ALCHEMY — Sacred Work, Self-Integration and Healing

Alchemy, an ancient art and science of transmutation, worked to transform a base substance into a purer, finer substance of ultimate value.   The gold produced as a result of the process of the stages of the opus (or sacred work) ” . . . is not the ordinary gold,” and is a metaphor for the innate value of purified being, or a deep insight or realization that fundamentally transforms one’s being.   This ‘inner’ treasure, which requires dedication, devotion, patience, and the grace of God to obtain, was most commonly referred to as the philosopher’s stone.

Picture of the Reward of Faith Sapphire/diamond

The philosopher’s stone is an ancient symbol of the perfected and regenerated man whose divine nature shines forth through a chain of purified and unfolded vehicles. . . .   Just as in the hand of the skillful lapidary a rough diamond is transformed into a scintillating gem from whose facets pour streams of varicolored fire, so upon the lathe of the Divine Lapidary the soul of man is ground and polished until it reflects the glory of its creator from every atom.  —  “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” by Manly P Hall


Those of us who choose to integrate and heal our beings continue this sacred alchemical work, in all its challenge, mystery, and significance.  Discovering that alchemy symbolically correlated to his own psychology of the unconscious, Carl Jung saw in its workings a metaphor for Self realization, the outcome of which he called the process of individuation.  He found that the stages of the opus map the process through which we move toward integration of the opposites, their transcendence, and finally, unification of body, spirit and soul in whole and harmonized being.

The stage of alchemical process called Coniunctio, or the sacred marriage, refers to the union of opposites, polarities, paradoxes into resolution and wholeness.   Male and female, light and dark, sun and moon, right and left, conscious and subconscious mind, right and wrong, above and below . . . every variation of duality is harmonized and resolved in this stage.   Divine spirit unites with soul and body, shining through them and fulfilling their potential.  Heaven and earth unite in the heart.   The Kingdom is discovered and entered.  Judgment and resistance are no more.  Balance, harmony, and peace are obtained in all-inclusive acceptance and unity.

My work is to support and assist others who choose to reclaim their true essence and heritage, and settle into affirming, love-based reality. Real healing is not accomplished unless we embrace our dark sides and bring light of consciousness into the recesses of being.   I don’t use the term ‘dark side’ in a manner that implies judgment.   Our dark sides contain emotions, feelings, memories and beliefs that operate beneath the threshold of consciousness and play a key role in creating our life experiences. They also contain a wealth of potential, gifts, and abilities.

The earth and her people are in a great alchemical process, an opus.   I provide transformational bodywork sessions, astrology readings, and counseling to facilitate sacred alchemy toward the goal of coniunctio; liberation, balance, peace and wellness.

One can proceed with one’s spiritual journey only with the understanding that opposites are constantly close to each other. It is never a matter of one vanquishing the other but a matter of each performing its proper function.  —  From “The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden: Understanding The Wounded Feeling Function In Masculine and Feminine Psychology,” by Robert A. Johnson 

One of the hardest things for anyone to do in life is to accept complete responsibility for themselves….  —  Dave Anderson (Famous Dave’s Restaurants) 

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