Astrology Presentation 2024-25

Since the dawn of 2020, we are living a great Turn of the Age – a rare and profound evolutionary process that applies exceptional pressures to cope and progress through Rapids of Change amid many unknowns.  The Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, has the strongest effect since the Solar Eclipse of 1918, for the United States of America, as its shadow crosses our land from the Southern Border to the Northeast Coast.

USA will have its Chiron Return this year, Comet 12-P/Pons Brooks reaches perihelion April 21, and Jupiter-Uranus come together for their 12-year cyclical renewal on the same day, as the Moon waxes toward fullness on April 23 at 4° of Scorpio. The Sun is at its 11-year peak of activity into 2025, adding more energy to the mix.  This presentation will give an overview of the Astrology through Spring Equinox of March 2025, and provide historical context for major potential events going forward.

Most of my clients are healers, counselors, and caregivers.  The last four years have required us to be flexible, courageous, discerning, and to deeply surrender to greater being on our Soul Paths of Power.  This Astrology Presentation will portray a greater context from the heavens, for deeper understanding of the evolutionary pressures we are living, to help us orient in conscious harmony with natural cycles, in clear-eyed affirmation of Love-Based Reality.  Context and timing help us settle into our right work, right place, and the peace, confidence, and providence that are ours in all times.

Minor planet, Chiron, is calling all heart-centered people, healers, and caregivers for renewing vision, passion, innovation, and commitment.  We are here for this!  We will see that our nation has been destined from its start, for We The People to rise, unite, stand strong, and meet the challenges of our Becoming Here and Now.  To dispel negations, fears, and shadows that would stop us from fulfilling our missions as agents and servants of loving care, awakening, and empowerment for the liberation, blessing and regeneration of ALL.

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This is a four-hour presentation, that covers Spring 2024 to Spring 2025 (equinoxes).  It is followed by one-half-hour mini-readings for group attendants, and is available throughout the year.  An option for a shorter presentation can be arranged.

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