Bodywork for those Emerging from Cults

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Transformational bodywork is especially helpful for those who are re-integrating and de-conditioning from cult immersion.  Leaving a cult can be difficult and painful as one must re-ground in core being, soul path, and ultimately — body.  Moving through a depression can be an integral part of the correction, because vital anchoring elements of true self have been dissociated and repressed. Reaching out for bodywork help in taking back the integrity of your soul path can ease the transition, because the truth of You is anchored in your own sacred ground — your body. Transformational bodywork re-unites and re-balances your being, although stabilizing your spiritual and psychological health may take time.

Cults are easy to identify because they all share basic unhealthy ‘teachings’ with the objective to negate your own inner soul-guidance, and divorce you from your will, discernment, soul evolution, and natural inner regeneration with the Source of Life.  Typically:

  • They profess ‘higher’ teachings and emphasize ‘higher’ states of being and consciousness, usually accompanied with de-valuing of your body and humanity.  A spiritual high is characteristic of such groups, but its foundation is false and toxic.
  • A key characteristic of a cult is pressure to leave your body or indulge in altered states of consciousness that render you spiritually vulnerable and compromised.
  • The structure of the organization is usually a top-down hierarchy.
  • The cult group will try to get you to commit to fully accepting their spiritual control framework as ‘the only truth’, ‘the only path’, ‘the one true way’ and subjugate your personal will to be overshadowed by a ‘master.’
  • Upon acceptance of their spiritual control framework (often through initiations) they begin to parasite your energy and substance to feed their agenda, which becomes increasingly taxing, inhibiting, contradictory, and oppressive, and is enforced with threats and fear-based doctrines.


Exploiting truth seekers for parasitic agendas is not new on planet Earth.  Confusions abound in our current age.  Your treasure trove of wisdom, healing, and discernment is available to you via your humble servant — your body home that anchors your Breath of Life and connects you with the deep, refreshing inner Source of your spirit and soul.

The light of the body is the eye.  If therefore, your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light … Take heed therefore, that the light which is within you be not darkness.  —  Yehoshuah Ha Mashiach


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