Rising In Love – Awakening Kundalini and the Great Passion

Who is like the Beloved? Who touches us where we need love the most? Who grants the deepest desires of our hearts in perfect time? Who responds when we cry for light?  Who reveals to us in precious moments, saying tenderly, “Here I am, I have always loved you.”  Who expresses love for us through all of creation as the messenger?  Who touches us so intimately that it evokes our deepest, clearest, and most awe-filled knowing that we are seen, heard, and cherished beyond what we dared to imagine or comprehend?

If, for one moment we became fully aware of all the love we’ve been blessed with from the Source of Life, our shadows would disappear in an instant. The truth of love-based reality would set us free.

But that’s why we’re here! To return to the love, in our time. To awaken to its presence.  To open our eyes and ears and develop our perception. To free our hearts and reclaim our true selves. We have access to the deepest fountain of life, we are children of the most high.  We are born of the light and love that pre-empts all shadows; dis-ease, confusion, and pain. If we draw breath, it is our intrinsic nature, our core essence. It is the sound and vibration in which our spirits rejoice, and from which our bodily forms are made. It is the passion of creation in the depths of our souls that will not rest — will not forget — from whence we came.

ARABELLA-Kundalini-energy-2014-09-22‘Kundalini,’ is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled up’, and is the best known name for the passion and energy that sleeps at the roots of the Tree of Life within every body. She is reverenced in the esoteric teachings of every culture as the Great Mother. The goal of every spiritual path is to purify and develop our beings so she will awaken and lead us home.  It doesn’t matter how long we have forgotten who we are, how deep into the shadows we’ve strayed, the divine feminine within us (regardless of gender) knows the way to liberation.

When she awakens and we commit to Her (and our own greater beings), she leads us to experiences, teachers, and catalysts for our re-education, and our healing path accelerates and amplifies. She is the Baptism by Fire.  She cleans house in our body temples, pushing out shadows, blockages and illusions from the roots. We begin to change rapidly. She awakens our consciousness, and restores our souls. There is nothing she cannot heal.

I experienced the ‘awakening of Kundalini’ in my mid-twenties, over a three-month
period. Though I had practiced yoga since I was twelve, I had to use everything I had
ever learned to find my way through the intense transformation. The awakening is
different for each person. Mother knows the timing, and the measure of ‘quickening’ that is just right for you. It was intense for me because yoga, transformation and divine love were my primary life objectives.

Heaven-in-the-moviesWhen Maha Kundalini ascended into my crown chakra, I was blessed with a glimpse of the Divine — an experience beyond words. I was sitting in meditation in my apartment, and suddenly lifted-up through the crown of my head and found myself in the highest heaven.  Elevated, and to my right, was a great throne of golden light.  Unimaginable, magnificent, awesome creatures were ordered around the throne, their proximity determined by their ability to be near it. They were expressing holy sound without ceasing.

The One on the throne was radiant as a thousand suns. I could only look for a moment — it was too bright for me. The vibratory rate was so high I knew I could not survive there long as a sentient being in a physical body.

For a moment I looked back on my left side, and remembered having lived several hundred lives. I recalled the details of each one! And then I saw all the troubles I’d known, the pain, disease, separations, trials and hardship — what seemed so long and arduous — disappear in a flash, like shadows that are gone when the light is turned on!

It was clear to me that LOVE is the only enduring energy and activity. Everything else passes away into nothing when it has served its purpose of testing us, teaching us understanding, and reminding us of who we are.

And to draw near to the Ultimate Presence, to be in that ineffable love — so awesome yet so tender — makes the trials we’ve lived MORE THAN WORTH IT! I realized that that Love drives us through all our lives. It is both the source and the object of every passion and desire that’s ever been felt in every heart that ever beat. It is the Love our souls remember and yearn for. It is the Power Generator of Creation, the Treasure of Treasures; the object of, and reason for, existence.

When I returned to my body and earthly consciousness, I couldn’t stop crying for a minute for three days. I couldn’t bear to be separated from that Presence. I felt like I had found the most precious treasure . . . and then lost it. It took me many years to live on earth in comfort again. My work since, has been to bring that consciousness down into daily living, to awaken to that loving Presence here, and develop a window for that love in my own being.


Rise of the Radiant Goddess – Used with permission from the Soul Connection Network

Do you need and desire more light, health, passion and wholeness? More aliveness, freedom, and deeper fulfillment? Talk to Mother, she is with you. Can you open to Her sacred love and passion? It is your own. She will make you new. She will take you Home.

Rockets C. Redglare