Astrology Services

  • ACCURATE, PRACTICAL GUIDANCE to living in harmony with progressive personal, planetary, and universal Power Sphere energies.
  • INSIGHT into how you can best relate and work with the Whole Creation, in these times of great change.
  • CONSCIOUS COOPERATION with your best path to more meaningful and fulfilling life, presence, and relationships.
  • OBJECTIVE CLARIFICATION about your gifts, purpose, and potential in the context of Power Sphere timing.
  • INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE in focusing your attention, energies, and soul-power for self-healing and transformation.  Sometimes, in our most difficult passages, it makes all the difference to know WHY we are experiencing a setback or extreme challenge, and the bigger-picture evolutionary intent inherent in current difficulties.
  • AFFIRMING CONTEXT to dispel confusion when circumstances and life challenges are beyond your experience and understanding.  An Astrology Counseling Session can help to unify your mental outlook with your heart’s passion toward your greatest purpose, destiny, and fulfillment.

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Practical Applications of Astrology include Power Sphere enhanced timing for:

  • Best focus and application of your energies and resources for short-  and long-term goals in harmony with the Power Sphere.
  • Starting a business or new endeavor
  • Making a purchase or sale
  • Scheduling an important appointment or activity
  • Learn about opportunities and challenges for your next year of life at your birthday.
  • Subscribe to a monthly Security Monitor that pre-detects dangers and vulnerabilities.

We are creating our futures in every moment, with every decision and choice — individually and together. We are also navigating times of great flux, change, acceleration, and sometimes confusion. Discernment is vitally important now.   We are mind, body, spirit and soul, and astrology affirms and informs us for whole being progress, balance and integration which is deeply fulfilling.   My research can provide you with a refreshing perspective, helpful reality alignments, and reliable, practical time-frames in response to your questions.

If there’s anything I have learned in my 40+ years of astrology study and practice, it is that:  We are wholely loved and supported, cosmically embraced, and continually encouraged!  

My passion is to show you the heavenly guidance and affirmation that is Yours.  I relate the language  of the heavens as truthfully and accurately as I can.  I enjoy working with clients who have open hearts and minds so a flow of affirming, clarifying, liberating, and healing exchange can naturally occur.  

Please note:  An accurate Birth Time is needed for an Astro Counseling session.  If you cannot find your birth time, Here are some links to help you access your birth records in the United States.

ANALYSIS METHODS (Used per session or in combination)

When you schedule astrology counseling sessions with me, I use the methods listed below to gain information that is pertinent to your needs and questions.  

  • Birth (Natal) Chart Analysis
  • Transits
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arcs
  • Solar Return Annual Birthday Renewal Chart (2 below)
  • Monthly Lunar Return Charts
  • Time Lords Cycles
  • Blackbox Analysis (see below)

The first Astrology Counseling session is one-and-a-half hours for $150 and looks forward six months with some overview for a year.  Sessions or audio recording updates that follow are offered for $100 per hour.   Sessions can be scheduled in person, and also long distance via phone or Skype.

A brief (half hour) Blackbox Analysis is now available for $50.   The development of artificial intelligence has greatly helped astrologers by providing data in a moment that would have taken hours, even days of laborious research in the past.  We now have accurate tools for defining cycles of ease and stress over a specified time period.  These tools help us PREPARE for stressful passages in advance.  Well informed choices can ease our way through a troubled time, or help us enhance a period of ease and growth for better progress.

I use Alphee Lavoi’s StarTrax Millennium software to create the blackbox report based on birth data.  Then I can click on a point in the graph and get the list of astrological factors making up the ‘high’ or ‘low.’  This data yields accurate information for discussion.  As an example, here is a General Blackbox graph for Hillary Clinton for 2016, our last election year.

Donald Trump’s General Blackbox shows him as clearly the winner on Election Day 2016, as his success rises significantly at that time.

Astrology — the Language of the Heaven – is an exceptional tool to clarify our truest objectives and constructively engage our deep soul-passion. 

Astrology Counseling provides better information for harmonious and empowered living, while consciously creating optimum developments and solutions. 

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1Power SphereThe myriad, ever-changing and evolving energies, qualities, characteristics, and cycles of Life, Being, and Becoming as-a-whole.

2/  A Solar Return consultation in concert with a birthday bodywork session makes a wonderful whole-being gift for somebody special!

Note:  I do not do chart comparisons between two people for relationship analysis.

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