Uranus in Taurus 2023

As I rarely have time to write on this site, I apologize that there is no real context here beyond just some data.

Guide for transiting Uranus square natal Pluto for those born from 1941 to 1956. This closing square presents crises of release and surrender of what no longer serves whole life for people in their 60s and up.

Our soul foundation quality is tested and many of our age cohorts will transition in the stresses. HEART CARE AND ATTENTION is essential in the square from Taurus to Leo. Maintain love, warmth, joy and creativity amid seismic shifts in finances/possessions/resources and values, and losses of parents and family members. Earthy grounding is essential for health and clarity in later years of life. If we attempt to control the flow during such closing square, we can simply gain more distortions of orientation and perspective.


Those born between 1976 and 1984 have Chiron in Taurus, which IS powerfully activated by Uranus, as it conjoins and passes over their birth position of Chiron.

As Uranus moves through Taurus, these people have an exceptional opportunity to heal their souls. Issues with Chiron in Taurus include deep soul woundedness and pain about money and values, ecology and human destruction of Nature; relationships with animals, and difficulty inhabiting and trusting their deep instincts and soul senses. A wounded sense of self-worth is common, feeling or fearing being unable to live a financially viable and secure life, and woundedness about having possessions and receiving fully what is theirs.

Women of this generation are typically unhappy with their bodies, never feeling good enough, and self-critical. Money and debt issues may be a cause of soul pain, happiness may be difficult to create and receive until the soul wound reality is healed. Natural enjoyment of life via the human senses may be wounded — even alien. And often, with Chiron, these issues and needs are consciously denied.

Along with the trials of this soul-wound signature, are the bright light and gifts of Chiron. Often there is a special rapport with animals, a soul connection and deep understanding, or the potential for it, and an innate ability to work very productively with the Earth. People with Chiron in Taurus are often good with money, can get by on very little, and have a gift of touching the souls of others in terms of their value; encouraging and affirming those who are uncertain and damaged, and helping others in times of financial need.

Uranus stirs-up the complexes of this generation and brings in bright light for potential liberation, revelations, and soul healing. Sometimes such liberation is initiated via shock, sudden change, or loss, but usually such ‘updates’ can be processed fairly quickly. They can learn to love and accept themselves as they are, relax into a natural flow of abundance and prosperity and larger life, and develop their healing gifts to share as medicine for others, in personally satisfying fulfillment, enjoyment, and happiness.