Lightning Flash!

Roots Source Fusion sparks life-force ignition!
And primordial brilliance blazes forth
In core-wave trajectory of All-Powered Intention
Dynamic intensity and crystalline clarity
Here Now through Life’s quickening Heart!
Pierces every earthly life and passion!

Darkness reels in glamoured confusion
False securities and Grand Counterfeits
Fail, betray, breach, and evaporate
In desperate, critical present-tense struggles,
In debt load, toll, and timely death
As Supernal Influx cleaves sharp definitions,
And mortally shatters unworthy forms.

Soul-shock Reality confronts dull awareness
Dispelling trance, stupor and lassitude
As disoriented souls meet with full Magnitude
Of their own distracted and wasted potential.

Sorrows of wounded souls and human hells!
Of traumatized and abandoned child-selves
Of addictions, cravings, and desperate escapes
Into comforts, regressions, distractions, and each other
Stress and toll of Pain so great we dare not Live!
As we stumble rough-shod over everything precious
‘Til innocence is regained through broken-open hearts!

O Exquisite Tenderness of Divine Passion!
From whence action, purpose, and vitality source
O gentleness and simplicity of ultimate Power!
Patiently abiding every free choice
Til our errors compound and evoke re-cognitions
Equal to our unconscious digressions.

O Love’s Salvation, so great and astounding!
That death, pain, and poverty –
Enabled only by ignorance and near-sighted time
Flee as mere shadows in Its Lightnings!

Awaken!  Remember!  Arise!  NOW!
Who will Live, and who will leave?
Who is strong, who is willing?

Now every breath, dawn, heartbeat and vision
Opportunity, and moment become vital sustenance
As polarities energize, propelling . . . pressuring
Break up!  Break down!  Break through! Break forth!

Til by Faith’s full surrender — last critical bridge
We die into Life and gain Love’s blessed Order!
And ‘Mount up, with Wings, like Eagles!’

Rockets C. Redglare