Saturn-Neptune – Collective Problems and Recent History

Written during December 2015

The last three Saturn-Neptune synodic cycles had their starting points in 1917 (5 Leo, ‘the cult of personality’), 1952-53 (23° Libra, the ‘cult of relationships’), and 1989 (11-12° Capricorn, ‘the cult of government’).  The next cycle begins in 2026 at 0° Aries.  The cycle marks shifts in public favor from socialism toward individualism and vice versa in the zeitgeist.

Energies associated with Saturn and Neptune manifest politically as the polarity and balance between what most Americans call ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, and ‘capitalism’ and ‘communism’ throughout the world.  The Saturn-Neptune synodic ‘flashpoints’ of stressful amplification (conjunction, 0°, opening square, 90°; opposition, 180°; closing square, 270°)  mark times of conflict and struggle among people over issues that concern the authority of the collective in relationship to the authority of the individual; often involving fear and paranoia, propaganda, boundary issues; and spying, deception, covert manipulations, theft, counterfeits, and fraud. During these times a more constructive, healthier balance needs to be worked out between individuals and society, concerning law and governments.  But history shows that it’s also likely the pendulum will swing to an extreme authoritarian assault on the people, such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China which occurred in June 1989, during the beginning of the current cycle (the most recent Saturn-Neptune conjunction at 11-12° Capricorn).

Communist and Soviet Revolutions (Russian Civil War)  and the beginnings of the Iron Curtain occurred in 1917-20 during World War I (the first “Red Scare”), which eventually resulted in a boundary along lines of polarity through European countries by about 1945. Cold war fears and tensions increased in America with the Soviet testing of bombs, demoralizing subterfuge dramas, the Korean War, and McCarthyism, which peaked by the mid-1950s.  Saturn-Neptune’s most recent conjunction of 1989 marked the end of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War.

Positively, Saturn-Neptune marks when progress is made on behalf of the underprivileged.  Women’s voting rights, minorities’ rights, the plight of prisoners and underclasses, progress in equity achieved by unions on behalf of workers; such issues surface in the mass consciousness for redress and correction.  A U.S. court ordered a Mississippi university to admit its first black American during the waxing square of 1962, and busing issues were being grappled with.

In reading the list of social problems we are dealing with through 2017 below, keep in mind that the balance of power between the individual and the collective is being re-negotiated.  Also, the current closing square phase of the cycle must be considered (270° phase angle) .  We are in the purging, releasing crisis phase of the cycle that began in 1989.  It is an aging point in the cycle, when the imbalances and miss-steps we are living associated with the energies are challenged for cleansing and release, or further decay.  Overall, life energies marked by this cycle will wane, in terms of power generation and manifestation, until its renewal in 2026.

In reading this, please be aware that Saturn-Neptune-Chiron is just one theme of many others that are also active at any given time, in the full spectrum of life.


We will see both positive and negative effects among the issues associated with this Square, depending on the will of the people to create positive change and clean-up the growing corruption and harmful decay that this cycle point marks.

