Tips for Navigating the Saturn-Neptune Square Successfully

Here are some suggestions for working through the challenges of the Saturn-Neptune/ Chiron Squares through 2017.  No matter how difficult, painful, and confusing it may be for each one of us from time to time they offer a gift of new strength, deeper self-commitment, greater self-actualization, clearer and stronger conscious presence and realism, deeper confidence and peace.  Discernment and commitment to good ethics and honesty will assure our best steps forward when we cannot see far ahead through the fog.  It’s empowering to live with the attitude that ‘EVERYTHING can be used for good.’

The Saturn-Neptune/Chiron Closing Squares during 2016-2017 is a major theme.  Yet many other energies are simultaneously active that are not discussed here.  For proper perspective and understanding, please keep in mind that this article pertains to just one part of the great energetic spectrum that I like to call the “power-sphere.”

zfhssshffsWe want to take good care  of ourselves, yet not be too protectionist.  For example, guard against infections, but go out into the cold and let it strengthen you.  This square is urging us to clear-out distortions we may have incorporated into our mode of living, in reconciling Saturn and Neptune since 1989.  Saturn presents grounding and reality checks, but we don’t want to become discouraged and shut down the magic that lifts our lives through art, music, spiritual inspiration, and connection with others.  Sometimes we may feel stagnant, depressed, and disconnected from the whole of humanity and/or creation with this square.  This is never actually true.  But it will take extra effort to keep spiritually strong and positive through this passage.  Commitment to regular meditation, prayer, reflection, and deep breathing will help a lot.

dreamDreamtime Can Be More Disturbing.  Psyches are opening up and releasing what has accumulated in the ‘closet’ of our being — the backburner of consciousness, sometimes since 1989.  Many will experience intensified dreaming, sometimes scary and violent.  Allow your psyche to air and clear out.  Share your dreams with a friend.  Be aware of messages your soul is sending you through your dreams.  If you have too much dreamtime negativity and disturbance, you might need to attend to your spirit boundaries or energetically ‘clear’ your sleeping space.

Don’t Make Important Decisions Without Full Presence, Attention, and Honesty with Self and Others.  Gather facts and balance mental observation with listening to your deep intuition.  Saturn-Neptune stresses present situations that are difficult to address because of unknowns.  When we don’t know how to approach an issue to resolve it, the issue doesn’t go away and can become consciously and unconsciously draining.

Sometimes it works best to keep things simple, day by day, or moment by moment because of unknowns.  Your greatest ally in finding your way is your own body, being, and deep instincts.  Every possibility that presents either empowers or dis-empowers your best life.  Your body is clear on this distinction (not the logical mind). You can learn to tap your body’s wisdom in making healthy choices by muscle testing and learning to listen to your inner energy.  You can also learn to engage the wisdom of your deepest intuition with your highest and clearest guidance, for certainty in how to respond in a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision that is accurate for best life.  Pay attention to your ‘gut feelings’ or you may regret it.  The more we learn to consciously listen to our bodies and instincts, the more natural and spontaneous this becomes.

Personal-Boundaries1Be Attentive to Healthy Boundaries in All Aspects of your Life.
 Keep your immune system strong and nourished.  Protect against parasites of every kind.   Be proactive against sickness, infections, and STDs.   Practice extra consciousness to prevent loss from theft.  Be aware of the automatic payments going out of your checking account and who has your account information.  Don’t leave doors open in any area of your life where you could be drained by an opportunistic entity hoping to take some of you.

Don’t Fall Prey to Scams.  Especially on the internet.  Those who have fallen into the illusion that they ‘have to’ prey on others to survive are feeling desperate now and are really working appearances, illusions, confusion and glamours.  Be aware of hooks in false advertising, scams, hacking and phishing schemes which will be virulent during this passage.  Often they will try to hook you into a fantasy that you want to be real.  If you pay close attention you can spot the faker, and discern that there is no real grounded foundation in the ‘bait.’

