BEMER Technology, A Potent Adjunct to Your Bodywork Session

BEMER is a bioenergy medicine, physical vascular therapy device that helps empower your best doctor — YOUR BODY.

As of March 20, 2018, we are offering BEMER sessions as an adjunct to Rockets’ transformational bodywork.  A BEMER session is 8-minutes long, and powerfully supports your body’s ability to self-heal.  There is no extra cost for a session to be included in your bodywork session; eight minutes of your session will be with the BEMER.

BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation) is a unique, natural and gentle body and health-empowering technology.



The Electromagnetic Field

The BEMER mat (B Body) you sit or lie on, and the belt (B Pad) you place where your body needs extra attention, contain copper coils that generate an earthy low frequency electro-magnetic field powered by direct current.

Earth’s electro-magnetic field is stronger at the poles (75 microtesla) and lesser at the equator (35 microtesla).  The strength of the BEMER electromagnetic field can be set to a range of intensities from 3.5 to 35 microtesla (.04 to .35 gauss), within the range of Earth’s most gentle frequency.   The intensity setting determines how deeply the BEMER signal penetrates tissue layers.  This electromagnetic field powered by the Earth-wise current, delivers the BEMER Signal to the body that re-activates your circulation system at the level of the capillary bed.  (Capillary circulation starts to diminish after age 21 in a healthy adult.)

Integrity of blood cells and functions restored, which in turn boosts immune system function.

The Unique, Patented BEMER Signal

The BEMER system operates the unique BEMER-specific signal — a worldwide patented 10- and 30-Hertz complex signal that is proven in multiple tests to provide the most effective stimulation for your circulation. The pulsed BEMER signal consists of an overlay of many sine waves to create a wave form with 40 peaks and valleys.  BEMER beneficial effects to the body continue for 12 to 16 hours after an 8-minute session.

Researchers at the Institute of Micro-Circulation in Berlin have shown the BEMER measurably increases blood circulation and energy production in the body.  The body responds by strengthening the immune system, balancing the nervous system, and increasing nutrient uptake in the blood for better organ and skeletal structure. The BEMER is designed to be used steadily over the long term and is not a quick fix.  BEMER does not heal your body, it enhances your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself.  BEMER is the ONLY physical vascular therapy device in the world, is 10-20 years ahead of any other related technology, and is the most internationally researched physical therapy method available today.  Search the published medical studies at for information.

Eight minutes = 12-16 hours of effect.

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