Turning The Age in America, 2020-2032

February 24, 2019

Credit: ESA/AOES Media Lab

Next year, 2020, initiates significant changes in our lives and our world now, as we enter an intensifying passage of challenges, closures, releases, and clarifications that mark a great shift — a Turning of the Age.  This passage has been building for decades — maybe even centuries — as seven out of eleven outer planetary synodic cycles (including Saturn-Chiron, a minor planet), ranging from 13 to 91 years in length, come to their re-set points in the 2020s.   We also have a rare stellium (grand conjunction) of planets building in Capricorn (January 2020)  that has not occurred in 2000+ years.  The signs of the times are evident:  it is especially important that we engage life vitally and consciously now.  The decisions, commitments and presence we exercise are of great importance in setting the tone for our quality of life going forward into the 2020s and beyond.

The Barbault Planetary Index of Global Tension, Revolution, and War

First, let’s look at the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index of Global Tension, Revolution, and War that yields an historically accurate summary curve, which depicts periods of heightened global contraction, stress, and change, both in retrospect and in times to come, that are similar to our currently amplifying situation.  For deeper study, check the research of William Stickevers who has proven out the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index in great historical detail.

The annual numbers calculated for the Barbault Index use a basic method of measuring cyclical synodic phase relationships between two heavenly bodies (e.g., say, of the Sun and Moon to each other in their 28-day cycle from New Moon to First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, to the next New Moon). 

Astrologers use this basic monthly, synodic cyclic relationship between the Sun and Moon as a schematic template that relates to every creative and growth process. Measuring the angles from the faster-moving body (in this case, the Moon) to the slower or stationary body as this cyclic relationship unfolds (the Sun), yields basic information about differing stages of natural cycles of becoming. These cycles and stages correlate with the organic growth process: a seed is planted at the conjunction of the two heavenly bodies (0°), it germinates and grows in progressive phases of: creative support (60°), crisis in becoming (90°), ease of transition (120°), correction (135-150°), and a peak in objective realization and fulfillment at opposition (180°).

From insemination (New Moon) and germination, the Moon waxes during the opening hemicycle, giving form to the new creation, growing in light as she travels away from the Sun, to First Quarter (90° angle between Moon and Sun, an opening growth crisis phase), and then to peak visibility and bloom (Full Moon) of 180°. Then follows the waning hemicycle marked by the various angular phase relationships with a closing peak crisis phase at the Last Quarter Moon (270°).  Next is the balsamic phase as the moon darkens in dissipation of the cycle, and prepares for a return to Source, and a new seeding at the next lunation, or New Moon.

More detailed information about these cyclic phase-angle relationships and their corresponding seasons, is shown below. Only the major angular relationships are delineated.

We then extrapolate this basic cyclic template (with its corresponding seasons) to the synodic phase relationships of pairs of outer planets with each other (Jupiter thru Pluto) from Earth’s point of view, in our study of the archetypes, energies, and powers they represent in Creation.  We calculate the planets’ distances from each other for each pair, to get annual Barbault numbers to create the summary curve.  The ten sets of outer planetary synodic relationships vary in length from about 13 to about 493 years.   Here is a graphic portraying these cycles and their current phase relationships.

The length of each planetary pair’s cycle is shown, the year of next renewal, and the zodiacal degree of that next conjunction. We may note the significant number of planetary pair cycles that are renewing in the first several years of the decade. Six out of ten outer planetary paired cycles are currently in their winter-phase relationships, and four of those are in dark winter phases (balsamic).   Troughs in the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index occur in times such as this, when planetary pairs cluster at the end of their phase relationship synodic cycles, and approach new initiation points.  Each pair unites to form a conjunction at a degree of the zodiac, relative to Earth.   The more planetary pairs that do this within a year or two, the deeper the trough in the Barbault.  Troughs in the Barbault Index denote periods of high tension due to contraction of energies with several conjunctions, or cyclic renewals.  We now enter a significant trough during 2019 in the Index as multiple cycles close, and renew in the 2020s, shown below:

For better bigger picture context we can look back to 2000:

We can invert the summary curve to show Index troughs as peaks for a different long-range view as shown below.

Such troughs (or inverted peaks, at right) as we are now entering, mark shifting of world powers, economic contractions, revolutions and often, war.  As the planets draw closer together and end their previous seasons of varying lengths, associated life energies and archetypes they represent are releasing.  Great life powers are withdrawing, the ‘juice of life’ runs low, structures and forms degenerate into compost.  The dynamic essences of each planetary pair distill in potent seeds carried forth to germinate after re-set. 