  • The Growing Toll on the People of the World and their Economy and Quality of Life due to compromised national boundaries and sovereignty, and unaccountable corporate and government exploitations. The potential is very harmful for a secret trade agreement which would have no place in government that actually serves the People.  Problems and crises resulting from expanded trade that enriches trans-national corporations to the detriment of the working class will become acute; though they are often not recognized by the masses until much later, when people realize that they and their neighbors are impoverished, with few resources and options for relief.  Issues related to control of land use and resource extraction will be amplified, with corporate interests attempting to run roughshod over local communities, and plundering resources without accountability around the world.
  • Water Availability, Cleanliness/Pollution, Water Routing/ Containment, Rainfall and Flooding issues will become more amplified and hurtful, especially as Saturn squares Chiron, later in Pisces than Neptune (2017-18). Red Tide was first documented during a flashpoint of this cycle.  The toll and effect of exotic species on our water resources will also be more pronounced.  Control of water resources will become embattled.  Saturn-Neptune amplification points also mark when water clean-up progress is made, such as Minnesota’s Rosenmeier Water Pollution Control Bill in the waxing square of 1963, the same year a sewer/metro sanitary district bill was passed.  And now, some local agencies are finally doing away with fluoridation of public waters.  The Exxon-Valdez oil spill occurred in March 1989, at the starting point of the current cycle, spilling nearly 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound, Alaska.
  • Devastation of Life in Wetlands, Bodies of Fresh Water and the Ocean, is marked by this square and becomes pronounced and critical. Fishing industries will suffer significant supply problems and violations of natural law by the greed-driven, also conflicts with Natives and their longstanding reliance on natural water resources.  Wetlands are increasingly subject to contamination.  Loss of frogs, reptiles and amphibians debilitates our quality of life in earth on ways we are just beginning to understand.  My historical studies of this cycle have revealed that it closely corresponds with environmental degradation crises with our waters and oceans.  We will see epic pollution events, drownings, and shipping losses/accidents in our seas. 
  • Economic Downturn, Depression and Recession.  People become discouraged because their buying power and opportunities for earning are waning, yet this is not publicly acknowledged in mass media.  Saturn-Neptune stress points mark doubts, fears, and confusion about standing and next steps in relation to the whole because an undermining of our shared foundation is occurring, which we can sense and experience, but is not accurately confirmed as reality by communications power-manipulators who want everyone to believe in the profit-driven myth of endless expansion and prosperity.  The more we buy into this myth, the more disillusioned we will be when our personal reality checks manifest.  Issues will become clearer related to free enterprise and the disasters of centralized economic planning.
  • Toll and Disillusionment of Designed Obsolescence.  The toll on our standard of living that kicks-in when foundational integrity of everything is tested, including consumer products that have been sold and bought but were not designed to stand-up to the test of time.
  • Trade and Travel Issues.  Saturn is in Sagittarius, which is the sign of travel, law, religion, and international trade.  Therefore, those ‘fields of experience’ are strongly engaged in the conflict and purification pressure with the closing square with Neptune in Pisces, the sign of oneness of all.  We can expect international relations to play out the tension, though much of the distrust and sabotage may not be overt.  Dishonesty and exploitation in trade, religious fanaticism poisoning our harmony, the contrast between timeless Natural Law and petty, manipulative laws created for special interests and profit agendas will amplify and be exposed.
  • Superficial, Counterfeit, and Fraudulent Spirituality will be exposed via discovery, disillusionment, and non-workability in the material world.
  • Propaganda, Spin, and Communications Issues are strongly highlighted and will become more problematic.  Low consciousness mindsets proliferated by mass media programming are being repudiated by free thinkers and lovers of truth and positive change.  Telecommunications companies will suffer the effects of the square during the Gemini time of year (May-June).
  • Vaccinations and Big Pharma.  For-Profit ‘Medical’ Pseudo Science such as  the promulgation of Thalidomide directly correlate with the human dark side of the Saturn-Neptune cycle.  The FDA took action against distributors of Thalidomide which had been widely distributed from Germany in 1959 to 1962, causing thousands of birth deformities.  The deceptions used to sell the drug came to light in  1963 (waxing square).  President John F. Kennedy called for tougher control over dangerous pharmaceutical drugs at that time.  GI heroin use was also an issue.  There was a movement to ban opium derivatives during the 1971 Opposition due to increased addictions but it was staunchly opposed by doctors.  Today, the toll of polluted vaccinations being promoted by for profit corporate junk science is growing rapidly and obscuring the potent aid vaccinations could offer if they were properly studied.  Vaccinations were begun during the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of the 1950s.  At that time the AMA was against their being imposed on the population en masse, citing the lack of well conducted studies.  The Saturn-Neptune flashpoints have marked every development and controversy with vaccinations in our recent history.
  • Fraud, Subterfuge, Undermining, and Covert War.  Investment, corporate, government, individual, and marketing fraud will be high during this period.  Underhanded and deceptive dealings are on the rise among every misaligned agency and entity that is working to ‘put one over’ on others for ‘profit’ of money, false and short-lived ‘power’, and parasitism.   This will be true throughout the world.  War moves being made against Americans who stand-up against enforcement of ignorance and plunder by corrupt government greed are on the rise.  Theft, deception, and embezzlement will be exposed.
  • Health Issues due to Communicable Illnesses, and Overuse of Antibiotics and the Resulting Creation of Super Bugs.  Saturn-Neptune have marked major flu epidemics and communicable illnesses in the past. Their conjunction in Leo in 1918 and 1919 marked the first wave of flu epidemic in America.  In the 1680s there was evidence that epidemics had struck the natives in America before the first settlers arrived, and the Black Plague struck Europe in 1683. The Saturn-Neptune conjunction with Uranus in 1337 triggered the 100 Years War and the Black Death in Europe.  Saturn-Neptune flashpoints accurately mark epidemics, and heightened concern about them, but our actual experience of them is not frequent, nor is it associated with every flashpoint in their cycle.
  • Demoralization, Negation, Victimization due to unhealthy boundaries, boundaries being violated, or abusing false victim process.
  • Poisoning and Toxicity Crises in water, air, food, pharmaceuticals, commercial products, and imports, and created by dishonesty.   Consumer products have become a hazardous chemicals dumping-ground.  Neptune-Saturn particularly exacerbates issues of polluted water.

