration.  New action and progress must come from a deeper and truer orientation, so honoring of limits and cooling of passion is required.  PATIENCE.  Listen to Life’s corrections now, be flexible and receptive and maintain gratitude during obstacles and delays.  Information, ideas, and communications are corrected with reality.

Full Moon of Scorpio on May 18 is harmonious with Saturn-Pluto for healthy grounding, building value and accountability from ‘Earth to Heaven’, from secure home base to lofty aspirations and worldly recognition.

June 12-20 (Mars-Mercury opposition) amplified by the Full Moon of Sagittarius on June 17 and 18.  We are now in Eclipse Season and life energies begin to intensify.  Home and family, base of operations, what we are founded on versus long term goals and ambitions toward success begin to be especially pronounced for about 90 days.  National security issues, laws, authorities, housing markets and concerns, food supply and quality are major eclipse subjects into 2020.  Healthy, insightful spirituality is very helpful and affirming, discernment is vital about information and communications to recognize truth from fiction.  Reorganization and corrections are needed.

Pluto’s Hell Hound, Cerberus.

Entire month of July is pronounced Saturn-Pluto archetypal influence in the foreground of life.  July is eclipse month, Solar Eclipse is July 2 and Lunar Eclipse is July 16, with look-back to eclipses in January 2019.  Home, family, roots and soul juxtaposed with career, responsibilities, authorities and serious reality requirements and alignments along with Mercury retrograde draw people into their personal concerns and internalize much of our energies to consolidate our position while incorporating changes.  This is a powerful growth passage and dealing with unknowns is part of it.  Security, food quality and supply, eating and digestion, home/family/domestic issues must be addressed and may be quite demanding by Lunar Eclipse time on July 16.

First two weeks of July Mars and Mercury enter Leo and form a square angle with Uranus.  This will precipitate heart and financial stresses, and pronounced changes that continue into mid-August.  Children may be involved in reorganizations.

Lunar Eclipse on July 16 is conjunct Pluto for deep and powerful changes, confrontations between people and those who consider themselves to be authorities.  The growth and power is with the People when united and motivated by deep care and commitment.  Status quo structures, powers, authorities that are not ‘up to speed’ grow more dysfunctional and break down, though not without fierce and desperate manipulations.  Most of these dramas come to some resolution by month-end.

After July, we get somewhat of a break from Saturn-Pluto pressures.   At end of August thru September 20 we have many opportunities to work with Saturn and Pluto in more ease, depending on the quality of life we are personally committed to.

September 22 thru November 5, Saturn-Pluto stresses are particularly difficult in relationships.  Justice, honesty, integrity and karmas are issues that are powerfully activated now.  Many relationships that aren’t healthy or on a solid foundation of mutual growth and progress, will not survive this pruning time.  Survival requires necessary releases, purgings, revisions, and liberations.  Aggressions and war are fueled by survival fears and potential scarcities.

Tensions are high on the Full Moon of Aries October 13.  Yet grace and diplomacy, communications and spirituality assist in keeping balance so we don’t fall into karmic entanglements.  Power struggles are on, reactions are strong, sensitivities are touchy, volatility is a factor.  Financial stresses and concerns require corrections and adjustments.  We are required to deal with things we’d rather not, to finalize this chapter of our history.


Saturn-Pluto are the first outer planetary pair to re-set their synodic cycle, closing this era and seeding the next (as shown in the Barbault Index of Contraction, Global Tension and War).  Their conjunction occurs at 23° Capricorn on January 12, 2020.

Shortly preceded by a Solar Eclipse on Christmas (12-25-19) at 4° Capricorn, and a total Lunar Eclipse on January 10, this stellium conjunction includes the Sun, asteroid Ceres, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury within two degrees of Capricorn!  There is a tight square (90° stress angle) to asteroid Eris in Aries.  Only the planets near to the conjunction, and the Moon and Mars are shown in this chart to highlight the concentration of deep, potent, and chilling energies.

Contraction will involve food supply and especially grains (Ceres), and the squares with Eris will cause discord, locally and internationally.  This conjunction falls in the Third House of the United States of America chart, also conjunct the USA birth Pluto, and square USA Chiron in Sixth House.  Freedom of speech, factions, conflicting ideologies, telecommunications issues, censorship and information control are JUST BEGINNING to rear their heads, relative to the increasing amplification of these issues that we will see.  Conflict, division, rogue agencies, and efforts to wield power and force among us will become big problems over the next few years.  Health care issues will steadily escalate and health insurance will break down and become dysfunctional.

Some Generations Especially Affected by Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Those born in 1945 thru January 1946, have Saturn at 23-24° Cancer which will be opposed by this conjunction.

Those born in 1953 thru 1955 have this conjunction creating a t-square with their natal Uranus-Neptune square (Cancer/Libra).

Those born in 1982-83 have this conjunction in square to their birth Saturn-Pluto conjunction at the end of Libra.

Book a chart reading with me, or have your astrologer report to you about Saturn-Pluto’s powerful transformational pressures in your life, for specific personal information.

[Article on America’s Pluto Return will be posted shortly.]