Uranus in Taurus, 2019 thru April 2026

Uranus has an axis tilt of 98°. In this photo the South Pole is the white area.

The lovely, mysterious, maverick, iconoclast, revolutionary liberator of our solar system, Uranus, rolled into the sign of Taurus from mid-May to November 6, 2018, then retrograded back into Aries (Earth passes it by and it appears to recede).  On March 6, 2019 Uranus entered Taurus to stay until 2026, for about seven years — the average time that Uranus spends in each sign as it traverses the circle of zodiac from our vantage point.  This unique planet that rolls on its side in its orbit with one pole facing the Sun (switching every 42 years) is out of the box in every way.

As an 82- to 83-year cycle in its transit of the Sun, the most recent time that Uranus passed through Taurus was 1934-1942, a time of epic changes and stresses worldwide.  The Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index took a sharp dive during that entire tenure.  Most of us here today were not alive during that transit of Uranus through Taurus, so the effects of this potent transformational shift are likely to be shocking as life begins to speed up in fundamental ways and break-up status quo modes of comfort, supply, and basic functioning on Earth that we have come to take for granted.


Looking to world mythologies we gain information about the archetype of Uranus.  He is the sky god, Earth’s husband and rain maker.   The one ‘standing on high’, he has some association with East Indian Varuna, god of sky waters and supreme keeper of order.  Uranus’ order is of a higher and bigger picture perspective that transcends ordinary human conscious awareness.  Uranus is the ultimate, clarifying, healing and enlivening, power of Truth.

Accordingly, its energies are electrical, charged, lightning flashes, shattering, sudden, disruptive, shocking, hyper, bright and high.  Heightened awareness is Uranus’ elucidating gift to every life energy and manifestation it touches.  Uranus speeds up and escalates our experience of the life matters it is transforming.  Uranus is sciences, technology, aviation, robotics, and its passage marks revolutions in governments, in eras, and with our machines-of-the-day that provide us with ‘more freedom.’

The Sun, or the Fall of Icarus (1819) by Merry-Joseph Blondel, in the Rotunda of Apollo at the Louvre

Uranus is freedom and will fiercely retaliate and rebel if confined.  Its divine discontent makes for perpetual restless change toward new vistas of thought and invention.  It is the very “Winds of Change.”  Its sharp edges have manifest among humanity as impersonal destruction during the World Wars, when terror struck without warning from the skies.  It powered the fierce, desperate drive to develop new technologies and space weapons as world powers strove to out-innovate and dominate each other.  It awed and terrified the world with incinerations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Together with Pluto it festers underground as nuclear waste, with Neptune it poisons the oceans from Fukushima.  In the laboratory it intimates of alterations of Nature that seduce the power-hungry, superficial, or simply ignorant, ego-mind.  On the other hand it innovates liberating, healing solutions and breakthroughs for the masses.

Uranus is above and beyond the sufferings of humankind, impersonal and detached.  Its home is with the group, the collective, in synergy and transformations of a scope beyond life and death.  As Icarus ascends skyward in the last hurrah of the ‘Turn of the Age’, the possibility of soaring free like the gods appears to be just a breath away!  Human distortions of Uranian brilliance excite to a giddy delirium for such as the advent of 5G (fifth generation wireless technology).  And then we lose our foundation in the natural world that we have come here to learn to honor and value.  And then, the higher and faster we soar, the harder we fall.

If humankind had a passion for truth with the ardor that it seeks the thrill of self-mesmerization,  -absorption, and acclaim, the valuation test for new technological development would always simply be:  “How compatible is it with Nature, body, flora and fauna?”  How properly grounded is it for divine order and balance between Heaven and Earth?  Does it honor the intrinsic magic and wisdom at the Heart of Creation?  Does it consider the sparrow and the bee?  Or is it again, the folly of short-sighted human glory, devoid of heart, driven and funded for profit, and myopically lacking in constructive vision for future generations?

