Info and Resources – Halt 5G Technology Rollout!

The PETITION TO HALT 5G ROLL-OUT IN MINNESOTA was unethically removed by, who scammed donations and sabotaged the petition effort.


Visit our other website that is documenting the proliferation of EMF/R in Minnesota:

Well-Referenced update on the Corona Virus, COVID-19, and 5G Rollout in China 3/4/2020  

“Is 5G Dangerous?”, article with factual assertions and study references, 6-25-19

PROGRESS IS BEING MADE!  This article lists the progress around the world to halting the rapid roll-out of 5G.

5G Fact Sheet published by International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, 5-13-19

2012 BioInitiative Report with documentation and study references, on the health effects of EMR/EMR    This report is continually updated and serves as a worldwide information resource.

Oram Miller’s excellent article on What Is 5G, updated 2-20-2020

5G Wireless Technology; Millimeter Waves Health Effects

Environmental Health Trust

Great one-page info sheet on 5G from Environmental Health Trust

Letter to President Trump from Doctors, Health Practitioners, and Scientists

Excellent 5G Information — 5G

Wi Cancer Info – Excellent site for info on EMF pollution and health effects  

Link and article with references to Studies Proving the Effects ….. at Electricsense

“7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation” From ‘Take Back Your Power’, and Josh del Sol

Scientists for Wired Technology

Take action at Zero!

Physicians For Safe Technology

Lloyd Burrell’s   Deep gratitude for Lloyd’s wonderful work over the years, bringing excellent information, hope, healing, and comfort to many.

Neighbors Organizing Against Trespassing Technology intro
^With many info links

Get a smart meter cover to reduce radiation and dirty electricity in your home.

EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY JUST RELEASED on the dangers of 5G  (1-3-2020)

Rodney Palmer – Safety Code 6 –  Presentation to the Royal Society of Canada  (referred to in pdf file just above, but often removed from the internet to repress the info)

Thoughtful, discussion on the progression of developing microwave technologies as military weapons, and how hooked the countries of the world are into this invisible war.

Informative video by Dr. Graham Downing about non-native electromagnetic fields and the roll-out of 5G.

5G Roll-Out is an insane War On Nature


Barrie Trower and Mark Steele on 5G (2019)

Inexpensive shielding method