Saturn-Neptune looks to the plight of the ‘underdog’ or the invisible masses and sheds light on injustices and deceptions.  It is very important that we seriously engage in cleaning house among our social agencies and institutions during this passage.


In scanning issues that arise during Saturn-Neptune flashpoints, we can sometimes perceive their patterns of relatedness to this 36-year cycle.

Historical Associations with the Waning (Closing) Square of 1979:  Farm prices declined to their lowest level, the Twin Cities was in a battle over building the Metrodome Stadium.  Consumer confidence was at recession levels.  Gold was at a record high.  Nuclear waste storage at Prairie Island was a big issue.  Immigration was at 320,000 a year which was considered a problem.  Chrysler had a record loss and other auto plants were struggling.  Susan B. Anthony coin failure.  Record unemployment and inflation was out of control.  The music industry suffered a depression.  The Texas Oil Spill in Campeche Bay on June 3 was a huge pollution event that went on for months.  The Love Canal pollution scandal in Niagara Falls, NY in which houses had been built over hazardous chemical waste.  Destruction of sea coasts.  Copper-Nickel mining in Minnesota was causing significant pollution.  Brainerd City Officials refused to fluoridate their water.  Duluth grain handlers strike.

Historical Associations of the 1971 Opposition Phase includeCensorship issues of textbooks, fears of atomic war, flu waves, the Taconite Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, interfaith marriages controversy, the City of Minneapolis began rezoning without property owners’ consent by legislation that scrapped their input and authority, protests against factory farming (1971), significant fish kills, Jesus Christ Superstar caused a flap, the FBI was harassing the Quakers and The Philadelphia Resistance (1971), FDA warned consumers against storing food and beverages in dinnerware that was contaminated with lead and cadmium from decorative decals.  Reserve Mining Company was polluting Lake Superior which caused a big fight.  Workers and union strikes in telecommunications, railroads, taconite plant, Atlantic dockworkers, and other businesses.  Food recalls began from King Candy Company via the FDA and Armor Salami (Saint Paul).  Airport mail theft of $100 million was discovered.  Minneapolis’ drunk driver center was overflowing and the need for a drunk driver program was asserted.  New guidelines were developed to treat alcoholism as an illness.  Altercation between Native Americans and archaeologists.  It came to light in 1971 that Congress was misled on the Vietnam War.  Saint Paul wouldn’t let Jefferson Airplane do a concert in the city.  (Saturn – Authority, Neptune – Music.)  Airplane noise issues.  Thirty-two sewer plants were ordered to come into compliance by 1974.  Prison uprisings. Sulfur dioxide emissions.