By 1930 it was the invention of the tractor that drove collective fervor to hastily dispatch the last of the Native Americans with all the consideration of roadkill, and foolishly invest en masse in ploughing up the Great Plains.  But then, as Uranus approached earthy Taurus in 1931, the precedent-setting, prodigious glut of grain deflated prices.  Thousands of hopeful investors’ bubbles began to burst with galling finality, the rains didn’t come, the ‘Winds of Change’ whipped up epic dust storms from the newly ploughed land that devastated and buried the mid-section of our nation.  In swarms of locusts, fierce drops in barometric pressure, a dearth of water, Americans huddled in  shacks and sod-hovels, hungry and dying of dust.  Oblivious to the vital, sacred balance of Nature over time, we created our own apocalypse in yet another cycle of unfettered hubris.

And it is back to the 1930s we can look, for hints about how to work with Uranus in Taurus now.  The Solar Eclipse of January 5, 2019 is a remarkable complement to the Solar Eclipse of January 5, 1935, 84 years earlier.  As Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain quipped, “History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.”  It’s time for a new stanza with a fresh twist and bigger picture realizations.  And how affirming, or painful they are for us, depends on our cognizance of — and life orientation with — eternal truths and values in light of Natural Law.


A naturally bi-polar planet, Uranus loves to ‘upset the applecart’, turn the world upside-down, and suddenly, unpredictably we find ourselves facing challenges of upheaval and change ‘out of the blue’.  What was top-heavy, authoritarian, rigidly hierarchical, and “successful” may find itself at the bottom of the heap, beneath the feet of the lowly; or sadly, for a time, vice versa in fierce, surprising power reversals and seizures.  Uranus in Taurus from 1850-59 marked the conquering and subjugation of Native Americans in numerous battles, and the California Gold Rush.  In dispelling the Natives, mining rights were gained to extract the riches from the land.  Taurus earth energies are THE LAND and THE MONEY, and the ‘rug’ is pulled out from under established social norms with these subjects when Uranus passes through. 

When Uranus entered Taurus in 1934, the Great Depression was well underway.  Twenty-five percent of the people were unemployed.  By 1940 2.5 million people abandoned their failed farms in the Dust Bowl and moved to California.  President Franklin Roosevelt initiated economic interventionist policies and social welfare programs such as The New Deal, the Social Security Act, and public works projects that managed to restore some progress.   What comforted the people in the darkest years of the ’30s was radio, which became the dominant mass media in industrialized nations.  Free and available to all, radio was an uplifting Uranian innovation, along with film, and intercontinental aviation.  Aviation was the impressive new technology of the time that brought forward the aspirations of humanity to traverse the skies.

During the 1940’s, Congress regulated the purchasing power of the dollar according to the Constitution by implementing agricultural parity legislation.  Establishing minimum and maximum market prices for several major agricultural commodities, these laws were studied and formulated in 1937-1941, and effectively implemented positive innovation in a real, ‘grounded’ valuation basis for the dollar, as Uranus completed its transit through Taurus in 1942, the very year that the laws went into effect.  The result was immediately beneficial for the entire economy and significantly helped to end the Great Depression.

There were several epic hurricanes during 1934-42.  But the biggest events of this most recent Uranus-in-Taurus period were the rise and fall of Hitler and other world dictators in World War II.  In fact Uranus had just entered 0° Taurus in June 1934 when Hitler seized and consolidated his power in the ‘Night of the Long Knives.’  Uranus in Taurus among human beings on Earth inspires those who dare to attack and plunder via surprise and speed, to disenfranchise others of their rights and standing before they realize what has happened and can effectively respond.  We are experiencing this now (April 2019) outright in some smaller nations, by aggressive, lawless, global corporations, and even in local legislatures striving to wield power in bully democracy.  When the People of a nation allow this to happen, the repercussions and cost are great and long term.


