Spiritual Experiences with Animals in Nature

Interview with Rockets 6/7/2018

Ever since I was a child, I was more comfortable in nature than in my house.  That is, until I got BEMER technology in 2018, which brings the natural, earthy Schumann Resonances into my home that puts me much more at ease.


This Arab stallion, Count, was my favorite horse. I don’t have a picture of the gelding described, named Vidal.

I grew up with horses. One of my most incredible, loving experiences was with a horse. I was 28 years old or so.  I am an astrologer, so that has taught me much about life — about the connectedness of all beings. I was working with an Arabian gelding that other people couldn’t train. We fell in love with each other. He had five planets in Cancer so I worked with him with a nurturing/mothering aspect, and he responded readily.

He was the only horse that when he would see me, he would come galloping towards me, not for treats, or carrots or an apple but because he loved me. One evening it was a full moon and I went out to see him.  He came running to me and he put his nose right up to my face and we breathed each others’ breath and an incredible, palpable energy surge united our beings as one, in an awesome vibration of pure passion and bliss and love through the natural sharing of the circle of the Breath of Life.  That was very powerful, very affirming, out of the box and I will never forget it!  For a few moments we were ONE BEING.


My parents lived on a lake in the 1980s and we had the north side of the lake as pasture.  I would go out there regularly and spend a day each week in meditation and prayer, often in privacy in the sunshine without clothes in a high meadow.  Then I would put on my bathing suit and go down a hill to the lake and swim in the water, and come back up and have more meditation.

One day, it was a Full Moon of Pisces, I had my prayer and meditation and went down into the water.  It was a beautiful morning and the water was sparkling clean!  I stepped into the water and went out a few feet and sat down in a shallow area by the shore.  A blue gill fish came up to me in the water and swam around me clockwise, touching me lightly all the way around!  He did it three or four times and then swam away.  I was astonished!

I went back up on the hill and had more prayer and meditation, then went back down and went in the water and the same fish came back and did the same thing again!  This happened three times.  I could feel the fish’s tender love!  It was touching me, swimming round and round and then it swam away.  This is true love, my love story.


I have studied with special interest, the archetype of the soulmate. With astrology there is a point in space in everybody’s birth chart that speaks to that, called the “vertex.” It’s not a planet, but a point we calculate.  My personal vertex is amplified because it’s on the point in space where we have the “Galactic Center.” When I was studying this, I would map on my calendar when this point would be activated and then observe carefully what would happen.

Most of my life I was not in personal love relationships, I would have seven years between them and I was serious about it.  I felt like I was a different person and I couldn’t fit with people very well so I was always finding love in nature.

One day I knew my vertex was going to be activated so I thought: we will see what this is because there is always an affirmation of whole being love that life has for each one of us with the vertex.  It opens the flow that calls you forward on your path to become all that you are, and to fulfill the desires of your heart — to go for that.  It guides you to all that you are.

I spent the day out in the wild praying, doing meditation, yoga, breathing, and singing.  I was in a regional park and walking along the path and I saw something move in the woods to the left, and it turned out to be somebody’s lost dog that was a very sensitive frightened dog, peeking from behind a log.  It was a border collie, I spoke to it, it was afraid to come out.  I spoke more to it and eventually it came running to me and as we met, there was a rush of love that was similar to my experience with the horse!  It was incredible, it was pure, overwhelming love. The dog was in complete gratitude and surrender for being found by somebody safe.

Then I realized – Oh my God! — that the animals are soulmate teachers also. They are as much on the path to the whole being, body-mind-spirit-and-soul relationship that we all yearn for, that we all remember because we came from Divine Spirit, we’ve had that before and we remember.  This lost dog was the catalyst of the day for me on my path of Love.  I led it to my car, it was so scared it would lie flat down in the grass every few feet I would coax it forward again.  I drove it to town and miraculously found the owners via a pedestrian within a half hour.  They said it was a rescue dog, so it was healing from some damage.

When people reunite the animal, the human heart, and the divine, that is the key —  the full circuitry to whole being on Earth.  Nature is the key for us.  In my observations, nothing makes people happier.

Q:  Describe the shift into transcendental experience.

 An opening and expansion of the heart.  It’s the best.  Everything is so precious and to me it’s God.  God coming through the heart of every being.


For many years, I was very dedicated to “keeping the Sabbath” on Saturday just because I have a lot of past life memories so I have my own composite religion. I found it brings balance to my life.  So every Saturday I would go out to a regional park, and spend the day in the wild in prayer and meditation, breathing and singing.  And I said to Spirit one time, “Spirit, I want a hymnal”.

A couple of weeks later, I was in Montana with my daughter and we noticed that there was a self-storage building that had burned down into a pile of rubble.  We said, “Let’s go look at that.”  We went over and looked at it and among the burned rubble was a singed, slightly burnt hymnal. We noted that it had been a church storage unit.   We also noted that a unit next to it was somebody’s pornography den!

So I had my hymnal and sometimes I would change the words just a little so the songs felt just right for me.  I had a favorite place in a fallen tree.  I could just run right up it and sit in a sweet, comfortable spot and sing.  So I did that Saturday after Saturday, and then one Saturday I was feeling a little blue and I thought, “Does God even notice me here?” I was up in the tree and I had been singing and I felt really alone.