Historical Associations with the Waxing Square of 1963: Deadly poisons were being found everywhere during this crisis phase. DDD, Chlordane, Dieldrin were in shelf paper and floor wax; power mowers were emitting clouds of pesticides, Lindane was being used to kill moths, malathion was heavily used as insecticide, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture was advising people to spray DDT on their clothes.  In 1963 the U.S. Public Health Service sampled food in restaurants and institutions and found DDT in every meal.  Hexachlorophene was being used in deodorants and Ralph Nader got it banned because it was causing brain damage in rats.  Cold War fears were at their height; fear, fog and confusion about the Bay of Pigs incident and the CIA’s involvement were rife.  Ship hijackings were also a problem at this time.

Historical Associations with the Conjunction at 22-23 Libra of 1952 and 1953 include a prison riot of 21,500 in Columbus, Ohio that burned eight buildings (11-1-52), the ‘Million Dollar Halloween Rebellion’ of 2,000 prisoners, prison drug running were issues.  The Stillwater Prison Strike of April 8, 1953 over food.  People were not voting because of “indifference, confusion, suspicion.”  The merging of power resources between Canada and the U.S. was being promulgated.  Payoffs in Minneapolis liquor business was being investigated.  Minnesota’s Amendment 3 gave the vote to women and Native Americans.  They already had been voting for 32 years, but the constitution needed to be updated.  Women’s pay of $.75 hourly minimum wage, Eisenhower won by a landslide and gave two women top positions in his cabinet, atomic and hydrogen bombs were being tested in the ocean.  A Whipping Cult was discovered in Minneapolis when two women were flogged to death in a ceremonial beating.  Minneapolis Brewing Company paid $115,000 to settle a federal tax evasion case.  First female basketball team in the Twin Cities.  Europe experienced its worst flood disaster in 500 years.  Chicago Great Western Railway strike with unions blocking a presidential investigation with non-cooperation.  Sales tax was instituted in Minnesota.  Joseph Stalin died, ending his rule over a third of the world’s people.  Mao Tse Tung was blustering threats.  Hundreds of cattle were killed in Minnesota by poisoned feed.  Flu vaccine was announced by the scientist who developed the polio vaccine, saying, “Doubles the immunity to all types of flu.”  Democrats were being purged out of top government jobs.  Union leaders were receiving death threats.  The first publicized sex change occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark with a former American soldier.  Senator Joe McCarthy was being called out and his tactics being exposed.  There was growing hope for peace with the death of Stalin, and prisoners of war were released and exchanged.  A truce was signed, ending the war in Korea.  Adenauer won the election in Germany, putting an end to a Nazi comeback.  U.S. Treasury borrowed the largest amount since World War II.  There was an intense drought in the Southwestern States and it was a bad year for farmers.  Cattle Bust costing $7 billion and a range war.  Locust swarms brought misery to the Middle East from Central Africa to the Himalayas.  Japan suffered two floods in three weeks that killed 5,000.   National tax on movie tickets was repealed.  Censorship endangering rights was a hot issue in Minnesota.  First Minnesota State income tax evasion case was filed since 1933 when the tax was adopted.  Polio shots were administered to 7,706 children in the Twin Cities area.   A gas explosion in Cleveland, Ohio hurt 50 and hurled cars into the air, and sewer gas was blowing off manhole covers which were hitting people in New York.  Antibiotics were introduced into feed for pigs and cattle.  The Twin Cities was listed as 1 of 70 critical A-Bomb targets.  Bankruptcies hit an all-time high.