Taurus seeks and values stability, security, and reliable structure, but Uranus does not bring that.  And Uranus in Taurus through the agency of humanity tends to be heavy handed and contaminated with material world perception distortions.  As it starts its seven-year passage through Taurus, it is just beginning to apply heat, light, and dynamic change to Taurus matters such as:

  • The quality of our symbiotic, harmonious, and creative relationships with the Earth and other species;
  • Agriculture, farming, mining, earthworks, and soils;
  • Financial, banking systems and currencies;
  • Storms, natural disasters, Earth changes; both profiteering plunder, and natural world refreshment;
  • The MECHANICS of how things work, machinery, technology, science, cosmology and astrology;
  • Our personal values, possessions, acquisitions, land holdings, and what is precious to us;
  • Classical art, beauty standards and definitions;
  • Nervous system, hair, head and crown (personal high frequency channel), throat (Taurus), fine electricities with which our bodies operate and communicate, inner accurate Truth Sensor, extra terrestrial connections;
  • Comforts, luxuries, senses and enjoyment of life;
  • Our health and relationship with our bodies;
  • Love, happiness, stability and individual self worth.

Uranus will create crises and changes in all of these matters as the world gets an Uranian update for better presence and consciousness concerning them — or not.  Life does not impose morality and healthy values on us, rather we choose what we want to create, and by living with the results, we learn.  This will range from:

  • To repudiation of self-destructive lifestyles and breaking away to live in better touch and harmony with the Earth and coming to re-value simpler, cleaner, more independent and self-responsible living.  This can also empower indigenous people as they become better VALUED among us for their wisdom, health, happiness, and teachings for the Whole.

In this Sept. 18, 2017 photo, Taz Harrington, right, sleeps with his girlfriend, Melissa Ann Whitehead, on a street in downtown Portland, OR.

Uranus in Taurus uproots masses of people, voluntarily and not.  Besides the great restlessness and ‘divine discontent’ that is the essential Uranian archetype, freedom to live as people choose is a prime motivator for many to move now and through 2026.  With the growing weight of Saturn-Pluto, and soon Jupiter in Capricorn, people are leaving states and cities that are implementing increasingly onerous taxation, business and income-stifling controls and regulations, shifting the toll of their bad economic decisions and risks to taxpayers, and wielding ignorant attempts at social engineering.  Such unconstitutional, ill-considered notions are creating third-world conditions in our once great and beautiful cities and are driving out creativity, entrepreneurship, and resourceful, innovative, free-spirited individuals — the very life blood of vibrant, successful communities.  Many more will become homeless as basic housing becomes too expensive for growing numbers of people struggling to make ends meet.

Uranus is machines, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics.  In earthy Taurus, we can expect robotic farming and earth management to become big business for better and worse.  We will have more frequent accidents, crashes, and incidents with machinery, airplanes, trains, driverless cars, heavy equipment, and rocketry.

Horrendous crash between a pickup truck and motorcycles on June 21, 2019 in New Hampshire.

These crashes will be especially destructive.  Drones, air space issues, and privacy will be at odds.  Many farmers are currently struggling to stay in business due to debt and changing weather patterns.  New agricultural innovations will be helpful with Uranus in Taurus, but many people who work with the Earth may suddenly find themselves unable to keep doing so.  And every real farmer we lose is a hit to the quality and abundance of our food supply, which has been deteriorating for some time.

Nature will assert with new vigor because the Earth itself with all of her natural variables, and human modifications, is especially energized by Uranus in Taurus.  More frequent seismic activity, shifting land, winds of change, sudden weather shifts and escalations, temperature variations and polarization, especially in March-April and September-October (transitional months) are expected.  Earth sciences will gain surprising new knowledge that destroys long-held, inaccurate assumptions.

If we’re actively doing our part for good self-care, Uranus will refresh our bodies and bless us with insights, liberations, and breakthroughs that free us from status quo mindsets about health and “health care”.   Taurus is the body, and every body will become more energized with this transit, especially those with Taurus prominent in their astrology charts.  This can range from hyper senses-stimulation, nervous system surges, changes in voice tone, to more frequent urination, amplified bodily functions, and projectile vomiting.   Uranus ‘turns up the juice’ at the cellular level.