Earth powers and structures that do not qualify for healthy continuum, break down and become compost for the next surge of life and creativity — UNLESS they can muster and usurp enough force to remain viable on a strained and flawed foundation, typically through subjugation of people and nature.   New manifestations will not be evident for several years after the initial seedings of the planetary unions (until late 2020s, early 2030s). On Earth it takes time for spirit to re-clothe itself in new forms and manifestations.  Such renewals are rooted in greater creative depths of potent Source, than human consciousness can generally perceive.  It is beneficial for humanity to pass through a period of darkness — of releasing, and many unknowns — so egos and unworthy human perceptions can fail and give way, while intrinsic power quietly initiates  a fresh resurgence of becoming, and endeavor. 


As shown by the historically accurate Barbault Index, we are now in the dark period of essential decay that precedes internal brightening of Source throughout Creation.  It is time to deepen, strengthen, release, surrender and simplify.  To live wisely and walk in faith, without attachment to  great expectations of dazzling accomplishments in short order.  It’s time to be very practical and remember our past experiences of the natural limits of right order and supply that have stressed and motivated us to seek better conscious balance with what we have, what we need, what we use, what we discard — in relation to all other beings on our planet.   It’s time to set the example for the more recently arrived, and inform them of the bigger picture they may not yet know.  It’s time to remember passages of contraction in history, and the trials of our ancestors who creatively persevered so that we may enjoy the riches and blessings of our time here more freely than they.

Increasingly inaccurate assumptions rooted in past conditions and experience,  take us quickly out of tune now because 2020 is the entry into the Rapids of Change.  Fears and survival issues will amplify among us.  Humanity has a habit of forgetting the past too quickly and operating from a superficial, self-absorbed orientation that precipitates fall, failure, and correction.  As Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”  Clearly, regular reality corrections are necessary for us to progress and evolve at all.  

A wide spectrum of human orientation and behavior during our ‘dark season’ predictably manifests — from healthy and well grounded, to soul-less evil, to pure hubris and folly.  Thus we have desperate power ploys and reactions from those with terror-based perspectives, generated from the merest comprehension based on short-term data and facts, illusory perceptions and faulty ideologies.  (e.g., Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment to Block Out the Sun.)

And on the other hand we have brilliant recognitions of bigger picture wisdom and understanding, scientific breakthroughs, awe-inspiring revelations into the workings of life that affirm souls deeply and inspire hearts toward great liberations — the “yield” from the closing age!  (e.g., Path to Soil Health and Food Independence, and open-source research funding that DOES NOT further corporate agendas.)

Amadeus Mozart birth chart January 27, 1756, 8:00 pm.

Some of the greatest geniuses are born during a period of darkening, such as Mozart, whose gifts to the whole of humanity far exceeded their conscious intentions, and whose egos did not receive the acclaim, wealth, security and fame that would have been their due during their lifetimes.  The Seven Years War began in Europe during the year of Mozart’s birth, 1756.  (Mozart had a preponderance of closing planetary cycles in his birth chart including Sun-Moon.)  It’s noteworthy that on February 10, 1756 the Guarani War occurred between the South American Natives and the Spanish and Portuguese, in which the Guarani were decimated. The Guarani named their healing path of over 6,000 years “Ama Deus”, which means ‘to love God.’  (I am trained in their healing methods and have practiced them for 27 years.)  When the Guarani perceived that their way of life was drawing to a close, from their observance of Astrology, they trained my teacher, Alberto Aguas, and tasked him with sharing their gift of healing to the world.  

It is characteristic for humanity to become very polarized during the end of an Earth era, as deep separations and divisions, negative thinking, ancient rage and hatred re-surface — the same old demons have their day!  Earth is tired, Nature is tired, the zeitgeist is jaded, old and tired.  Yet if we look up, the stars and planets shine just the same!  And we may discern preliminary break-throughs, turnings of the tide, first lightenings of the coming dawn.  As we learn to rise above duality, we recognize that periods of great contractions, darkened prospects, extreme violations of Natural Law among humanity preclude breakthroughs, victory, and refreshing empowerment as the Cosmic Power-Switch of enantiodromia* builds prodigious pressure to FLIP! 

Then ensues liberating, dynamic tension release as the way opens for us to step forth in fresh endeavors — freer of obstacles and heavy negations — empowered naturally, and in tune with the Light of Life and Natural Law.


Enantiodromia – (Greek: ἐνάντιος, enantios, opposite + δρόμος, dromos, running course) is a principle introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung that the superabundance of any force inevitably produces its opposite. It is equivalent to the principle of equilibrium in the natural world, in that any extreme is opposed by the system in order to restore balance.