The next thing, a bird started chattering, close to my head. This bird was making all kinds of unusual noise for its species, and it was very close to me and so I slowly turned my head because I didn’t want to scare it away. A chickadee was no more than four feet away. It was making lots of noise and looking right at me. I looked at the bird and through the eye of that bird a love message radiated to me, just for me.  Through the eye of the bird, it touched me to my soul and told me; You are loved, you are noticed, and you are loved”. It was like being touched by God through the eye of a precious bird. From that moment on I knew that God hears me and loves me, and I am not alone.  It’s amazing how such a little bird can be a conduit for such amazing, profound, and powerful love!

It’s so good to know that we can live in tune, where we are in peace with all the beings. We humans, are suffering from a great loss of our soul and spirit senses. What we will find is that when people choose to reclaim them and to integrate the inner animal, our natural spirit and soul senses, and deep instincts return. These senses will keep us safe and in order and then we won’t have terrible sufferings. When you think about it, every time we ignore our senses we pay a price. So living in tune involves honoring and learning to engage natural senses and body wisdom.

Q:  What is the spiritual experience of your transcendental experience?

 The animals are reflecting to us. If we come across an animal, there is always a message about the state of our inner soul. It is always reflecting something back to us, a message that we need to hear within our own precious self.  It reminds me of the Native Americans, always honoring the “four leggeds, the creepy crawlies, and the water nations,” because they often say that, “you are us and we are you.”  They remind us of the most beautiful, the most unique, the most precious parts of our own beings. The wildest, the most innocent, the most pure aspects of us – they reflect this to remind us.

Q:  What is the sensory experience of your transcendental experience?

Touched to the depth of soul. Sometimes there is a bright clarity of senses for a time.


In Sedona there is a shaman’s cave that is challenging to access.  For me it is extremely difficult because as you climb up, you are up very high and to get to this cave you have to cross the red rock and there is a great fall to the left, with NOTHING anywhere to hold onto to steady yourself, or break a fall.  You also have to cross this dangerous area quickly because it is slanted, and one would likely lose balance and fall if they try to go slowly.  It took me 45 minutes to get up the courage to make the trek to this cave.

The path to the cave, the upper-right depression that starts near the top of the bush.

I am in the cave and it just so happens that bees live in the cave. So I sat down in the center of the cave and bees started buzzing around me, and landing on me.  They were crawling on me everywhere and buzzing around my head. So to keep my center, I knew from my Kundalini awakening, to stay centered, to stay in love, and to stay peaceful. And a bee spoke in my ear, clearly.  It said, “This is our home and you can move to the back of the cave and we will be at peace with that.”  !t was crystal clear articulation in universal spirit language, not English.

So I moved to the back of the cave and all was peaceful, all was well. It was a little scary for awhile as these bees were all around me and all over me. I felt like a child being spoken to by an authority.  It was a very unique experience because I may think of myself as being in harmony with nature, but I hadn’t thought of Nature as being an authority, like a parent telling me how it is.


Since I have always slept best on the ground, in the regional parks or wilderness is where I like to be, and sometimes have a nap. So one day I was on a blanket and I fell asleep and I slept so well!  When I woke up, a little snapping turtle was cuddled up right on my heart, it had snuggled right in.  That was such a special experience, so simple and gratifying an affirmation of companionship.


Dragonflies, they are something! I am with my whole being soul mate now but my last boyfriend before him I really fell in love with.  I really thought I wanted to be with him. We were together for four years and suddenly we broke up and I was  stunned by it, I didn’t understand it.  I went through what in Chiron teaching is called a “Broken Open Heart Experience”.   Such experience helps to break the ego shell and restore the inner circuitry that heals “the breach” between divine, human heart, and animal.  We create broken-open heart experiences to open us to feeling our human feelings again, and restore our natural spirit and soul senses.  For thirty seconds it felt like my heart shattered into a thousand pieces and then that was it.  I felt fine again.

But I was deeply saddened so I went to where my current ‘get away’ place in Nature was and I had some tears and a dragonfly landed right on my heart and stayed there with me for about a full minute.  Dragonflies and cicadas are very tuned to the divine frequencies.  I’ve had dragonflies land and sit on top of my head when I’m blessing a stone for somebody.  And when doing transformational bodywork with people in the wild, cicadas will sound in amazing, beyond-normal ways when healing energy flows in our session.

Nature is part of our wholeness. The lower mind likes to separate and judge, so the heart restores inner and outer union, balance, and harmony.

Our passion is the driver of Creation.  The Earth is in love, passionately in love, and as she shifts, and changes, and moves and renews life with seismic and volcanic activity (a vital, natural and loving cycle of renewal for all life) she shifts more and more into attunement with her own beloved, which is the heavens – the Cosmos.  The dynamic,  fiery passion of Kundalini energy moves in the Earth and in every embodied being.  For many years, I’ve felt seismic activity of the Earth in my own body as it occurs – before reports come out to the public.   That has taught me, that when the Earth moves and when volcanos blow, pressure is being released for every one of us, and evolutionary thrust is moving throughout the world and all beings — via Heart and Passion – toward greater, eternal, loving wholeness and wellbeing.

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