The effect of being disconnected from the Earth and resulting loss of beauty will become evident to those who remember living daily in touch with the Earth that fed us directly, made us strong and well proportioned, emotionally healthy (hands in soil, love and inspiration with other species), and naturally beautiful with physical labor, clean air, sunshine and gravity.

Many will re-discover natural soul and spirit senses, and innate earthy clarity, comfort, wisdom and strength for freer and happier, more deeply confident living.  Uranus in Taurus is a rare opportunity to develop and fine tune our ‘truth sensors’ for better quality life, more beauty, simplicity, and peace.  Traditional, earthy wisdom will be recognized and better engaged among us.

On the other hand, a great profit-driven commercial thrust of gadgetry of dubious value that would replace natural senses we already have and foster dependence on designed obsolescence will compete for human attraction, under the guise of ‘thrilling innovation’ and ‘latest technological breakthroughs’.


One of the most obvious issues that has been long in need of Uranian refreshment is our personal and shared values, our national and world economies, and money, currencies and banking systems.  The only confident expectation we can have on these matters, is that they will all CHANGE.   Many astrologers have written of what they expect and how the changes might go.  Some are convinced that cryptocurrencies are the ‘wave of the future,’ but the subject of money has become vast, with worldwide interdependence, complicated variables, and many unknowns.

The American economy should have had jolting reality corrections in 2008, but the federal government bailed out the banks and ‘financial services’ along with their obscene leveraging, at the People’s expense.  Then the Federal Reserve began buying up government bonds and pumping the economy with ‘extend and pretend’ ‘quantitative easing’ — nothing but temporary smoke and mirrors with no real grounding adjustments and corrections.   By now, unsustainable debt loads, unfunded pensions, the dying petro dollar, cities and states levying burgeoning taxes from every possible creative angle are taking an increasing toll on those who believe they ‘own’ their land.

Excerpt from the original Constitution and Organic Act of the State of Minnesota, and original State Seal.

Americans do not hold allodial title to anything, though here in Minnesota, our original Minnesota State Constitution specifically required that the People of the State should do so.  Too many generations have come and gone without questioning the why and wherefore of the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system and USA, Inc. (not the American Republic) fraudulent taxing system, and how they have conned the American People out of their own money power so successfully to where nobody really ‘owns’ anything or ever questions why.

But now, 84 years after the Great Depression, Uranus comes back around and will heat-up issues and raise awareness on these matters, such as the People’s weakening standing on the land, who sets the value of the currencies that are circulating, and the fact that an entire industry (Wall Street and ‘financial services’) has managed to usurp power of ‘money creation’ via artful manipulations of questionable value.  We will all be challenged to re-assess the value of what we buy, how money is working in our lives, how equitable it is for those who actually produce, and our access to supply and convenience.  The correction we cannot avoid now, is to RE-GROUND AND RE-VALUE WITH WHAT REALLY MATTERS.

We’ve already begun to see fortunes reverse speedily, like Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto in 2018 for $63 billion, and then the ouster of their CEO yesterday (April 27, 2019) after a $39 billion loss in market value as a result of Monsanto’s karmic weight which has only just begun to make itself visible to the population-at-large.  My neighborhood hardware stores are still selling RoundUp ‘weed killer’ which has been proven in courts to cause cancer and WORSE in multi-million dollar lawsuits.

The closing square (90° angle) between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus marks a crisis phase of release. Everything since 1988 that has built up distortion, inertia, and drain in balancing Saturn and Uranus in our lives must be cleared out to prepare for a new seeding with these two planets in 2032.

As of 2019, we are now in the ‘Turning of the Age’ and Uranus will fulfill its part in igniting dramatic reversals of fortune, rapid price escalations, hyper market movements, destabilization, and erratic economic shifts.  Uranus’ big-picture-update perspective heats up economies at home and abroad, while breaking down degenerating structures with Pluto in Capricorn, working beneath the surface of life to uproot the unworthy.  The passage of Uranus through Taurus over seven years reaches a point of high tension when it forms its closing square with Saturn in Aquarius; a crisis point of stressful release of what isn’t working in the progressive evolutionary interests of all Peoples and nations with our money, banking, currencies, and ultimately, our values.

