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We live in a crowded world!  Sometimes we may be challenged with a problem associated with the history of a personal space.  Ghosts, spirits, spooks, ‘things going bump’ are the echoes of a former resident.  If they suffered trauma, became hooked into extreme negativity, or were ‘caught in the movie’ of emotional distress and despair when they occupied the space, their soul may have fragmented.  If so, they are unable to integrate and progress in normal evolution toward wholeness, full consciousness, and freedom.

I have found ancient teachings of the Hebrew culture on this matter to be true, which are also mirrored in other cultures in their unique language descriptions.  Each one of us has a soul made up of three components:

  • Nefesh‘ or vital soul
  • Ruah‘ or spirit
  • Neshamah‘ or innermost soul and super soul

When a human being dies, the nefesh stays near the body for a time, and remains among the living — relatives and other — attentive to their sorrows and challenges, guiding them and interceding for them in their need.

Ruah, or spirit is clothed with the likeness of the man or woman who passed, and ascends to God on Sabbaths, New Moons, and during amplified “power sphere” passages.

Regarding Neshamah, I quote from “Zohar:  The Book of Splendor”, edited by Gershom Scholem:

But neshamah ascends forthwith to her place, in the domain from which she emanated, and it is on her account that the light is lit, to shine above ….  In neshamah is realized the One who embraces all sides, the upper and the lower.  And until such time as neshamah has ascended to be joined with the Throne, ruah is unable to be crowned in the lower Garden and nefesh cannot rest easy in its place; but these find rest when she ascends. … So do they all undergo suffering, until the time when neshamah is enabled to reach to her proper place above.  Then, however, each of the two others becomes attached to its rightful place; this is because all three are one, comprising a unity, embraced in a mystical bond.

A part of soul caught in a loop of time and space, is only a fragment of someone’s full being.   Furthermore, I have found that the soul-fragment may be part of an individual who is alive somewhere else, having lost a part of self in a previous life.

My work is to help restore natural order and healing to the fragmented soul, so it can progress and move on with all of its faculties, in natural evolutionary return to the Light, Life, and Love we came from.  My methods are effective for clearing spaces from negative residual energies due to their history if a spirit entity or ghost is a problem, or just to clear the history and experience of a space for a cleaner and safer vibratory rate.

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