Client Testimonials

I do not solicit testimonials for my work, I prefer it when people use their own spirit and soul-senses to discern that my work is beneficial for them.  One of my greatest affirmations is when somebody says to me, “I had a dream that you could help me.”  I prefer referrals from the Heart of Life!

Also, I have witnessed well-known, world traveling spiritual teachers and healers with long lists of glowing accolades and testimonials who were abusing their clients.  For this reason, I encourage you to trust your own heart and soul, and if you have questions or just want to explore my offerings, LET’S TALK!

I wanted to say to everyone that I had my chart done over the phone by Rockets Cynthia Redglare. It was an amazing experience and one that I’ll definitely do again. She’s warm, spiritual, personable and obviously very intelligent and knowledgeable about her craft. I’m mentioning this because if anyone was ever thinking about getting their astrological chart done, she’s amazing.   I really love talking to experts in their craft and she fits the bill. 

And Rockets, I didn’t think you’d mind this recommendation from a very satisfied client. — Michael Blaise

Thank you Rockets for the healing astrology information today and my first experience on the BEMER which was definitely positive and powerful!!!  I would like to share what I experienced in the BEMER session:

  • ?First I noticed that I had some delightful tingling on my arms and legs.
  • ?A little later I noticed comfortably warm areas throughout target muscles and body…the same feeling experienced with a massage when much needed blood flow is returning to a cut off knotted area.
  • ?Before the session was over my parasympathetic nervous system took over and involuntarily my breath became full, deep and slowed to perfection. In this fast paced, techno era I would normally need to practice mindful breathing to get there.
  • ?Rockets you are truly a lovely beautiful woman and being with a wonderful healing presence.?????.   —  Ginni C.   

  I had a very inclusive and beneficial astrology reading last month, the details of which I’m still processing. It put so many things about my personality and the recent events I’ve been navigating into perspective. Some things are much easier to accept when you discover they are a part of your blueprint and not necessarily something that was ‘done’ to you. I’m moving through a pretty difficult transition right now (which I knew), but it’s very helpful to understand the forces at work, the purpose for it, and the timeline – when I can expect some relief! Rockets is a wonderful, highly intuitive and heart-centered guide and healer. The reading was very validating and so far her projections have been spot on, so I’ve been able to witness my emotional responses during certain transits instead of reacting. I feel more aligned with and secure in my purpose and I understand now that the work I’m doing on myself is significant and sacred at this point in my life and deserves my full attention. I’m very grateful to have this information, and for it to have been delivered with compassion and grace.  — Erika B

You know that I am so much better and happier because of you?  Through your teachings and your love it all changed for me, forever.  The burden of despair I had been carrying was taken from me and I was given gemstones.   Thank you Rockets.  I feel full to tears with all the gifts I have been given in this lifetime.  Overwhelmed with the blessings…  — Jennie B.


Looking forward to another helpful and HEALING session! Without your guidance and help, I don’t know if I would still be here and I have changed for the better. I look back now and realize I was so lost, I never would have found my path.  Without your Astrology Counseling help, I never would have understood how my Chironic soul-wound affected me, and how to conjure the strength from deep within me to reclaim my life. But knowing when to take extra special care of myself, how to avoid the traps I unconsciously set for myself, and the dates to do so is even more important. Thank you for all the healing work that taught me how to tap into my own energy when needed and aided my independence.  —  Gloria Jean


Lighthouse of Wisdom

What can I say about a healing session with Rockets?!  For one thing, it is definitely life changing! Through the process you become aware of a lot of things that have been hiding inside…kind of like turning on a big flashlight.   There is no real way I can explain a session, really.   It is something you have to experience.   Rockets is so full of love that it just beams right out of her!   For those of you that are leery about trusting people for healing sessions, let me assure you that she is Legit.   She is definitely NOT a psychic vampire that will leave you feeling drained.   So, have no worries! You are in good hands. 🙂

Healing is WORK.   It is not always pleasant or easy.  There may be things that come up that are hard for you to face, but know that it is arising for a purpose.  To move through it.  To go beyond the shadows and illusions that we can cling to at times, for who knows why!!   You may go through a period of detoxification afterwards.   THIS IS GOOD!  You are cleaning all the crap out!  Afterwards you are left feeling more empowered and strong in yourself.   YOU CAN HEAL!  It is all inside of you!

If I were to suggest ANYONE for a healing session, it would be Rockets.   She is like a lighthouse on a stormy night!   She holds the light bravely and steadily, and leads your ship back on course, when you are in need!   She is wonderful!   Definitely the REAL McCoy!!  —  Alicia De la Pena


Rarely in a person’s lifetime do we receive pure unconditional love from another human being. Love that comes from a Divine Source of Peace, Harmony and Truth.  This is the True Covenant of Love promised to each of us as we wander in this earthly bio-body suit.  Rockets and her healing ministry is an exceptional channel for this Covenant of Love.  

In the incredible (almost unbelievable) hours that I was in her radiant presence and under the supreme care of her healing techniques, I was transformed by this Love.   I was bound to the promised Source of All.   I was transported to the “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh”, I AM THAT WHICH I AM.  For the first time in my EarthSuit, and for approximately 20 minutes (Rockets’ recollection) I was All That Is…Beingness…Nothing and Everything.  A true gift for my life through this most dedicated “revealer” of all that I AM.  I could have spent years in a cave in the Himalayas contemplating my I-Am-Ness, searching for what the Vedanta’s refer to– “Thou art that,” but in the selfless presence of Rockets, and her “real” redglare, I was gently and lovingly led to this fourth-density reality where the “suchness” of space is eternally expanding and where time stands still. 

Although life moves forward with never-ending complexity and the spiritual path is still one step at a time, I now have indelible experiential proof that each step is taken in this wonderful Covenant of Love.  If a person finds him or herself still wandering in search of something, wander to Rockets’ loving presence and her healing ministry and you will stop wandering and Be.  

Rockets…your Covenant of Love is always… Resting in the Emptiness, Gene Nelson


Rockets is the most loving, caring person I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Her Healing sessions are safe, secure, and performed with extraordinary care. She is a professional in every sense of the word. She used her gifts with me to help me move through pain and frustration with relative ease. I can’t say enough about Rockets and the gifts she has been given…she is someone you can trust. The love she exudes is something you will never forget.”  —  Dean Bachelor


I recommend seeing Rockets Cynthia Redglare for Astrology Counseling, bodywork, Kundalini counseling, and emotional or physical healing.   She is very accurate and amazing at what she does.  A true blessing and gift to the world. She’s provided the most help I’ve ever received, and I’ve changed so much since we’ve worked together!  —  David Silverthorne