The timing of material manifestations of these great shifts is not easily pinned down.  I’m one of the astrologers who thought we would have an economic collapse in 2008, and recognized our vital need for realignments with reality at that time with our money systems.  That didn’t happen.  So by now, either we postponed a reality check that will be much greater and more devastating than it would have been in 2008, or there are so many variables in the workings of our economies by now that corrections will be sharp and severe for some, and less so for others.  I’m seeing more innate balance among us with the variety of viewpoints and productive skills we have developed, the CEO of USA, Inc., Donald J. Trump has effectively made changes in the People’s interest and staved off financial ruin for now, even as artificial intelligence looms as a job-devouring spectre.  But essentially, our financial stability comes down to our relationship with the land — Taurus — tangible, edible, exchangeable substances of value that are universally needed and desired to support life.  This is what must be recalibrated, for ourselves, and in relationships with other nations.


In ambitious distortions of knowledge and perception, staggeringly arrogant efforts compete to control our upper atmosphere with technological innovations such as proliferating 5G satellite junk to irradiate the entire Earth, and injecting chemicals to ‘block out the Sun’ as a faux solution to the global warming hoax.  Humanity must unite and halt these audacious follies by the moneyed ignorant, aspiring to be gods in their own minds.  We can expect such monstrous agendas to intensify and trespass on our last great frontier — as if we haven’t had enough destructive human stupidity on Earth already; the dark side of human technological inebriation and delusion!


The next years of greatest stress with economic issues are 2021, 2022 and 2023, when Saturn-Uranus form their closing square, and eclipses occurring in Taurus and Scorpio apply dynamic transformational pressures for financial, economic, and debt reform (integrate or dis-integrate, do or die).

The first of three Saturn-Uranus closing squares in 2021 that mark a crisis flashpoint between synergy among groups and nations, and status quo financial systems, priorities, values, and weakening structures that will break down and release outworn, unworkable, personal and social energy crystallizations created by superficial, selfish values, investments, and impractical, disrespectful relationships with Earth.

Great pressures begin to build in 2021 as Saturn in Aquarius forms three exact closing squares with Uranus on February 17, June 14, and December 24, 2021.  These squares mark the crisis passage that clarifies what is NOT WORKING and must be released among us for correction; regardless of ideologies and concepts of how things should be. Saturn in Aquarius in 2021 creates sharp realizations and reality checks to help us real-ize our errors in sciences, technologies, and group perspectives in relation to healthy foundations for life on Earth.  Simultaneously, (since Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius) our bodies and Earth relationships are updating and upgrading with new growth, realizations, and liberating breakthroughs.  Here again, the question of integrity for our sciences is:  “How compatible, beneficial and harmonious are our sciences and technologies with Earth, human bodies, flora and fauna?”

I expect we will have power disruptions, jarring breakdowns of technological infrastructure, and great losses of data — which could also be liberating.  Nervous systems will be under epic pressure, sudden changes will occur without warning that require great efforts to stabilize and resolve, many will be impacted in terms of finances, resources, and supply.  Conflicts and clashes between the individual and ‘the group’ or ‘the government’ will escalate and create dis-integration and chaos locally, nationally, and internationally.  The origins of many issues and tensions that come to a critical point in 2021 date back to 1988, when the current Saturn-Uranus synodic cycle began.  Rebellion, revolt and revolution will break out.  Gang attack modes will utilize technology to shock and surprise unwitting victims.

