Healing and Informational Resources

Here are some resources and links for your quality self-care and healing path that I’ve found to be especially effective.

flameClick here for Info for people who have just had their first bodywork session with Rockets.  Processing a transformational bodywork session can take some time because your life force energy is burning brighter, and that initiates real change in your life.

A very powerful Healing Prayer for every need that works!

spiFor some of the best nutrition and detoxifying on earth today, get clean, high quality Spirulina here.

cell towerMany common diseases are being aggravated and even caused by the unnatural electromagnetic frequencies we immerse ourselves in daily, including asthma, headaches, the development of diabetes, sleep disorders, immune system debilitation, and many more. Be proactive to eliminate or minimize wireless technology in your life to take care of your body and its cells.  Become aware of the electrical currents around you, and especially cellphone towers!  If you live in the Twin Cities, I have an EMF meter and can check your home for electronic/magnetic intrusions.  I highly recommend Electricsense.com for the best information being gathered internationally about this issue.  Unfortunately, many well conducted studies on this matter are repressed in America where the profit motive has captivated government and technology/ communications corporations, as a priority over the People’s health and wellbeing.  We need to be self-responsible, and electronic pollution is a big problem which will become much more evident in time.  Here are graphics illustrating What Cellphone Coverage in our Large Cities looks like.

Here is an excellent site with info about EMF exposures in, and solutions for your home.

Limit your Screen Time with electronic devices!  Adults and especially, children, are developing disorders from too much screen time, which throws off the body’s natural cycles, disrupts sleep, distorts attention, and overstimulates nervous systems.

MineralsEverybody needs to supplement their minerals intake because our soils are depleted.  I highly recommend Dr. Walloch’s Plant Based Minerals to be sure you have what you need, and his Osteofix for bone healing and strength.

Detox while you sleep with deeply effective Body Pure Footpads.

Zappers are a wonderful aid for parasite cleansing, nervous system balance, and protection against pathogens. Don’s model is the most harmonious with body and spirit that I’ve found.  I would not be without them, especially when traveling.  You can halt some illnesses before they develop, like colds and bacteria infections.

Balancing your body’s PH is key to creating good health. The American diet is 90 percent acid-forming, which promotes disease.  Cancers and other diseases cannot survive in a body with a healthy pH balance, and an alkalized body is in a more harmonious attunement with Spirit!


Arise and shineIntestinal and Deep Tissue Cleansingis one of the most powerful, loving things you can do for yourself to enhance your transformational path. The “Arise And Shine” 30-day cleanse is my favorite. It’s been fine-tuned for 20 years to a cleansing science! 


The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die …. by Karol K. Truman

The 12 States of Healing by Donald M. Epstein, D.C.

The pH Miracle:  Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Robert O Young, Ph.D.

Other Informational Resources

Kala Rhythms

Join the Electric Sense Worldwide Study Group for Salient Updates on EMF Science

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