What Is Astrology?

Currently, misinformation abounds among us, concerning astrology.  A pervasive notion exists that astrology is a cultish, superficial, pseudo science that purports to fatalistically foretell the future, or that it is based on a theory that ‘the planets influence people’.  This is the result of religious control frameworks that have biased people against astrology with fear and arrogance, and have also capitalized on the collective tendency not to explore life and think for ourselves — to engage in true scientific endeavor.   As a result, the population-at-large has been duped out of benefits and teachings from the very Heart of Life, that would bless, guide, and affirm every one, deeply and truly!

Earth moonBut now many people are awakening and questioning biases and false teachings instead of perpetuating them.  Growing numbers of people naturally understand that ‘everything in creation is related.’  And as we discover and reclaim our foundational inner depths, natural cycles of life, of nature and becoming, the fullness of our wisdom heritage is being recognized.

The recent phenomenon of internet and social media is contributing to growing interest in astrology, as people note that astrologers are publishing similar truths and insights simultaneously — that are then confirmed by observable events.  Neophytes are also catching the wave of interest in astrology and perpetuating hype. There is a constant hunger among some of the populace for hype that is an addiction — ever reaching to the future for the next unique planetary or stellar event and ‘liberating’ new age shift.

What could be more of a turn-off to any intelligent being, than a “pseudo science” that purports to tell you how the planets are influencing you, or to tell you your yet unformed future?  Such a concept is an insult to human nature.  We want to live our freedom of choice, to do what we want to when we so desire, and create our futures in our unique ways.   That would leave ‘astrology’, as it is commonly misunderstood, for the confused and the fantasy or “help me” addicted.

Personal discernment must be well engaged in choosing an astrologer.  I have witnessed a disorder unique to astrologers — using some knowledge of astrology to rationalize and bolster one’s personal biases, projections, and filters with full ego investment and identification. This is deeply concerning. Like psychiatrists who are themselves mentally ill, counselors who presume to categorize and label other people (especially those they project their own non-integrated dark sides onto), and faux consultants righteously waving the false authority guise of ‘helping others.’  How can an astrologer be of help to another, if they are hooked into duality and polarization, if they can’t perceive the ‘bigger picture’ of life to facilitate healthy resolutions, and thus cannot even perceive the potential greatness of their clients?  Spiritual adolescence abounds.

I strive continually to be clear, humble, nonjudgmental, respectful, confidential, and a simple interpreter; bringing my experience, expertise, and open heart to the counseling table, with passion to serve, encourage and affirm with accuracy.  I offer you my best in the Heart of Life.

What Astrology Is

Astrology is pure science, which presents quite a challenge for astrologers, because there are myriad methods of analysis, from simple to abstract.  There is a great quantity of data and significators to study.  The invention of computers has provided potent data aids undreamed of for centuries — yet the sky is the limit.  Every chart or sky map presents a completely unique set of significator relationships and power-sphere qualities and equations, unique to each individual and query.  The capacity of astrologers to grasp and interpret the variables is continually stretched.

ChironAchillesSwiecinskiAstrology is also symbols, myth, and art.  Many mythologies of our various cultures are related to observation of the constellations and planets and the energies they signify since ancient times, and inform our archetypes of universal human qualities, evolution, and becoming.  Synthesizing sky map data and information proffered by the related symbols and myths is a skill and art, facilitated by the study, intuition, understanding, and attunement of the astrologer.

“The rationale for this approach is the supposition that the mythological deities are the symbolic external expressions of the inner structures of the psyche.”  —  Demetra George

Astrology is the science of the relatedness of all things.   Yes, we are affected by the gravitational effects of the Moon, by changes in the ionosphere caused by eclipses; such causes and effects are conclusively documented.  But astrologers use the specific earth-location-centered sky map as a reference for time and life energy cycles. The positions of planets, fixed stars, asteroids, and measured points in space — in the context of the background of the zodiac — are meaningful references for information pertinent to the potentials and qualities of life on earth.  The natal map of the sky (individual birth chart calculated with birth date, time, and place) provides a bigger picture informational view that accurately relates day-to-day living with one’s purpose, mission, and potentially greatest destiny; rooted in and fueled by one’s pre-birth past.

The information and wisdom of this great overview can be practically applied for decision-making that is better tuned and empowered by natural cycles.  It correlates with the axiom that expresses humanity’s aspirations to actualize the most empowered, peaceful, and fulfilling order and harmony on Earth:  “As Above, So Below.”

Astrology is the language of the cosmos, the logos of Love that empowers the Core of Creation, affirms each unique being . . . and whispers the soul of the world.


“Viewing the birth chart as a map of the psyche, the lines formed by the web of interrelated aspects that connect the planets can be seen as analogous to a wiring diagram of the mind or the neural circuits of the body.”  —  Demetra George

I agree!


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