“Woman at the Well,” graphite pencil + digital color by Chad Glass. “The graceful presence of Eternity is with the woman in this wretched well space–the “well” being our own flawed and fearful lives, lives in seemingly endless deficit. We are the woman at our wells, caught in our dark pits of anxiety, dread, and perpetual worry. Moreover, the Lord is with us, always, and forevermore, when we do recognize it–when we dip our vessels and imbibe the living Water, an opening of the door to the Light occurs even in the harshest of conditions. In God we are in the majority and are never abandoned.” — CG

On January 18, 2022, the North Node of the Moon enters Taurus thru July 17, 2023.  The North Node in Taurus with Uranus provides some relief from the stresses of 2021, new light and inspiration, and guides us to change, grow, expand, and invest in what we value and our heart-centered purposes for being here as we clarify and deepen in spirit and soul senses, and strengthen in Truth.   But now it’s time to boldly take steps to move forward during eclipse season, sometimes in the dark!  It calls us to reform our relationship with resources and money; to adapt, grow and update.  This is empowering for lovers of Nature and Truth, for practical innovators and wise free spirits, and peaks when Uranus conjoins the North Node at 18° Taurus on August 1, 2022.  Inspiration, new hope and vision encourage us to work toward solutions, yet daunting shadows will test our commitment and resolve in doing our part.  We must be strong and courageous to move forward and create the changes we need!

[Currently (April 2019) Saturn and Pluto are on the South Node of the Moon, purging old, heavy karmas and bringing in deep re-engagement and empowerment from the past, and our soul and collective history.  Naturally this also manifests as resistance, ignorance, stubbornness and devolution behaviors among humanity, as every astrological factor expresses both positively and negatively among us.  This extraordinary South Node emphasis (throughout 2019) is also why negativity is having its ‘day,’ and appears to have the upper hand in many issues we’re dealing with.  By 2022, Saturn forms a square to Moon’s Nodes for much needed corrections.]

Saturn trines Moon’s North Node on April 23, 2021 which is a good opportunity for informed corrections with Uranus in Taurus.  When Saturn squares the Moon’s Nodal Axis from Aquarius to Taurus on April 21, 2022, this date marks the essential correction back to our right path with the Uranus in Taurus issues we’re dealing with, building pressure until then.  But the timing of how that plays out in the material world on Earth varies greatly among individuals, associations, and nations and can take years.  Essentially, support begins to fail for structures and endeavors that don’t qualify as evolutionarily worthy, by the measure of Natural Law.

For example, we just experienced Uranus’ square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis on December 2, 2018 from Aries to Cancer-Capricorn.  This was a correction for our headstrong technology inebriation including overblown plans to launch thousands of satellites into low orbit to beam down 5G radiation on every square mile of Earth.  Since electromagnetic fields and radiation are subjects of study for me for several years already, it was right at December-February that the documentation of the findings of many important studies began to come out into the public with less repression worldwide.  Scientists I had been following for several years suddenly began to be ‘heard’, Elon Musk announced financial problems with the scope of his aspirations, and his rocketry began to fail, expensively.  But how long will it take for the toxic, destructive effects of radio frequency telecommunications to become known to the public-at-large?  Probably not for some time, but the Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021 will make the corrections much more immediate and emphatic.

Silo Art features a Dowser or Water Diviner in Barraba, Australia. Artist is Fintan Magee. Completed April 2019.

And so it is when Saturn calls us back to our right path in April 2022 with its square to the Moon’s Nodes, for values, money, finances, resources, supply and what is NOT WORKING for the whole, for equity, for the People’s money power to be restored, and for nations to relate in mutual respect and honor.  Many will ‘get it’ right away and be empowered and dedicate their passion to the needed reforms.  Many will not, and continue down the path of least resistance.  That’s how we roll.  Many will be moved to innovate toward self-sufficiency and group synergy that is out-of-the-box of our social orientations today (2019).  That’s where the actual progressive growth is in 2022 … redefining and correcting our relationship with the Earth, simplicity, healthier values, and coming to real terms with the fact that we must create anew how our money power should work without central banks controlling and draining the power of the People.  And what we put up with to remain safe and secure is an increasingly painful compromise with Uranus in Taurus, because it is our duty to act.

