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Rockets Redglare of Huna Varuna offers Astrology Counseling /Advising, Kundalini Counseling and Balancing, and Transformational Bodywork to self-responsible people or those who aspire to be.  Service offerings minister to body, mind, spirit, and soul for whole being integration, affirmation, and empowerment.  Astrology Counseling in combination with Transformational Bodywork is best quality, state-of-the art Whole-Self-Care.

The space in which I do astrology counselling and bodywork sessions is relatively EMF-FREE.  No wireless radiation is my house, and cellphones are not allowed.  Our bodies need a break from unnatural electromagnetic fields and radiation!   A high EMF/R environment is NOT a healing environment.

Astrology speaks to us that we are responsible for creating our lives — however well or dysfunctional they may be.  Our conscious minds may not grasp this readily, because creative power also operates in our superconscious and subconscious minds.  Our superconscious naturally works in harmony with the Will of the Creator in bigger picture perspective, and often seems ‘beyond us’.  Yet, beneath the surface of life in the subconscious, creative power may also work at odds with our awareness and desires. If so, it will present challenges and difficulties to show us how we need to integrate our awareness.  We will experience our complexes (complications) as repeating patterns, or ‘repetitious compulsion.’

Integration and healing of the subconscious, inclusion of all of our faculties, soul senses, and parts of self is required, so we can actualize our potential and live our sacred passion to brighten and refresh the world.  As we progress, what was formerly a painful complex of issues can heal.  We gain wisdom, understanding, peace, presence, and mastery, and become medicine for all beings engaged in those issues.  This process is especially described by the minor planet Chiron in the birthchart, which is a subject of special study for me.  Everyone on earth has taken-on some earth-shadow to heal — for self and others.  But not everyone chooses to open heartedly engage that task.

Those who don’t want to take full responsibility for what they are creating get caught in blame, hatred, judgment, self pity, rage, condemnation, and ‘false victim process’ or denial.  I don’t choose to work with people who are living in the perpetual repeating struggles of this state of being, unless they are willing to reach for the bigger picture, take responsibility for their lives thus far, and desire change with open heart and mind.  People who don’t, often have false hopes about ‘healers’ and are unlikely to self-commit for practical, well grounded solutions.

It is my joy and fulfillment to work with people who ARE living responsibly and who desire to integrate for better conscious creation and mastery.  Or if they don’t yet understand how this works, who want to.  I support those who choose to go for it!  To BEcome and transform in a natural, balanced, well-grounded, joyful, whole-being reclamation.  It’s why we’re here.

Astrology Counseling Sessions require an accurate birthtime, that should come from a birth certificate.  Mothers’ memories are not reliable.  Four minutes of birthtime can change the degree of the primary angles of the chart (such as the ascendant) by one degree, so this is key.  They may also require a retainer or upfront payment for prep work.  Scheduling is about a week in advance, but sometimes sooner.

Click here for a list of services and prices   Paypal and cash are accepted.  Checks accepted from known clients.  If you need and desire counseling and aid but cannot afford the listed prices, contact me to see if we can work something out.  Bodywork services cannot be discounted due to the time involved and cost of the quality oils.

If you desire an especially potent healing/bodywork session, I will fast with you for one to two days before your appointment.

An eight-minute BEMER session is optional with all service options listed below.


  • No. 1 – Aura Balance –  This mini-session is powerful and can make all the difference if you’re in nervous, mental, emotional, or physical pain and distress.  It will help you return to peace, core presence, and inner knowing.  I administer this whole-being, balancing session while you either sit or lie down.  Using the Ama-Deus method from the Guarani Indians of the Amazon, I conduct healing light and energy through your being from head-to-toe and toe-to-head using light touch.  Chakras clear and balance, your center is restored, and your Kundalini may become more active, or rise.  The session culminates with a Higher Self Alignment, as taught by Kahuna, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.  An 8-minute BEMER session enhances this service offering.  Time required:  About 25 minutes.       Cost:  $35   
  • No. 2 – Comprehensive Astrology Counseling and Transformational Bodywork Combination Package.   If you would like in depth, whole-being care, I recommend having a full chart analysis and discussion, followed by a deep session of transformational bodywork.  Indepth Astrology Counseling and Transformational Bodywork is conducted over three weeks.  This package provides you with the best of my service offerings.

Time flies in astrology counseling, and it’s more satisfying and meaningful to have a full discourse over several weeks, which initiates a powerful healing flow between us that can develop and process rhythmically within a lunar month.  Chart analysis includes three one-hour weekly astrology counseling sessions:  the first is an analysis of your birth chart, the second is a look at how your life has unfolded thus far and significant passages, and the third is a look at the next year to come.

