Saturn-Neptune – Personal Problems

Saturn-Neptune imbalances/misalignments and resulting contaminations will become clearer for us all during their waning square angular relationship (270°) in  2016-17.

saturn-neptune-blue-380x235During this crisis point in the 36-year cycle, we are pushed to gain more clarity on all the behaviors we have adopted that are dishonest and irresponsible, and escapist or non-present with reality.  These behaviors become problematic because they source from misperceptions, illusions, and flawed foundations.  People who practice committed awareness for responsible living may be surprised at what comes up to be acknowledged and released, that is out-of-order with sacred-heart-centered life.  Old ways of being that haven’t been experienced for long time may surface briefly for final test or dismissal, triggered by current challenges and appearances.  If we are young, they may predate our birth.

Another clarification we will be working on, is our long-held mis-identifications and misperceptions of who we are in love-based reality.  Who we thought we were may not be the truth of our core self.  We may have been avoiding, negating, or marginalizing an aspect of our own being that now needs to be honored and properly engaged.  When we do this, we can enjoy the relief and refreshment of no longer ‘living a lie’, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Saturn builds form, structure, and crystallizations.  Neptune dissolves forms and separateness.  Our bodies are one of the most important forms with which we work daily. The stress of the closing square helps clarify what we need to release and purge for truth-empowered life.  This can be reclaiming our spine in matters where we’ve become mired in fear, doubt, confusion, and questioning.  Develop strength and fortitude in harmony with intuition and spiritual discernment.  Each one of us will also be redefining and re-working where we stand in relationship to the whole of humanity and creation, which brings up issues and adjustments with our feet.

The Saturn-Neptune square presents a more difficult challenge to translate our creative inspiration into some form of concrete expression for mutually beneficial social connection and exchange.


Issues listed below will be amplified through 2017 during Saturn-Neptune and Saturn-Chiron closing squares (270° phase angle).  Please note, Saturn-Neptune-Chiron is just one theme of many that are active at any given time, in the full spectrum of life, during this period.  Other planetary configurations not touched on in this article, will provide relief, light, support, and aid according to the magnetic capacity of our hearts in time of need.


The Saturn-Neptune Square will not present any difficulty that is greater than our own personal misalignment or imbalance with the energies associated with Saturn and Neptune/Chiron.  In other words, the degree of challenge we must deal with is exactly equal to our potential empowerment.  This phase, which can sometimes be a passage of misery, is corrective, and for our good, in learning to better attune with Natural Law.  Such tests and problems are not designed to overwhelm us, dis-courage our hearts, or debilitate our lives in the long term.  Reality IS love based!

If we find ourselves experiencing the difficulties listed below from the behaviors of others, we’re being pressed to set healthy boundaries, commit to ourselves better, clarify the quality of life and relationships we choose, and sharpen-up our senses.  Our natural instincts and spirit and soul-senses will always reliably inform us about what is trustworthy and affirming, and what is not.  Much of the teaching and correction we experience now is about learning to listen to, and trust our deep instincts while balancing them with proper attention to the material world.

If we have missed our inner clarity on a matter that becomes a problem, did we wish to perpetuate a fantasy and give too much power and authority ‘out there’ to an entity, perception, or material form?  And if so, how are we short-changing ourselves from creating and enjoying real life fulfillment?

Rather than getting entangled in feeling victimized or wronged, it works best to be present with the experience and fully take it in, feel our feelings, acknowledge any pain.  Then discern how to free-up from the experience as quickly and completely as possible. Forgiveness, and self-healing in the wholeness of love will dispel woundedness and any residue of bitterness.  Take time and attention to replace every feeling of smallness, hurt, and unjust fairness or debilitation with affirmations of whole being and deeper, stronger, more potent presence. Note how you might be out-placing undue authority and power.  For example, we are not our money; money and bank accounts are not our supply, though they serve important functions.  We are not designed to be subject to such things.  The Saturn-Neptune square is a glamour and illusion buster.

Sometimes forgiveness is a process that takes time, and that has to be honored.  Yet it helps to be aware:  when we are hooked into judgment, woundedness, rage, injustice and blame, we are losing life and soul-power; maybe in a time we need it most.

If we have been drawn into a wounded drama with another, we can choose to consciously get the message, take back our power, and move forward — stronger and better engaged and oriented with life.  Every wound carries a potential gift.  The more effectively we are fully present with such experience without getting mired in negativity, and correct our orientation, the more readily we move through it in the best way.

Here is the list of personal problems we may create and encounter in relating with others during this passage.

SN Personal 004

This passage is a reality check for our lives, that sources back to 1989 and early 90s. Willingness to be completely honest and learn how to live more presently and accurately; and learning to meet with and accept reality and responsibilities with an open heart, confident in understanding that reality is love-based; is the best way to meet this challenge.  Releasing self-deceptions and engagements in illusions eases our stress.  Keeping life simple, and actively developing our deep-soul instincts and spiritual senses is excellent self-care now and sets a helpful example for others.  Our animal friends demonstrate this inner knowing for us to see.  They can readily sense the inner integrity of beings and forms.


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