The next eclipse season in the signs of  Taurus-Scorpio occurs in 2022, and will apply intense evolutionary pressures around the world to take progressive steps in committing to better values and making the changes necessary to implement them. This directly affects the currencies, money systems, debt loads for people and nations.  Uranus in Taurus asserts Natural Law corrections with truth, and we are required to RE-GROUND our financial systems on a better footing.  The catalyst for change also manifests from the natural world as the Earth asserts her prodigious power. Power grid disruptions (electrical and tech) will create great tensions in early 2020s as we must grapple with the fact that our money systems (especially electronic) are no longer well-rooted in Creation and harmony with Nature, and are exploitive of those who work and produce.


For this reason, I’m personally skeptical of crypto currencies.  I’m not about to buy a hay bale for my bunny from a local farmer via a cellphone.  And I’m no luddite, but I have good natural senses.  In my opinion, the question is:

Are we going to heal our relationship with the Earth and real value?  Or are we going to invest energies in ‘working the system’ for financial leverage and stability through the coming changes by out-witting others with ‘one step ahead’?

The latter approach isn’t new, and has been employed long time by the financially wealthy, positioned for bigger picture information to preserve and grow their wealth.  The problem with this approach is that the investors aren’t producing anything of value, but must outwit or vampire others directly or indirectly, to profit.  This brings to mind the investment fervor of sending ships to South America for gold and riches in the 1500s.  But now this ‘working it’ approach has spread far and wide and become big business for ‘fast money.’  Uranus in Taurus is going to bring about a great “collision” between “fast” and “slow” money with the Saturn-Uranus closing squares in 2021 and 2022.  

We’ve witnessed cryptocurrencies trying to gain ‘legs and feet’ for several years, but they remain abstract … a changeable curiosity that fails when systems are down.  Nor am I personally influenced by “what they’re doing on Wall Street,” or what the IMF recommends.  Such interests are not ethically grounded, and the tech medium is about to become a Tech Tower of Babel if the telecoms continue power mongering and shooting high roller casino craps in their domination battle for frequencies, head space, and the thermosphere.  All it would take is one good EMP or solar flare to shut the entire commercial flow down.  For me, that’s too vulnerable and digital to sustain life on Earth.   Everything has its place in the Whole, and cryptos may provide an important transitional catalyst going forward.  Yet, those who work with the Earth will provide the baseline for the corrections we need


The good news is, we have lots of support if we’re spiritually empowered and balanced, and not too hooked into the material world and its appearances with our perspective, expectations, dependencies, and investments.  As the old order breaks down and disintegrates, a deep stability and reform process occurs simultaneously with Pluto’s Capricorn purging at the foundations of our society, to uproot the unworthy, to the “nth degree.”  Spirit is causal to form, beauty, abundance, blessings and prosperity.  Divine Providence is Heaven and Earth’s gracious gift for all and the Economy of Love will never fail.  We do need to live in tune, and do our part in the healing of humanity and the damage we have done on Earth.

Spiritual guidance will be clear and strong for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.   And we will need it more than ever during shocking, jarring corrections as Saturn squares Moon’s Nodes and Uranus.   This square denotes the sudden shattering of unworthy structures with great stresses of disruption.  Reason would suggest that the more dependent we are on the financial and banking systems of the day, the harder this passage will be.

Addressing our values includes how we value and care for each other.  Historic struggles and epic tragedies when Uranus passed through Taurus, often began with people devaluing each other, treating others as worthless and disposable.  When we lose mutual respect, when we care only for that which serves our self-interest, when we coldly demonize others — especially over different ideologies, views, and opinions — we are slipping toward Uranus in Taurus Hell on Earth.  (How quickly we forget.)


Those born between 1976 and 1984 have Chiron in Taurus, which will be powerfully activated by Uranus, as it conjoins and passes over their birth position of Chiron.

As Uranus moves through Taurus, these people will have an exceptional opportunity to heal their souls.  Issues with Chiron in Taurus include deep soul woundedness about money and values, ecology and human destruction of Nature, inner pain about relationships with animals, and difficulty inhabiting and trusting their deep instincts and soul senses.  A wounded sense of self-worth is common, feeling or fearing being unable to live a financially viable and secure life, and woundedness about having possessions and receiving fully what is theirs.  Women of this generation are typically unhappy with their bodies, never feeling good enough, and self-critical.  Money and debt issues may be a cause of soul pain, happiness may be difficult to create and receive until the soul wound reality is healed.  Natural enjoyment of life via the human senses may be wounded — even alien.  And often, with Chiron, these issues and needs are consciously denied.