When the astrology counseling is complete, we will share a thorough transformational bodywork session for whole-being re-alignment, incorporating the energy and knowledge gained in your astrology counseling.  This grounds our discourse, as your reception will be deep,  and your soul-power is well engaged to meet your needs.  This is an excellent birthday gift and as such, includes a study of the birthday chart for the new year.

Time required for the Indepth Astrology Counseling and Transformational Bodywork package:  5-6 hours over three weeks, scheduled at your convenienceTwo and a half hours are allotted for bodywork.     Cost:  $400 

c3adndios-guarani-kaiowc3a11Transformational Bodywork Session is whole-being body care ministry that I’ve developed through a synthesis of the healing methods of several cultures I’ve learned from, and working with the wondrous gateways of the body.   It integrates the use of pure, essential oils with Huna Kane Hawaiian bodywork, massage, reflexology, and Higher Self Alignment as taught by Kahuna Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.  The session completes with whole-being balancing with the 6000-year-old Ama-Deus method from the Guarani Indians.  It includes a warm compress applied on your back as I work on your legs.  See the Transformational Bodywork page for more info.  This session helps you relax deeply so the power of your soul can naturally engage, your life force is enhanced along with your ability to adapt and flow with changes, and realizations and solutions are more readily gained.

  • No. 3 – A short Transformational Bodywork Session is conducted on a comfortable mat on the floor with draping.   Underwear is optional.  After several foundational sessions — when your body is ready — we can move to advanced bodywork on the massage table. Time required:  1 and 1/2 hours.  Cost:  $135.  

During a Transformational Bodywork Session, your sense of time will change as you deeply relax. 

  • No. 4 – Deep Transformational Bodywork Session is longer and more naturally thorough than the session just above.  I prefer that your first bodywork session with me be this in-depth session.  The longer timeframe allows me to thoroughly massage your feet and hands, and do more work on your front.  An optional gemstone layout can be applied for deep penetration of healing energies, and whole-being balancing to close your session.   Time required: 2 to 2.5 hours according to natural flow at the time.  This session can also be divided into a half-hour chart consultation/update before the deep bodywork session.  Cost:  $200   This is my most popular service option and includes an 8-minute BEMER session.
  • No. 5 – Birthday Solar Return (or other) Astrology Counseling and Transformational Bodywork .  In this combination (same as No. 4 above, but with birthday focus), astrology counseling is focused on your new year starting at your current birthday.  Birthday bodywork session grounds the information we discuss, and your new orientation to life for the next year.  Time required:  2 to 2.5 hours.  Can be divided into two appointments.   Cost:  $200.00
  • No. 6 – Three-Day Astrology Counseling and Transformational Bodywork Intensive.  To accommodate my clients from other states, I offer a bodywork and astrology counseling combination over a period of three days.  This package includes one deep bodywork session (2.5 hours), followed over the next two days by aura balances or additional bodywork as needed.  It also includes two hours of in-person astrology counseling.  My location is five miles from the MSP airport.  Time required:  5 hours.  Cost:  $400  
  • Astrology Counseling Sessions (if not an ‘Indepth’ session) are one and a half hours in duration at a cost of $150 and covers six months, with some larger general overview.  My sessions work best with a followup audio recording to summarize and answer your questions that come up in our initial conversation.  Followup recordings cost $50/half hour.
  • Followup short sessions or updates are offered at a rate of $100 per hour or $50 per half hour, with variations of scope and focus, as listed on the Huna Varuna Pricelist.
  • If you are an Astrology client of mine and I have your chart file set up, I can provide  regular updates of your natal chart transits, progressions, and lunar returns; monthly,  quarterly,  or  as  often  as  you choose,  at a rate of $50 per half hour of audio recording.
  • Sacred Circles/Ceremonies with Peruvian Whistling Vessels are available on a donation basis, with a trip charge if I need to travel some distance.  The Peruvian Whistles are a unique experience!  They work integrally with the brain, for balancing, sharpened perception, clarity, inspiration, and affirmation; engaging, awakening, and attuning your spirit and soul senses.
  • Astrology Presentations for Groups are available on a donation basis if your group size supports that.
  • Space Clearing is provided at $50 per hour and includes a trip charge of $.60 per mile within the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Space Clearing with Soul-Fragment Dis-Order Resolution is provided at an hourly rate of $80 and a trip charge of $.60 per mile within the Twin Cities metro area.

Click here for info about my EMF/R services.

 Gift Certificates are Available. 


Please note:  I am not a ‘tantric goddess.’  My work does not uphold and perpetuate small-being complexes or addictions.