Dispelling Shadows that Veil Our Light

Healing our souls in amplifying times sometimes requires all of our courage, commitment, faith and surrender.   Every challenge we meet calls us forward into more of our potential greatness if we choose to step-up. If we don’t, we compromise our presence and fulfillment.  When we can become like children, asking for help when we need it, trusting and following our guidance as it unfolds, our personal healing-transformation process eases.

522687_3836138840230_301975525_nBringing all the parts of self together, into presence, harmony and peace is the goal. To become the love we are, blessing the earth and others with our essence as naturally as the fragrances of trees and spring blossoms.  To shine our light in accordance with universal laws of Heart as we contribute our unique gifts and love ministry — our medicine for the Soul of the World.

Our personal, and collective ‘dark side’ is that which lies beneath the surface of consciousness, often denied by ego and conscious mind. It is our internal closet or storeroom, where we stash things we’d rather not deal with and shut the door.  It’s negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, expressions, and reactions that we censor. Not aligned with the light of consciousness and the bigger picture; they are out of harmony with love, peace, and the truth of our greater beings.  When we engage in them they take us out of our center, our place of balance and power. As a result we don’t feel strong, peaceful or well. Carl Jung pointed-out that it is largely the energy of our unconscious that creates our lives and experiences.

dogsMost of us know where we want to go in life, what we want to be, and how we want to live.  And though our conscious beings are aligned toward our goals — to actualize ourselves, obtain the desires of our hearts and live our truth — yet, beneath the surface, we have interference operating in our dark sides. Fear-based behaviors, soul wounds, defense mechanisms, control frameworks, habits and conditioning, negation, and self-sabotage hamper our ability to progress. It’s like setting out toward your destination with a dog-sled but your team is not pulling together. They are pulling in different directions and some won’t pull at all and sit down in stubborn inertia.

spy_vs_spy_ying_yang_by_nes44nes-d1q0lgsConflicting with our dark side shadows doesn’t help and contributes to dis-ease. When we apply willful force, we perpetuate the duality and can’t achieve the wholeness we seek. This plays out in the world for us to see. What does war, conflict and struggle that does not affirm healthy boundaries achieve? At best, a temporary, karmic-laden dominance, of “one up”, or “might makes right.” Not balanced relationship, not resolution in mutual respect and honor. Certainly not peace.

We can gain information about what we need to heal in our dark sides by looking at patterns that repeat in our lives and undo us. One of the best information references we can use is the problems we have with our personal counterparts. Negative, repeating dramas with lovers and spouses provide clues to inner issues in need of healing. The mirror of relationship is most revealing. Whether we are perpetrator or victim in some stressful issue, we are engaged somewhere in our being or we wouldn’t have attracted that experience.  When we get the message, heal and clear the issue at our core, we are no longer drawn into such dramas. And we recover a precious part of self that was lost.  This healing process is very encouraging and empowering.

Deep, effective healing is not obtained by a wave of the magic wand. It must engage and transform our dark sides or it cannot become real in our lives. The light has to be brought into our cells, and the truth, love and understanding down into our bones. It must penetrate the unconscious with all its quirks and anomalies, to the roots of dis-ease.  There’s a very good reason for every one of them. They need to be loved, re-educated, realigned, into harmony and peace with our conscious beings. Whenever we achieve reconciliation of our inner polarity — between the light and dark in our beings — we take a step into our power. A step into the way we are designed to live. And our lives begin to be blessed beyond imagination.

Black Opal, Lightning Ridge, AU

Black Opal, Lightning Ridge, AU

The positive power of our dark sides is as rich and mysterious as the wealth hidden deep in the earth. Latent gifts and talents sparkle from the depths. Beneath the shadows is our power, wholeness, depth and strength. We can descend even deeper and tap into the collective unconscious; the vast ocean of hereditary information and knowing, containing ultimately, everything that’s ever been experienced by everyone who ever lived.  There we can mine the gold of deepest intuition. As we develop our intuition, we gain a natural, innate sense of timing, of being, that is the most profound fulfillment and security.

Everything we need is here. Ancient wisdom of earth’s venerable cultures, guarded in secrecy for centuries, is more readily available than ever before to the sincere, open-hearted and -minded seeker.  We have access to a growing abundance of teachers, healers and methods from around the world. Divine Spirit, in omnipresent love and care, awaits our heart-call for assistance when we’re tired of the drama, when we’ve had enough. And when we open our arms and reach out to our Father and Mother who are One, the Liberator of Souls, the Love and Power that created all things — Now Here With Us — everything is truly possible!

Rockets C. Redglare


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