Saturn-Neptune Closing Square

Studying the Saturn-Neptune, and Saturn-Chiron Closing Squares during 2016-2017 is focusing on a major theme that is active in the power-sphere for all during the next two years.  Yet it is a fraction of the power-sphere overall.  Many other energies are simultaneously active that are not addressed in this list of articles on Saturn-Neptune-Chiron posted on HunaVaruna.  Please keep in mind while reading, that the energies discussed here are just one ‘color’ of a great, active, energetic spectrum.

Some people will experience the stresses of these squares more acutely than others, if they have personal natal planet positions or sensitive points that are directly affected by the positions of the squares (270° angles).  Personal orientation and evolution is also a key factor in how well the stresses are met with and resolved.

Saturn-Neptune Synodic Cycle Basic Info

Saturn-Neptune Synodic

[Click here for Primer 1 on the cyclical synodic relationship between any two planets.  Click here for Primer 2, using the template of the Sun and Moon as a basis for interpretation of angular phases.]

The current synodic cycle between Saturn and Neptune (which averages about 36 years) began in 1989-90 with their conjunction at 10°-12° Capricorn (in the Taurus decan).  They were also conjunct near the union of Uranus and Neptune (a 45-year cycle)  in 1993 at about 19° Capricorn.  This was a seminal time for new visions, freedom, and spiritual and technological liberations from what were previously known to be the bounds of reality in the context of earth, human traditions, and status quo structures. Major phases of the unfolding cycle are shown in the graphic above.  The base note is Neptune, as the slower moving planet.

Perceptual veils between cause and effect, and reality’s dimensions were thin during the initiation of these two great cycles (Saturn-Neptune and Uranus-Neptune, 1989 and early 90’s).  Many people became passionately engaged in working for truth, justice, and social reform.  The rise of the internet correlates with the unfolding of these cycles, which burgeoned when Uranus and Neptune moved through Aquarius.  Souls that were born during 1989 to 1993 embodied great potentials:  to bridge spirit and form; to bring forward true (not for profit) scientific endeavor; to see beyond forms and appearances for enhanced wisdom; and a capacity to uplift, teach, and inspire that transcends social norms.

Souls born in 1989-90 have Saturn/Neptune/Uranus in opposition to Chiron in Cancer and took on the daunting challenge of the extremes of embodying fine-tuned and strongly engaged spirit, soul, earth and wildlife senses, to operate in a confusing, contradictory,  sometimes  heavily negative human society that is destroying the very source of its sustenance through ignor-ance.   A challenge for these people is NOT to numb-out and escape in counterfeit highs and lows; not to remain psychologically small, fearful, doubtful, wounded and depressed; not to personally identify with and despair about the ecological destruction in progress on Earth; and not to psychologically split because of the contradictions.  They possess keys to the healing wisdom and spiritual balance we need to stand up together greater and reach out farther than ever before to meet the challenges of our times in unconventional ways.  Now Saturn and Neptune’s closing square can help this generation dispel confusions and fears, and clarify their missions and potentials in strengthening their presence as they settle-in to who they truly are and develop the gifts they’ve come to share.

The Closing Square phase relationship between any two planets marks a crisis point of struggle, created by the inherent evolutionary impetus to release everything we are doing with those planet-associated energies that ‘doesn’t work’ in love-based reality, in mutual respect among us, and in rightly honoring and caring for our earth home and all beings as sacred and vital to the Whole of existence.  It is the re-clarification of Natural Law, healthy boundaries, and right order that is much needed at this aging phase of the cycle.  Old behaviors and structures that are mis-aligned with the empowering integrity of life become critical and require ever more energy and investment to survive. We are presented with pressures to separate from them. Therefore, the decisions and choices we make related to those energies are very important. The struggles we personally and collectively experience with the square are no greater than the degree to which we have become imbalanced — ourselves and as a society — in negotiating, and living the energies that Saturn and Neptune represent, accurately and responsibly, and particularly since 1989.  

It is during the closing square of a cycle, that people who are committed to living love and upholding natural law must separate themselves from supporting, serving, or engaging in the corruption and decaying state of social endeavors that lack the integrity of love-based or foundational reality, and the improper negotiation/integration of the power-sphere energies being played-out by the status quo.  The challenge to negotiate and balance life energies associated with Saturn and Neptune is especially difficult, because they are often experienced as, or appear to be incompatible, and can function as a polarity.

S-N Energies

Saturn is the builder over time and represents physical reality that cannot be denied or avoided by the idealistic and passionate human spirit.  It is the limits and teachings of the material world.  Saturn is karma, discipline, and authority figures in our lives; our parents, employers, and laws we must obey.  Saturn is our process of ego development, our sense of separateness from others and individual destiny.  It is our dark side, and represents our deepest fears and pain, constrictions, and resistance to love.

We often experience Saturn transits (passages) as frustratingly slow and ponderous.  Yet when we settle down-to-earth with Saturn’s gravity, we can anchor our creations and actualize the fulfillment of our hearts’ desires in practical progress over time that eventually yields the greatest rewards and meaning life on earth has to offer.  Saturn’s crowning is wisdom, patience, acceptance, understanding, fulfillment; and grounding our spirits with the vehicle of the body in presence, balance and harmony.

Neptune is amorphous, uplifting, inspirational, spiritual, and so much greater than we individuals, which is profoundly comforting.  As an outer planet, it transcends the personal and represents the collective.   It is the universal language of music and symbols, the arts, mystical union with other soul(s), the finest compassion, empathy, care and selfless service.  It is our dreams, imagination, glamour, and the spirit world; our highest ideals of utopia — of one for all and all for one.  In the body, Neptune is glands associated with faculties of visualization and imagination, and the feet.

