Astrology for Animals


Astrology is invaluable for me in understanding, caring for, and training animals!  If you raise animals, I suggest recording their accurate birth times so their caretake100_5703rs/trainers can have that information.  I offer astro counseling to help you understand the unique personality of your pet or the animal you’re working with, from a chart calculated by birthday and birthplace if you don’t have the birth time.

In my twenties I trained horses that others could not ride or work with, without being injured.  I began using astrology to understand the temperament of the horse and had great success in gaining their trust and harmony.

My current beloved pet is Sebastian, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit.  He is a feisty, sensitive breed of rabbit that was not sold in America until the 70’s because of temperament.  Having his birthday provides me with great insight into his energetic makeup, vulnerabilities, food sensitivities, and periods of potential health concern.  Knowing when to be especially present with him for his best life is a great blessing.

See my List of Services for more information in booking an astro consultation for a pet or other animal.  I offer this service for horses, rabbits, dogs and cats because I am experienced with them.

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