Practice Good Hygiene; Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, and In Your Home.  Be conscious about energy parasites and the spiritual quality of places and activities.  Be discerning about who you open your body and psyche to, who you listen to, what doctors you engage, and what information you trust.  Keep your thoughts positive and constructive.  Be conscious in relationships and clear any attachments or psychic cords that are debilitating, confusing, or vague.  Use extra care in the kitchen for cleanliness with handling food.  Water-borne illness can be a problem.  Be proactive to eliminate mold in your environment and guard against water damage when you can.  This is an excellent passage for cleaning up.

Don’t Get Hooked into Conflict-Producing Polarizations and Fanaticism.  It is best to keep our vibratory rate high; not as in denial or superficiality, but as in consciously choosing to have an open heart and mind, and to stay out of judgment, blame and hatred. Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces produces a lot of religious debate, fanaticism, fear and hatred among the populace over polarizing issues.  The Jupiter-Saturn closing square (through first quarter 2016) also intensifies ideological polarizations.

When we sink into the lower vibratory rates, we become vulnerable to illness, debilitation, and loss.  Yet we don’t want to live in denial of our true feelings and if they are sometimes low, acknowledge them, be honest and present to move through and not get stuck.

Religious and racial biases, cultural differences, points of view, political  parties, ‘left’ and ‘right’ will become increasingly inflamed with this square.  These conflicts source from fear and fear-based control issues, and destroy mutual respect among us.  Having convictions and expressing ourselves is positive.  But ego identification with personal opinions and stances creates negativity and illness.  It is much healthier to practice love and appreciation, even for those we disagree with.  Just as too much Saturn or too much Neptune creates severe problems in life, too much political left or right does too.  The same is true for boundaries.  They are necessary.  Yet it isn’t for any group of people to overpower and make decisions for others they disagree with unless they are causing actual harm.  A balance between protecting and honoring individual natural rights, and contributing to society by free-hearted choice works best.

Don’t Neglect your Teeth and Bones.  Saturn is teeth and bones, and Neptune has a dissolving effect.  The square aspect (90 degrees) is a stress or conflict between the two. Too much sugar and acid-forming foods will dissolve teeth.  Be sure to take good care of them, and also nourish your bones with a good spectrum of easily digested minerals and fresh, healthy food.  Get good spinal care.

It’s Natural to Feel Some Disorientation with this Square.   Infrequent dizziness, unusual shifts in perspective may be a natural part of moving through the flux of these energies.  Feelings of paranoia may be amplified from time to time.

Foot Care and strengthening your feet (Neptune) and knees (Saturn) is beneficial through 2017.  This is part of re-organizing ‘where we stand’ in relationship to the whole of society and the whole of life.

exploitMany people are tired of working long and hard for little pay, and feeling disillusioned about “The American Dream”.  If you are unhappy with your working situation, change it as effectively as you can.  Realize that it takes deep self-commitment to change the vibratory rate of your life and it may not come quick and easy.  Be realistic, but don’t be negated and too compromised by unworthy engagements that drain the quality of your life.  We are not designed to live enslaved.

Be very careful with planning for the future, making promises, and assuming that circumstances will continue as they have been in the past.  Projecting into the future is more inaccurate now.

Travel with Care.  Tensions of this Square will sometimes play out in long distance travel and communications.  Choose your food and water with good self-care when away from home.

Be Proactive for Clarity and to Prevent Misunderstandings.  Agreements that are not clear are fertile for Saturn-Neptune distortions.  This is not a time for blind faith.

meditation-helps-distractionDon’t Get Caught in Distractions, too much fantasy and imagination, escapism or addiction.

Healthy self-commitment and -care, taking responsibility, and honoring reality will help us through the doubt and confusion of this great purging.  Walk your Talk.  Marry your imagination, intuition, and spiritual vision with everyday, disciplined, practical reality.

Observe your Defense Mechanisms and contact the fear and feelings underlying them with presence and honest affirmation.

Sometimes the unknowns we have to deal with cause so much doubt and insecurity that we give up, let go, stop worrying about what’s next and relax into better presence and simple faith.  Then the way  opens so that Life can more readily affirm to us that we are always wholely loved.

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