Astrology Counseling

In understanding ourselves, we embrace the universe; and in contemplating the universe, we find our innermost self, so says the Tree of Life.        —  Ann Williams- Heller in ” Kabbalah — Your Inner Path to Freedom” 

“Astro-logos,” the language of the heavens–the divine science of the relatedness of all things–is a profound teacher that portrays our unique part in the symphony of life.   It provides an overview or objective frame of reference from which we can see our current life passages and challenges as we evolve naturally toward fulfilling our destiny, for a more empowering context and better conscious understanding.

This universal language sheds light on our soul paths; the past that has shaped our responses to life; our true life purpose and mission; growth challenges and stresses; and potential rewards and fulfillment.   We are learning how to create whole, joyful lives.  Astrology that is interpreted by a skilled adviser, will consciously confirm your deepest inner knowing, helping you stay in your Center of Power for better attunement with your natural cycles of growth and becoming. 

I study your chart with a proscriptive intention; that is, to provide you information about how to use your resources and personal cycles to live a meaningful, purposeful, balanced, and rewardingly transformational life.


I specialize in the study of minor planet, Chiron; soul healing, and reunification and balance of animal, human, and divine.

I use the birth chart, secondary progressions, Time Lords, blackbox tools, and solar and lunar returns as pertinent.  I use Porphyry and Campanus house systems and tropical zodiac.  I specialize in the study of the minor planet, Chiron.

Booking Astro-Counseling / Advising Sessions

Three to four hours of preparatory work are done before a first-time, in-person or long distance counseling session.  

Please be prepared to give me a brief summary of who you are, the current circumstances of your life, and questions you would like to have addressed in your session.

Healing energy that is palpable and dynamic, often flows during these counseling sessions, whether in-person or long distance, according to Spirit’s will.

Your annual Astrology Blackbox Graph can aid you in planning, setting goals, and using natural life stresses and empowerments in the best way to gain strength, stability, and satisfying accomplishments.