Links that portray current issues associated with the Saturn-Neptune Closing Square.  See also the list under Saturn Square Chiron Issues thru 2017 :

Water Poisoned in Corpus Christi from Oil Refinery  12-16-16

Madagascar Drought: 330,000 People Near Famine  11-27-16

Bolivia is Running Out Of Water  11-26-16

Slow Death Along the Pilcomayo River, Paraguay  11-4-16

174 Heroin Overdoses in 6 Days in Cincinnati  10-27-16

Factory Farming Under Scrutiny in North Carolina Post Hurricane  10-17-16

Links Below are dated during Eclipse Season (Aug. 1 thru Oct. 16)  and Events Were Amplified

Florida Sinkhole Contaminates Ground Water and Residents Not Notified For Weeks  9-29-16

Lake in India is a Superbug Brew Due to Drug Companies  9-28-16

UN Declares Antibiotics in the Food System a Crisis  9-23-16

Largest Prison Strike in History is Being Shut Out By the Media  9-22-16

World’s Biggest Sockeye Run Shut Down as Wild Pacific Salmon Fight For Survival  9-22-16

China’s Ghost Towns as Developers Run Out of Money  9-21-16

Alarming Levels of Mercury Documented in Western America  9-21-16

Is the Zika Issue Being Used to Push Vaccines and Harmful Pesticides?  9-20-16  Junk science being touted to promote what may be ERROR for corporate profit.  This is a serious issue.

Ohio at Center of Heroin Epidemic  9-18-16

Deutsche Bank to Fight $14 Billion Demand from DOJ for Fraud  9-16-16

Harvard Disproves ‘Economic Recovery’ Touted by Federal Govt  9-16-16

Chemicals in Drinking Water at US Military Bases  9-15-16

58 US Oil Companies Have Gone Bankrupt This Year  9-15-16

Flooding in North Korea “Worst Disaster Since WW II”  9-14-16

Millions of Gallons of Raw Sewage Dumped in Tampa Bay  9-12-16

Great Flood in North Korea  9-11-16

$14 Billion in Cargo Stranded at Sea  9-11-16

E Coli Outbreak in General Mills Flour — Food Cleanliness Issues are Growing   9-9-16

Car Loans Now Top $1 Trillion and Delinquency Rates Rise   9-7-16

Superbug Spreads in Hospitals and US Fails to Track It  9-8-16

Superbug Explosion Triggers UN Meeting   9-7-16

Scofield Cyanotoxins Now Polluting Price River, UT   9-3-16

Louisiana Flood Cost $1.5 Billion +  8-19-16

Montana Closes Yellowstone River after Huge Fish Kill  8-19-16

The Death of the Dead Sea  8-18-16

One Quarter of Coral in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Has Died  8-6-16

6 Million People Drinking Water Contaminated with PFAs  8-10-16

Monsanto Chemicals Creating Crops Devastation  8-1-16

ECLIPSE SEASON BEGINS 8-1-16 And events begin to amplify

Toxic Algae Bloom in Utah Lake Sickens 100+  7-23-16

$1B Medicare Fraud Nursing Home Scam  7-22-16

Stocks at a Record High 7-11-16  The pendulum swings …

7-9-16  By now there are so many news stories on water quality and cleanness, and flooding in so many places, I’m not keeping up with posting pertinent links.

Amazon’s Counterfeit Problems Getting Worse 7-9-16

Toxic Algae Bloom on Florida Beaches Prompts State of Emergency  7-1-16

BREXIT – Britain leaves the EU  6-24-16

West Virginia Floods Worst in a Century  6-24-16

Fracking Industry uses a LIAR for Residential Water Testing  6-16-16

Devastating Floods in Tasmania, Cloud Seeding Issue  6-14-16

EPA Lied About Water Quality in Dimock, PA After Fracking 6-3-16

France – Worst Flooding Since Records Began 6-2-16

Thousands Evacuated Due to Flooding in Paris  6-2-16

One-Third of the Great Barrier Coral Reef is Dying 5-30-16

Lead Found in Water at Schools in Oregon 5-30-16

700-900 Migrants Drowned This Week at Sea 5-29-16

“Why India Has a Water Crisis” 5-25-16

Young People Living With Parents Due to Economic Constraints 5-24-16

“For Europe the Party’s Over. It’s Not Clear What comes Next”  5-24-16  Excellent commentary on the state of the European Union and the shift toward the political right, which is to be expected with this Square, in our collective process of seeking balance.