Along with the trials of this soul-wound signature, are the bright light and gifts of Chiron.  Often there is a special rapport with animals, a soul connection and deep understanding, or the potential for it, and an innate ability to work very productively with the Earth.  People with Chiron in Taurus are often good with money, can get by on very little, and have a gift of touching the souls of others in terms of their value; encouraging and affirming those who are uncertain and damaged, and helping others in times of financial need.

Uranus will stir-up the complexes of this generation and bring in bright light for potential liberation, revelations, and soul healing.  Sometimes such liberation is initiated via shock, sudden change, or loss, but usually such ‘updates’ can be processed fairly quickly.  They can learn to love and accept themselves as they are, relax into a natural flow of abundance and prosperity and larger life, and develop their healing gifts to share as medicine for others, in personally satisfying fulfillment, enjoyment, and happiness.

Uranus Moving Through Taurus Stresses the Natal Pluto Positions of Those Born In the 1940s and 1950s

This transit will be quite challenging for people who are now in their 60s and 70s.  As Uranus moves through Taurus, it forms a stressful, 90° closing square aspect, to the birth positions of this generation’s Pluto positions in Leo.  Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, earth and fire, and this generation can be very set in its ways.  Much depends on how well these people’s hearts are integrated with their values, if love has been given right place in their lives, and if they are spiritually integrated with well engaged natural senses.  The evolutionary intent of this passage is to free up the hearts of this generation.  It’s an impetus to release possessions for a lighter presence, rather than try to maintain what is becoming too costly for a healthy life flow.

Those who are unhealthy will be at a greater risk for heart attacks and strokes when Uranus stresses their birth position of Pluto.  If the appetites haven’t been managed well, if they have become too self-centered, or if they are identifying with what they own, resisting change and clinging to things for security, Uranus will bring shocks and changes, and shatter Plutonian pride.  It is important for this generation to be flexible and adaptable now.  For some, it will bring financial stress and crises, and even power struggles with their children.

Those who use this passage to courageously take responsibility and meet their challenges with open hearts, who honor the laws of love and do not resist what must be released, will come through this well and gain new life and freedom in their extra-bright golden years.

Uranus brings independence, uplifts us all through essential individuality and innovation, and restores our passion for liberty in the bigger picture of our own greater potential.  Uranus is always cutting-edge and the question for us is, “How well can we ground its prodigious fine electricities and transformational energy?”  An ungrounded live wire is merely change for the sake of change, ‘up in the air’, and can accomplish little of practical value.  We need to apply action, flexibility, patience, commitment, perseverance, consciousness, engagement and resourcefulness to gain the greatest benefit from Uranus in Taurus.  Otherwise we are just ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’  And we need to be alert and respond to life’s guidance and teachings or we will indeed be ‘left behind.’

Photo by Kelly Puffer.

It’s time for change and transformation now with regard to our values.  For some of us, it’s a process of learning not to put the value of “the money” above our own value as a human being, of accepting and acknowledging our preciousness among Creation (if we’re living in love and Natural Law).

Old mindsets such as, “I can’t afford the health care, it’s so wrong and unfair!”, or, “The rich have everything of value while we slave and suffer,” need to be discarded and reversed.  Rather, “I affirm my preciousness and gratefully acknowledge that Life lovingly provides for my needs during all times and conditions, in the most wondrous and innovative ways that are completely above and beyond material world limitations that I may perceive to be ‘real!‘”  We slip into default self-negation in living on Earth in a body over time — we get it backwards.  Now is the time to get it ‘forwards’ again!

Uranus’ passage through Taurus offers us a rare seven-year opportunity to refresh our perspectives, free up from social conditioning, and gain new understandings for simpler, more efficient and workable living; that creates a healthier, more robust relationship with our values, finances, resources, and our Earth base, support system, and home.