July 2019 Eclipses

Total Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019 at 11° Cancer

Lunar speed = 14° 17′ for an effect period of 11 months; thru June 11, 2020.

Both the Solar and Lunar Eclipses during July are volatile with the Mercury-Mars square to Uranus (Leo-Taurus).  They will make for some jarring, surprising, disruptive events with  sharp edges.

Eclipse Path

A fitting event … HUGE blackout.  

US Astrocartography

North and South America Astrocartography

Total Solar Eclipse 7-2-19 World Geodetic Astrocartography Map for insight into world geopolitical tensions activated by this eclipse.  Planets on the Midheaven typically produce the most readily visible eclipse issues.  Planets rising and descending mark areas of secondary importance.

Seismic activity in Japan on June 18, right in the area where the Solar Eclipse rises, shown in the astrocartography:

The Washington, DC chart below highlights tension in international relations for the U.S. that are jarring and heated, most likely primarily involving China/Philippines/South China Sea.  Eclipse tensions are also shown in Myanmar, Malaysia, Sumatra, which could be seismic activity in the Ring of Fire.

Chart for Washington, DC

Local Chart


At 24° Cancer/Capricorn, this Lunar Eclipse activates the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 at 23° Capricorn! 

(The Solar Eclipse of July 12, 2018 at 21° Cancer was also an initiation into this age-defining, great conjunction.)

Eclipse Path

The eclipse path shadows the southern part of Africa, including the Congo where Ebola Virus outbreak is occurring.

World Astrocartography

The U.S. is fairly unscathed in this eclipse, with most of the volatile lines running through China, and clearly our relationship with China is up for contention and some sharp disruptions.

The geodetic astrocartography chart portrays geopolitical tensions, and again, Mars is angular near North Korea, which will likely become provocative this year.

The Lunar Eclipse is across the horizon in Hong Kong, and as of June 9, there is a great uprising against a law of extradition to China that is against the People’s will.





















Chart for Washington, DC

Local Chart