Info and Resources – Halt 5G Technology Rollout!

High-tech computer digital technology, global surveillance

5G Fact Sheet published by International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, 5-13-19

Environmental Health Trust

Scientists for Wired Technology

Lloyd Burrell’s   Deep gratitude for Lloyd’s wonderful work over the years, bringing excellent information, hope, healing, and comfort to many.

Neighbors Organizing Against Trespassing Technology intro
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Rodney Palmer – Safety Code 6 –  Presentation to the Royal Society of Canada  (referred to in pdf file just above, but often removed from the internet to repress the info)

Thoughtful, discussion on the progression of developing microwave technologies as military weapons, and how hooked the countries of the world are into this invisible war.

Informative video by Dr. Graham Downing about non-native electromagnetic fields and the roll-out of 5G.

5G Roll-Out is an insane War On Nature

5G Killing the Trees