“As Lake Mead Dwindles, Can an Interstate Water War Be Far Behind?” 5-23-16

FACTS that Show the Economy is in Recession 5-21-16

Millions of Crabs Die off the Coast of Mexico 5-21-16

Shell Oil Dumps 90,000 Gallons of Crude into the Gulf  5-12-16

Vaccinated People Spreading Disease  5-10-16

Food Crisis on Chilean Island due to Fishermen Losing Livelihoods to Red Tide 5-6-16

Borrego Springs, CA Water Crisis  5-5-16

New Jersey Schools Sued over Lead Contamination in Water 5-3-16

Texas Floods Washing Fracking Chemicals into Rivers 5-2-16

Up to 500 Dead in Immigration Shipwreck  4-20-16

Mitsubishi Admits it Falsified Gas Mileage Data  4-20-16

Another MMR Vaccine Whistleblower Steps Forward  4-7-2016

Red Tide and Radiation Shut Down California Crab Season 3-27-16

Argentina sinks Chinese Fishing Vessel over ‘Illegal Fishing’ 3-16-16

Fight to Save Salmon is a Conflict of Interest with the Inuit  3-13-16

Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels 12-31-15

Radiation Spill at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant 2-8-16

Ocean Cleaning Device to be Deployed in 2016 2-2-16

Zika Virus in Los Angeles County (also in VA) 1-27-16

City Water With Lead Poisoning in Sebring, Ohio 1-25-16

Gardasil Vaccine Becomes International Scandal 1-20-16

World Tennis Match Fixing Exposed 1-18-16

Crowds Attack Mexico Pipeline to Steal Diesel with Buckets, 1-15-16

No Uranium Detected at Truck Crash Site 1-13-16   YEAH, RIGHT

Toxic Tap Water in Flint, MI  1-13-16

Deadly Virus Detected in Farmed Salmon 1-11-16  Could spread to wild salmon.

Oil Tankers Glut Texas Port  1-11-16

Oklahoma Has 70 Earthquakes Within One Week 1-8-16  This is also due to the Uranus-Pluto Square – loss of stability due to oil extraction for profit.

Strapped Fracking Company Refuses to Shut Down Wells  that are causing earthquakes 1-6-16

Untreatable Virus Spreading in South America 1-4-16

Drug Resistant Gene Found in Canada 1-5-16

Dow Drops 450 Points January 3, 2016  “We are just three days into the year and already global event risk is dominating the financial market landscape everywhere,” David Rosenberg, chief economist and stratetist at Gluskin Sheff said in a research note. (1-6-16)

Floods Swamp Missouri, Illinois; Arkansas and Oklahoma also experiencing Flooding 12-31-15

Severe Floods in Missouri 12-29-15

Over 100,000 Flee Flooding in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay 12-16-15

Bolivia’s Second Largest Lake Almost Gone 12-20-15

US Dairy Industry Petitions to Revise the Definition of Milk to Include Unlabeled, Artificial Sweeteners 12-18-15

Thousands of Minnesotans’ Pensions in Jeopardy 12-15-15

Detroit Real Estate Scams Burn Foreign Investors, 12-9-15

US Bureau of Land Management Burning Ranchers Off Their Land, 12-5-15

Water supply problems in Brazil, 9-8-15

Uranium Contaminates Water in the West, 12-8-15

Anglo American Shedding 85,000 Jobs

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