2016 Saturn Square Neptune-Chiron

Dear friends and group members,

I’m studying 2016 and wow …. we’ve got a lot of energies to balance and reconcile, which will require committed and applied Presence to navigate well.

  • technomanSaturn Square Chiron and Neptune practically all year from Sagittarius to Pisces.
  • The Pluto-Uranus Square (ongoing since 2012) is tight through April, strongly activated, and finishing-up in 2016.
  • Jupiter-Saturn Square is on through June.
  • Jupiter’s passage through Virgo is accented by oppositions to Neptune and then Chiron in Pisces through March 2016, reapplying during July 2016.  This will bring many issues to light and ‘real-izations’ about our health, our work, and human relationships with the earth, the oceans, and wild and domesticated animals.
  • Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius-Scorpio from mid-April to July 2016 which will be a time to re-group, re-work, and re-organize as action and progress shift-down for internal processing.

Major themes add up to winding-down, releasing, purging, re-organizing, and letting go of what doesn’t work.  Not easy working with so many unknowns, but grace and deep roots affirmation provide aid with Jupiter in trine to Pluto (Virgo-Capricorn) through the rest of October, easing-off through the end of 2015, and then applying back ON for much of 2016.  This will simultaneously empower practical reforms that are in harmony with Natural Law, as illusions and faulty, misaligned structures and organizations fail (Saturn to Neptune/Chiron).  Many failures will be due to over-extension or -optimism based on assumptions and expectations that don’t materialize.  Mis-placed trust and faith will bite; it is a bursting of bubbles.

Saturn will be forming a trine with Uranus January thru April of 2016, and then again from November 2016 thru the end of 2017.  This is excellent for positive, well-grounded action, self-development, initiative, the ability to work with change, and to build structures and organizations that are based in faith, good will and ethics, generosity; and that offer real social benefit along with personal fulfillment and freedom.

DISCERNMENT is very important in making decisions and choices now through 2016. Don’t make important decisions without including your deep soul senses, some advance research, and as much real information as you can gain on the matter. Where we choose to live is very important in terms of toxicity, spiritual and bodily health, and available supply.

A National Public Radio money program invited people to leave messages about how well they are doing and how confident they are about their financial futures last week.  They were astonished at the volume of messages of doubt about the economy and uncertainty about the future because of unknowns, that they received. This is going to increase. Illusions will fail, distractions will take their toll, and unfounded dreams of increase and substance will evaporate. Some will discover that what they’ve chosen to invest and believe in, is suddenly gone.

I will post several brief articles that offer tips about preparing for and navigating the Saturn-Neptune/Chiron closing squares thru 2017.  Please keep in mind that this Square is just a fraction of the whole picture, or of the full spectrum, of the  ever changing powersphere of life.  Yet we will all be dealing with it in our unique experiences and manners.

img-00We had an initiation into the dissolution (dissolving) effect of their energies during the first quarter this year (2015). Therefore, people born during January through March have been personally working to reconcile the conflict between Saturn and Neptune in earnest, before the rest of us.  It’s a challenge to balance and integrate two different aspects of reality without one negating the other; or without losing presence, effectiveness, and focus in fantasy or illusion.  Saturn is the material and physical aspect of life on Earth, and Neptune is spirit, dream, intuition, and psyche.  Neither one is very comfortable with the other, yet they are ultimately complementary as we gain balanced and whole Being.

We have an initiation into the sobering work we are required to engage with Saturn and Neptune/Chiron, on the Full Moon of November 25, 2015, which conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury, in a T-Square with Neptune.

Staying centered, spiritual/psychic hygiene, and perceptual clarification are key.  It is time to let everything unhealthy, draining, seductive, and dishonest GO.  We must also learn to take full responsibility for the challenges we meet to engage our personal soul-power.  Otherwise, we may begin to slip down the slope of pain, victimhood, judgment, hatred, blame, and an increasing perspective that life is ‘unfair’ and deeply flawed.   Making a time and presence commitment to re-align with the Love Behind It All, the Love we know and came from that is ever With Us — will make all the difference. We can learn to use every fear and doubt to anchor more deeply in love-based reality. Clarification is the gift if we persist in being love-based-reality-true.  New freedom is calling to those who Rise Up and seek to Serve their best.

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