Neptune is associated with bodies of water, from streams to faucets, to oceans.  It is also gas and oil, and chemicals that can be very noxious and toxic.

Neptune is the full range of altered states of consciousness, from highest enlightenment to alcohol and drug induced stupors, unconsciousness and mental illness.   It is the astral plane and its spectrum of vibratory levels, including entities that prey on, and parasite, those who have opened the doors of their psyches indiscriminately.  Neptune is deception and self-deception, illusion, and seduction.  Neptune diseases include dependencies, addictions, mental illness, gambling, and problems related to confusion of realities.

Saturn and Neptune, A Polarity

Energies associated with these two planets describe a natural polarity in the spectrum of life.  Saturn draws the line; Neptune calls it into question.  Saturn defines and focuses; Neptune dissolves and obscures.  Saturn is black and white; Neptune is all colors.

We may know people who gravitate toward one principle or the other in their lives.  Some are well grounded physically and successful by social standards, but spiritually disconnected or illiterate and primarily concerned with their material wellbeing.  On the other hand we may know spiritually inclined people who are gifted and compassionate, yet lack stability and practicality in establishing themselves, and who experience chronic stress in their relationship with earth reality.

A major problem we have in integrating the energies of these planets is that we have forgotten that reality is love based.  Therefore, the ‘realities’ we create tend to be heavier and short-lived, due to confusion in perceiving truth amongst appearances and material forms (which are a slower vibratory rate than mind and spirit) and this can be illusory in the context of time.  The integrity of our lives and creations directly results from our success in balancing the energies of Saturn and Neptune.


reconstruction of a German 1736 organ

harpToo much Saturn shuts-down our perception and experience of Neptune’s inspirational muses and negates the magic of life.  Imagine life without music and art!  Too much Neptune creates a need for reality checks to orient and protect ourselves, and define who we are.  A metaphor for excellent balance between the two is a finely crafted musical instrument; a beautiful, functional form through which spirit can express, touch, uplift and affirm souls.

Balancing Saturn and Neptune is one of the greatest challenges to humanity on earth.  Saturn is accountability, presence, and honesty.  Neptune is dream and imagination, and wants to be free and unbounded.  A common misuse and corruption of their energies is trying to obtain personal gain through deception, manipulation of appearances, scam, fraud and theft.  Another is escapism through fantasy, addictions and distractions.  Such distortions result in reality checks by Saturn’s karmic accounting, inexorably affirming Love-Based Law that is written in every heart.  Such reality checks are guaranteed, especially during their closing square, providing needed corrections for spirits living in bodies on earth in time and space.

Times of Exactitude, and Activations of Saturn and Neptune’s Closing Square

Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces exactly three times:

November 26, 2015 at   /  June 17, 2016 at 12°  /  September 10, 2016 at 10°

Saturn and Neptune were very close to square during January through March of 2015, so people with birthdays at that time have a headstart on working with the square because they got it in their birthday charts for their next year of life (no matter what age).  I’m already seeing some of them make excellent progress; coming into stronger confidence and stability after some significant confusion, struggles, and releases.

The Full Moon of November 25, 2015 strongly initiates the square for all of us, at 3° Gemini/Sagittarius.  The Sun and Mercury are conjunct (together with) Saturn by 3 and 2 degrees, respectively.  So Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all square to Neptune.  Our real work with this square begins at this time.

FM Nov 25 001

The horizon of this chart will vary with locations.  Communications are highlighted by the Moon in Gemini, Mars offers a helping hand with communication in relationships, for needed corrections with reality (quincunx to Neptune).  The Square is strongly activated from November 25 through December 9, 2015 (including squares to Chiron in Pisces from inner planets in Sagittarius).

[Note:  New Moon of December 11, 2015 strongly engages Saturn square Chiron the way November’s Full Moon (above) did with Neptune.  This Moon is a segway for evolutionary tests to come in first quarter 2016 with Saturn-Chiron (subject of a forthcoming article).]

It is active during the full month of June 2016.  The Square is active throughout 2016 and each one of us has unique triggers, timing, and patterns of experience with it, portrayed by our natal birth charts.  It’s hard to generalize for many people with accuracy, but the next significant activation for everyone is by the New Moon of June 4, 2016 which forms a powerful T-Square with Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter.  Graciously, there is also an earth Grand Trine with Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury to help stabilize this potent Moon.  The Square is exact for the second time on June 17.  The Square is also pronounced during the Full Moon of June 20, 2016.  Mars is retrograde during all of June, so much of the stresses here are a review of the past, and are internalized.

The entire month of August 2016 marks activations of this Square by Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  Mars squares Neptune on the 24th and conjoins Saturn on the 26th.

Note:  Mars approaches 9° Sagittarius and then turns retrograde on April 17.  Mars turns direct on June 29 and then presents an energetic test to free-up from Saturn-Neptune misalignments in August.  How we respond to our life challenges in August — after doing our inner work during mid-April through June — determines how freely and effectively we can then move forward in resolving our issues with  right balance of Saturn-Neptune energies.

Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 (!!!).  September 1 through 15 contains several activations of the Square starting with the Solar Eclipse at 10° Virgo on Sept. 1 followed  by the third exact application of the Square on the 10th.  Mars squares Chiron on Sept. 15 which makes things hurtful.  Mercury is retrograde until September 22 which internalizes much of the stress and keeps a lid on it, reducing acting-out.  The Full Moon Eclipse of September 16, 2016 brings the square with Chiron into the picture as it conjoins Chiron at 22-24° Virgo/Pisces, squared by Mars in Virgo at 23°.  Saturn is now squaring the Nodes of the Moon, and Neptune conjoins the South Node now for some time which amplifies this energetic theme worldwide.

New Moon of November 29, 2016 (Neptune conjunct South Node)

More information will be added here as I find the time to study and write.  —  Rockets




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