The Phenomena of Sleep Paralysis during Spiritual Awakening

This young man talks of sleep paralysis as he experienced it on his spiritual path.  I can relate, as I too, moved through such a passage during my spiritual awakening.  People who practice out-of-body travel experience it regularly as a matter of fact, when we are between states of consciousness we have vulnerability.

Click here for a 5 minute video describing his experience:  sleep paralysis

He is correct. It IS demonic attack. Such trials ARE a natural part of spiritual awakening. But something to also be aware of, is that some Christians and churches are caught in the polarization — a perpetual fight. The fact that the church he talks about had such an issue with sleep paralysis tells me that that church was very likely, in that state of dis-ease.

TYPICALLY, such christians are terrified of the devil, and Carl Jung was 100 percent correct when he said you can tell the state of somebody’s psychological health, by their fear of — or peace with — snakes (also lizards and reptiles imho). Those who are still projecting THEIR OWN DARK onto others get caught in polarization and perpetual war. They still fall into the sin of projecting their own inner darkness onto Nature and animals they deem worthy of hatred. This is still a state of unconscious self-destruction.  We are not confirmed until we gain our own, deep chakra “ground.”  The serpents, reptiles, poisons, and ‘creepy crawlies’ are symbolic of the POTENCY of our inner ground, and as long as we are conflicted with it, we do not possess our foundation in Love-Based Reality, and we struggle in perpetual, superficial “fight/fright/flight.”

This unhealthy state is now amplifying among us from the proliferation of unnatural electromagnetic energy fields and radiation.  Our “ground” is becoming ever more vital for peace and survival.

Jeshua came to show us the way to MASTERY, and he urged us to claim that peace He had gained here on Earth in body. Yeshua made peace with the snakes and poisons and said “THEY WILL NOT HARM YOU”, and christians who get caught in THEIR OWN polarization and don’t do their INNER WORK, completely miss that gift of wondrous resolution.  They can battle and rage against “the devil” which is BOTH inner and outer, until they learn how to integrate their own beings for real spiritual progress. If they never choose to do their inner work, their psychological health in their later years deteriorates.

We see this with SOME (not all) of the most famous Christian healers such as Benny Hinn. And the healings typically CANNOT LAST LONG TERM because the inner work is not being done to sustain them. So the drama, the miracles, the great fight for salvation is perpetuated by such preachers/healers, but the PEACE that Yeshua gave us as His gift, is not real-ized or obtained. With Benny Hinn, the power expressing through him is PRODIGIOUS.  I witnessed and experienced it ripple through me as he waved a hand across the audience and many ‘fell down’ from the surge of power.  I attended some of his gatherings to study what he was doing. I see it for what it is, IMPRESSIVE. It has its place and can serve as a potent awakening and empowering catalyst.  But then you have to keep open eyes about such preachers to see if they are walking their talk, because of the inner split.

In my spiritual awakening, when I was 18 years old, my Kundalini began to rise and I had much poltergeist activity and sleep paralysis, which degenerated to spirits trying to take me down to Hell and audibly laughing at me. This is dark spirits trying to gain control over one’s nervous system, and I have helped many free up from that in my healing practice. This is a natural part of the first two chakras in the body and spirit opening, and the purification required, that can be INTENSE. And yes, calling on Yeshua immediately halted the harassment and literally rescued me at that time, from Hell to Freedom.

As I took some years to build my healthy boundaries and did my INNER WORK, then my Kundalini could rise and complete its transformational circuit WIITHOUT such confusion, interference, and terrors. Sleep paralysis is a proving ground passage. It CAN derail souls from their Path of Power …